Seven College Blogs To Read Today!

Believe it or not, I’m not the only blogger in the blogosphere. 😉 In fact, there’s a pretty amazing group of college blogs hanging around the web, and since I’ve started my higher education journey I’ve had fun checking out fellow college bloggers. Here’s 7 college blogs you can check out today. 


The Young Hopeful

Hope has a large collection of college advice, from relationships to getting good grades. Hope doesn’t update her blog these days, but she has a rather impressive archive of reading material. It’s like the encyclopedia of college blogs!

As Hope’s website says

If you want to learn what it takes to truly thrive in college, then you’ve come to the right place. Here at The Young Hopeful, we’re all about practical, real-life tips and advice for college girls that will make your experience that much easier.”

Hope’s Blog The Young Hopeful

As Life Grows

Samantha is the brain behind As Life Grows, one of the cleanest, most useful college blogs I’ve run across. Samantha has several E-Course, ranging from getting good grades to having a successful freshman year.

Samantha’s resources are all free, including her e-courses and  weekly newsletter.

Sign up for e-letters and more here! As Life Grows 

All Together Amber

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Amber, from All Together Amber

Do you commute to campus? So does Amber! She has a nice round up of commuting tips, including the most important part of life, food prep! 🙂 While I don’t commute to campus, I certainly admire people who do, and maintain a very active campus life. It really does blow my mind how they’re able to manage all that back and forth time! 

And Amber’s from North Carolina, which gives her extra brownie points. Cause, as you know Carolinians are just cooler people. 

Get some nice advice at All Together Amber

Healthy Olivia!

Healthy Olivia!

Healthy Liv

Olivia is a North Carolina college blogger, but the coolest thing about her blog is how much it focused on health. I mean, it’s so easy to just cram on Doritos in college. But Liv has a bunch of healthy recipes, exercise ideas and general tis for keeping up with fitness.

And she’s a political science person, plus studying in North Carolina. 🙂 You really have to check out her site! (North Carolina + politics = perfection) 

Health Liv’s Blog!



Eyeliner Wings and Pretty Things

Who’s doesn’t love Paige’s blog name? It screams spunky and fun, and the content doesn’t disappoint. Paige is also studying Journalism, and she wants to run a magazine. So it’s not surprise her website has an engaging design and focuses on alot of different topics, from beauty to travel.

Eyeliner Wings and Pretty Things

Globe Trotting Samantha!


Samantha is inspiring. She’s so well traveled, classy, and full of ideas. She definitely motivates me to want to study abroad, in fact Samantha did a semester with Semester at Sea before starting college. How cool is that?

Don’t know about Semester at Sea? I had never heard of it before reading Samanthability. Samantha shares all about this amazing program on her blog, so please go check her blog out! She also has some ideas for lesser known study abroad destinations. 

Read about Semester at Sea here Study Abroad

Samantha’s blog  ~

Truly Indulgent



Isabelle’s blog is a creative adventure, full of college tips, plus lifestyle advice. Truly Indulgent’s subheading is College and Style, and there’s plenty of both on her site.

As you may have noticed, I don’t blog about fashion. At all. So if you’re looking for any makeup or accessory ideas, check out Isabelle’s page. 🙂 

Truly Indulgent

More College Blogs…

Obviously, there’s a bunch more material hanging around the web. But in the last semester or two, these 7 blogs have kept me entertained, motivated, and inspired. 
What college blogger do you read? Comment below your favorite blogger, and if you’re a fellow blog feel free to drop your link in the comments. I would love to check out your world! 

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