2017 Favorites and All the Bookish Feelings + A Quiz

So many new books in 2017! It was actually kind of hard to write this post, because how am I supposed to remember all my favorites and not so favorites? Oh, yes, Goodreads. Thank you very much.

Also, I’m two books away from completing my 2017 reading challenge!!! *cheers* 

With the help of my Goodreads list, I’ve been able to narrow My 2017 Favorites (and Maybe Not Exactly Favorites?) List down to just 6. Or 5+1 I was going to do just 5, but I simply had to add 1 more.


A Court of Wings and Ruin

ACOWAR and my Cat

The cat thinks this photo is all about him. And I can’t tell him otherwise. Also, the kitty’s name is Jack Frost.

Expectations – The conclusion of an epic story! I’m almost sure Feyre will destroy Tamlin – but I want to see Lucien + Elaine. Hybern better be destroyed. Completely. Also, Ianthe needs DESTROYED. And what’s up with Nesta + Cassian?
So, I had a ton of feelings and questions after Mist and Fury. I wanted Sarah J Maas to completely blow me away. I wanted the ending to be simply epic. 

Reality – So, I read this in one night. The book released at midnight, and I read it till 5:45 in the morning. It was amazing.
Was the story as emotionally strong as Mist and Fury? No, but that’s ok. Feyre was already emotionally developed as a character. I didn’t need to see any more transformation.

Great things. <AlSO SPOILERS>

Meeting more high-lords. Everyone loves the meeting of all the High Lords. And yes, I do too.

Epic relationships. Feyre’s friendship with Cassian and Azriel is on point. They’re super protective, but also understanding of her role as High Lady. Also, Lucien’s friendship with Feyre. It makes me cry. He’s been through so much. He needs a good friend like Feyre.

Feyre’s undercover work in the Spring Court. Ianthe drives me insane, and watching Feyre outmaneuver Tamlin and Hybern’s cronies was immensely satisfying.

The emotions in this book were incredibly fraught. So tense, but I liked that. When the Archeron dad shows up, I almost screamed. But I didn’t, because roommates. And it was like 4:45 am. So, I had to be quiet, right?


No-one died. I feel like a book centered around a world war should let some characters die. I know Maas loves her characters, I do too! But someone has to die. Otherwise the stakes feel forced?

Also things with Mor were strange. It didn’t feel like the character I knew and loved. Diversity can be well-done, but this was just thrown in.

It felt out of sort with Mor’s character. She’s strong, and doesn’t let her awful family weigh her down. Hiding who she actually is felt unnatural. Because Mor isn’t supposed to be afraid. But now she is??? REALLY? You want me to believe that about Mor?


Apparently, this was my most anticipated book of 2017. I had a lot of thoughts on this series ending. I kind of feel bad that none of the other books on today’s list have me saying this much?


Lord of Shadows

Goodness, this story tore me up! Cassandra Clare is the master of heartbreak. Also, the master of love triangles? I don’t even know where to begin there.

^Another love triangle? Do I care? Am I supposed to? What are my feelings?^

Expectations – Nothing in the Shadowhunter world is clean. Everything is all intertwined. I expected alot of Blackthorn family history. I expected Julian and Emma to be fighting their emotions. I hoped the story would be fast-paced and super intense.

Reality – So, this story was moving. There were alot of interesting things happening. The politics were gag worthy with some super evilly characters. Great villains.
But it wasn’t that fast paced? I read it over a few days, and I thought the plot was almost dragging?
And the ending? Far too abrupt, and too weird of a cliffhanger. I didn’t even know that was legal!


Also, the triangles and emotions are getting VERY STRANGE. I don’t even know what to think. Mark + Kieran + Christina How is that happening? I feel like Kieran is fooling with Christina? And Mark is being cruel? I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO THINK. 

And remember what I said about politics? 2017 is a messy year and I have avoided alot of news. Because current politics is so frustrating.

But Lord of Shadows just has so much politics. And it’s way too close to American stuff? Racism, mob anger, stupid prejudice? I can’t handle reading that and seeing it on the news, too. Made the story THAT much harder to enjoy.



Alex and Eliza

I listen to Hamilton Non-Stop. I can hardly believe it’s been two three years since this beauty came out. (It’s hard to even picture college life without Hamilton on the radio?)

So when I heard about a Hamilton inspired book featuring Eliza + Alex, I was super excited!

Expectations – A lot of Hamilton action. Revolution + romance + more Hamilton. I know Hamilton wrote some amazing letters to Eliza. I was expecting to grow teary eyed over his romantic writing.
And of course, Hamilton buddies should make an appearance, right? Laurens, Lafayette, maybe Burr? Alex just wouldn’t be Hamilton without his squad.

Then there’s the Schuyler sisters. Angelica, Eliza AND Peggy! I want to see them in action.

Reality – This book is sappy. Super sweet. But not as Hamiltonny as it should be? (Is Hamiltonny even a word?)

Alex & Eliza reads like a YA romance novel. There’s hardly any character development, which makes the book nearly boring. It’s really just a story about two sweet kids falling in love.

Laurens and Lafayette do show up. But they hardly play a major role. Their sass is fun, but it’s super short. I need more of them.

The Schuyler sisters do have some major roles. Each of the girls is trying to snatch a husband, and that’s amusing. But I felt like that’s all the author used Angelica and Peggy for? Romance? Ergh.

As highly anticipated as this book was, I felt a bit short-changed. 


