5 Bookish Things to Love About the Winter

5 Bookish Things to Love About the Winter

Certain seasons of the year are especially dear to book lovers. Christmas and winter seems to be one of them.

It may not actually be my favorite, because other than the semester ending, winter isn’t one of my favorites.
Of all the seasons, I prefer to read in the spring, though winter has perks.

Just being completely honest about how I don’t really like wintertime. 🙂

Because whether I like it or not, winter is here.


^Watching Pooh dance about the snow is worth the winter^

And since winter is here, I’m going to come up with lots of excuses to read. After all, it’s way too cold to be outside. So, let’s read instead.

Cup of Tea + Books

Chilly weather equals hot drinks & books! Some people might like coffee and books, but my favorite bookish drink is a cup of Chai tea.

Coffee is for jump starting your day. Hello, 8ams And I drink plenty of the black stuff. With lots of cream and sugar.

On the other hand, Chai is for relaxing with a book. Add a little vanilla and cinnamon and it’s simply perfect.

< Also, a cup of hot chocolate works, too. 

Who doesn’t love wearing a beanie? BUT you can’t really wear them in the middle of the summer. At least, not if you live in Texas.

But when the temperatures drop, I can pull out a scarf, and socks, and earmuffs, and snug hats! And of course, the best kind of wintery wear is bookish.

Like my Gryffindor Socks. As soon as the weather hit’s the 40s, I pull them on. 🙂

Gryffindor socks

One of my all time favorite series is The Chronicles of Narnia. And when it’s snowing outside (especially if there’s a lamppost around) You feel like you’ve stepped into Narnia.

I like to run around in the snow, let the flakes dust my hair, before I dart back inside. Then I can stare at the wintery world and imagine it’s Narnia.

And of course, imagining winter is actually Narnia means spring’s coming soon! Because Aslan is on the move!

So, I don’t tend to listen to music while I read. Partly, because some of my favorite music has lyrics. And I can’t really listen to Ed Sheeran and read at the same time.

But Christmas music is different. Because I can put on Lindsey Stirling, the Piano Guys, and Pentatonix and still read.

And what’s better than some cozy music and a book? 

More time to Read? By the Fireplace? Wrapped in a blanket?

Christmas break is great for bookworms. We can catch up on all the books we’ve been stashing away.
At least, that’s the theory.
Does it work out? Pssttt….don’t ask. It’s not polite. 

Right now, I’m on break, and it’s GLORIOUS. No homework, or classes, or tests!

And lots of time to read!

Also, if you noticed this post was very late compared to when I normally post on Wednesday, congratulation! You paid attention! Haha!

But really, being on break means I procrastinated – Surprise! Not really, but break and life happened.

Hopefully my reading this break will go better than me sticking to my schedule. Right? Let’s hope so.

lets chat

What’s your favorite season? Are you a fan of cold weather?

Can you listen to music while reading? 

Do you have any bookish winter wear? Any special scarves or socks?

And do breaks throw you off your life & schedule?