5 Perfect Reading Nooks

5 Perfect Reading Nooks

Grab a hammock – it’s time to read! Today, on Top 5 Tuesday, we’re discussing our top 5 ideal reading spots. And while I could chat a long while about my love for window seats, I’m not going to. Instead, I’m going to share 5 places I wish I could have stuck around long enough to enjoy a book while there.

While reading at Barnes and Nobles is great, I wanted to branch out from just normal coffee shops favorites. If I could bring a book and read anywhere in the world…where would I choose? And specifically, what about the places I’ve already been?

So, is this post part travel and book? Exactly. Maybe not completely. My Top Five Favorite Destinations paired with reading books. Also, extra points for the places where I can hang out a hammock. 

reading destinations

Niagara Falls

Most beautiful place on earth

Most beautiful place on earth

I absolutely loved visiting Niagara Falls last summer. It’s simply breathtaking. I wish I could have stayed longer, just to enjoy soaking up the falls even more.
Our hotel was amazing – you could walk right down to the Niagara River. Grab a book, and it’s the perfect reading vacation.

Also, Niagara Falls is the Honeymoon Capitol of the world. So, for this trip, I’d probably read a classic romance like Pride and Prejudice.

The Forbidden City

On a mountain overlooking the Forbidden City

Beautiful skies and architecture

This place gives me so many historical vibes! It’s definitely one of the highlights from this summer. I couldn’t help but think about books I’ve read set in China or Asia.

Now, it might be tricky to read here, the entire palace was full of tourists. And it was really busy. But I can imagine living here a long time ago and finding a quiet place to read. I mean, the palace is gigantic! You should really be able to find a reading nook. 

Though, I definitely could have read while waiting around for the tour guide to find out exactly what we were planning on doing. Sitting on a bench, under a tree. Waiting. Perfect reading moment. Too bad I didn’t pack a book with all my granola bars and camera. 

And, this place is a perfect historical-fiction combination. It just breathes history vibes.

Battery or Central Park

If only the lamp posts really meant I’d found Narnia.

I LOVE the parks in New York City – they’re easily my favorite part of my day trip here. And there’s a ton of places you can read – just grab a blanket, find some shade and read.

And Central Park, most especially, felt magical. This hidden world of peace and wonder in the middle of a gigantic concrete mess. (Can you tell I really hated Times Square?)

Take me to the Park anyway.

And since Central Park felt so fantasy like, I’d pair a classic magical book with my day in the park. Narnia or Middle Earth.

Texas Fields

Nothing better than Texas wildflowers

I might be a bit biased, but I don’t think there’s a better place in the world than a field of wildflowers. Especially Texas Wildflowers.

Indian Paintbrush, Bluebonnets, Sunflowers.

I’ve missed the bluebonnets the last couple of years since I’ve lived out of state, but if I could visit in the spring, I’d find an excuse to go on a picnic and read.
Something incredibly sweet. A contemporary novel like Fangirl.

And it’s also a perfect place to brainstorm writing ideas. Though, I actually write better in very busy places, the country quiet helps me think through some of my basic ideas. 

And now for the complete opposite of Texas fields…

The US Capitol

Yes, I’d love to read a book in DC. Specifically, inside the US Capitol Dome. 
Washington DC is probably my favorite ‘big city.’ I like the Dallas attitude, the NYC parks, and the Philly history. But I simply adore DC. US Capitol Dome

It’s walkable, soaked in history, and accessibly modern. And while I may get irritated at current politics, the city still has a thrill to it. I’d love to work for C-SPAN, and visit the Capitol building every day. 

And as unlikely as it would probably be, I’d love to sit in the dome and just read. Now, that’s likely not going to happen. But a girl can dream, right? 

It’s also hard to pair a book with the Capitol Dome – it needs to be as inspiriting, the story larger than life. I could try out The Hunger Games, because we are talking about arbitrary governments and toppling dictators. Or Harry Potter because the world is vast and deep for thought. Or I could read my Voltaire assigned reading and think about the inspiration behind modern American government. Really, the possibilities are endless. 

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Where have you gone that’s an ideal reading vacation?

What book would you pair with your trip? 

Have you visited any of my top five favorites? Which one is your favorite? 

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