Eliza and her Monsters

A book about fandom? I can get behind that. A book about anime and webcomics? Not quite my cup of tea.

eliza and her monsters
Expectation – As you just read, I’m not into anime. and the book blurb says it’s about an introverted anime writer. I wasn’t expecting much of anything. I even put off reading it, because I was such a snob #admittingmyfailure  

Reality – THIS BOOK IS AMAZING. I was wrong. Very wrong. I’m still not an anime person, but this book was a complete treasure. And maybe, just maybe, I will try to read an anime webcomic? No promises 🙂

Eliza isn’t just an anime artist. She’s also a girl suffering through anxiety, quacky distant parents, and an insufferable academic setting. Don’t have a boyfriend? You’re a failing weirdo. (Basically me, except I’m not at all an introvert)

Also, this book is such a great stand-alone! No cliffhangers or years waiting for a sequel! #happiness


Before She Ignites 

before she ignites

Yes, that’s snow!!!

Expectations – I don’t think I had any? I heard it was about dragons, so that sounded interesting. But I didn’t know what kind of world or characters this book would have.

Reality – I’m stiff iffy about this book. It has some great things going on, but I’m not sure if it’s a really healthy read?

There’s a lot of abuse going on. I feel like I’m reading a book set in a dystopia because of the setting and abuse.

But it’s fantasy? And there’s dragons?

Also, the psychological torture is even worse than the physical abuse?
The story isn’t all depressing, though. The character isn’t completely overwhelmed by the horrible things that happen.
But that doesn’t make it an easy read.

Also, I felt like some things were a bit too close to the Shadowhunter world. Both books include a city named Idris and the Silent Brothers? I had a VERY HARD TIME getting over that. And I feel bad for the author, because I’m absolutely certain she didn’t intend to mix up her stories with Cassandra Clare’s world.

This book is the beginning of a trilogy, and fairly well written. That obviously sets my hopes up for the next. Since I’m looking forward to the sequel, it deserves to be on my kind of favorites list. And DRAGONS!


Tower of Dawn

Tower of Dawn Special Edition Art

Some of the beautiful art in my Target Edition of Tower of Dawn

Expectation – This books is supposed to be about Chaol. We’re leaving the much loved story of Aelin behind to tag along with the CINNAMON ROLL that is Chaol. I like Chaol, so I don’t really mind. Well, maybe I do. Because I have to WAIT TWO YEARS to find out what happens to Aelin???? (What kind of twisted author does that? #welcometothecrueltythatisthesarahjmaasfandom)

Reality THIS BOOK IS WHY I READ SARAH J MASS. Sarah took a nearly minor character and gave him a beautiful character arc. She took bits and pieces of plots and pulled them together into a fantastic tapestry.

Also, she introduced us to the wonderful world of the Southern Continent. This setting was so much better than Terrasen and the North places. It was more mysterious, and so epic. I loved this royal family – the very idea of the Khagan.

The Khagan is based off the Mongol empire. If that isn’t simply epic, I don’t know how else to impress you.

Also, there are a bunch of new characters. But you grow to like all of them because they are all different. With such neat personalities and cool skills.

Do you need another reason to read and love this book? Yrene Towers. Enough said.

I could talk about a few other books, but I won’t. Because these were definitely my top 5 +1. Originally, I saw alot of people publishing their top 10 favorites. And I thought, “Cool, I want to do that, too!”
But it’s finals week and I’m pressed for time. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

let's chat

Do your 2017 favorites list match mine? What new books did you stumble across in 2017? Any favorite new authors?

What 2017 book do I really, really need to read? 

Also, I should publicly admit here that if I had read The Hate U Give before writing this post,  it would be included on this list. But, alas, I have failed miserably.

But the one time I went to the library to check it out, 5 people were ahead of me on the waiting list. And I’m super bad at going back to the library. 

And just for fun – A Quiz to help you decide which 2017 book to read!

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  1. December 13, 2017 / 5:03 pm

    Ooh, I love this list! I’m not really interested in reading SJM’s books (things surrounding her kinda seem like a mess, I’ll pass), but I’m glad you enjoyed them! and UGH. I really want to read The Dark Artifices, more than TMI or TID, but I have to read EVERYTHING and ughguughg. I did read Eliza and Her Monsters, tho, and I loved it SO. SO. MUCH. It’s one of my favorite contemporaries ever?? I love it so much???

    Great post!!

    • Elizabeth Hunter
      December 13, 2017 / 5:25 pm

      I’m kind of fangirling that you commented on one of my posts! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
      Yeah, Maas has such a messy fandom? Like, sometimes I don’t want to admit reading Maas because some people are super obnoxious? And WAY too defensive.
      But I just got my college librarian to read ACOTAR and now we’re fangirling together. Which is super cool, haha.

      I LOVE Eliza and Her Monsters SO MUCH. I thought nothing could beat Fangirl, but Eliza just did. It was so amazing. I kind of can’t wait to reread it.

      And confession, I didn’t read TMI. I read TID, which I LOVED. And I did skim through City of Bones. But TDA & TID are so much more interesting to me than TMi. So, maybe that makes it a little less overwhelming?

      THANK YOU so much for commenting!!!

  2. December 14, 2017 / 8:05 am

    I read Alex and Eliza and I really liked it. I even got my copy signed by the author. But we all have different tastes. Also, there is a sequel to it coming out next year, so maybe you’ll get more of the things you were looking for then?
    Some of my favorite books this year was The Mysterious Benedict Society, All the Wrong Questions (a series), and Darkstalker.

    • Elizabeth Hunter
      December 14, 2017 / 9:28 am

      I’m glad you really liked Alex & Eliza. I hadn’t even heard about the sequel, I’ll have to check that out!
      I haven’t read any of your favorites, so I’ll have to look into them!

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