All About my Planned April Reads!

April Showers… bring lots of days to read. (not really but let’s pretend) In between finishing up all my FINAL COLLEGE ASSIGNMENTS, I’m super excited to plan some amazing reads this month!

April started out great because I read Wicked Saints for my first read this month. Have you checked out the review??? It’s me raving hysterically for 1,200 words. And I’m behind on lots of Netgalley reads so April will feature me hurrying to catch up on some ARC reads.

Descendant of the Crane – I have less than five days to read this book. Am i excited??? VERY. also pray I’ll be able to read AND write this review on time.

On the Come Up – I have less than two days to read this book because it’s due back at the library. pray for me.

The Boy Who Steals Houses – I pre-ordered this book and can’t wait to read it! I’m also hopefully going to have a blog interview with the author, eeeekkkk!!!!

A Gathering of Shadows – YA GIRL IS ON A VE SCHWAB KICK. I’m going to read this book this month or so help me I will not let myself leave the library. Maybe I should just move to the library?

When the Moon was Ours – Melanie has officially convinced me to read this book for her monthly club reads and IT LOOKS SO PRETTY!

Daisy Jones and the Six – All the hype for this book floating around has completely convinced me to read this book. I’m number 12 or so on hold at the library so we’ll see if I get it this month or not.

Shadow of the Fox – I keep picking this up! And just not finishing it. Eeek. I listened to about two more hours on the audiobook and I just plan on sitting down and reading it this month.

King of Fools cAn YoU tElL tHaT i’M hYpEd for this book??????? I am terrified of reading it because I don’t want to wait in suspense for forever when I’m done. but I also want to read it all RIGHT away and then write a raving review because I know I’ll love it.

The Lost Coast – I don’t have a clue what this book is about. but the cover is cute and it’s on my ARC list of NEED TO READS so here goes.

The Princess and the Fangirl – Whelp, I won’t have this read by release day, BUT I’ll definitely have it read something this month. And a review published by mid-May.

Our Dark Duet – I just finished This Savage Song and I’m rather scared to pick up Our Dark Duet. I mean, I want to read Our Dark Duet. I’m just terrified at the same time.

Again but Better – I just read the blurb for this and WHAT???!!! I’m so excited!!! a college gal who moves to a study abroad? Who’s been too busy to date or do anything cool??? Does this not describe me????? I’m so excited to read this!!!!

So, that’s what I’m planning on reading in April! I just finished up my internship, so I’m planning on setting aside time each day to read. And an hour for writing for Camp Nano as well! Yay for having time to do what I love. Really, this is making me happy.

But it’s going to be hard to go from laid back April to full time work this summer…. but I’m not going to worry about THAT for now. Let’s enjoy April.

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What are you planning on reading in April? If you get ARCs, do you get behind on reading them? Best methods to catch up?



  1. Brianna
    April 4, 2019 / 9:50 pm

    Ahh it looks like you’re going to have a great month of reading!! I’m so happy you’re planning to pick up A Gathering of Shadows. Shades of Magic is one of my all time faves so if you need anyone to yell with about it, I’m here! I’m also super excited for Again But Better – it sounds so relatable and so cute. Hope you have a wonderful April, Liz!! 💞

    • April 5, 2019 / 12:03 pm

      Ah, thanks so much, Brianna! Again but Better looks so cute and I love relatable books!

  2. April 6, 2019 / 7:34 pm

    I hope you enjoy these books!
    I’ve had Our Dark Duet for ages, but still haven’t picked it up, so hopefully I’ll get to it soon! And I keep seeing Daisy Jones and the Six everywhere and I’m kind of intrigued, even though it isn’t my usual kind of thing. Maybe I’ll give it a try! 🙂

  3. April 7, 2019 / 12:28 pm

    Descendant of the Crane is on my list too! Ahhh, I thought On the Come Up was really good. I hope you finished it before it was due at the library! I’ve read When the Moon Was Ours, but it wasn’t for me. I think it was because of the magical realism part of it-I think I either like my books to be fantasy or not, not really the in-between murky area. I hope you love it though. :)) Again, but Better is also on my list! Books I’m planning on reading in April: Internment, The Inner Voice of Love, Sherwood.

  4. April 8, 2019 / 2:28 pm

    Ahhh you have SO many great looking books on your April TBR! I can’t wait to read The Boy Who Steals Houses and Again, but Better either, both book sound AMAZING. And… I’m right here with you about Our Dark Duet, I haven’t read that one yet, despite having read This Savage Song over a year ago so… I’m terrified hahaha. 🙂
    Happy reading! <3

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