All the Whys About Choosing Blogs to Follow

There are a lot of blogs in the world. Like, millions. I think? I do know that it is actually impossible to follow every single book blog that exists. You just can’t.

Unless you’re a machine. I think robots could possibly follow ALL the blogs.
But I am definitely not a robot, because who would make a redheaded robot? I can’t follow ALL the blogs, so I follow around 150. At one point, I was following 300 or so blogs, but that was absolutely crazy. So many blog emails! I could not read all the posts I wanted to, and it was just overwhelming.

That’s when I took a look through my lists of blogs and chose just over 100 to follow. That has now grown to over 150. Opps.

Is picking certain blogs to follow a bad thing? Nope, let’s repeat —- You CANNOT Follow ALL The blogs! It will drive you crazy. Just try receiving hundreds of blog updates a day. And being so overwhelmed that you stop blog hopping and blogging becomes a chore, and let’s not get into all that mess.

You do want to get notifications for the blogs you love. because these blogs are your friends, and encourage you to keep blogging.

But how in the world do you choose which blogs to follow? I was super encouraged when I first started blogging to know what blogs I enjoy and follow them. Mikaela wrote a post on this, and at the time, I was like, oh, it’s okay not to follow everyone. Thank you, Mikaela.

So, here’s what makes me follow a blog.

Pretty blogs!

Okay, I must be actually superficial because the first thing that makes me hit the follow button is how pretty a blog is. I LOVE pretty blogs because they make my heart happy. Gorgeous graphics + gorgeous beautiful words make everything lovely.

Also, pretty blogs are EASY TO READ. Now, the two don’t necessarily go exactly together, but more often than not, if I see a pretty blog, it is fairly easy to read.

What makes a blog easy to read?

Clear text. Break up the text! Don’t post essays of information! Give me lots of paragraphs and pictures and BIGGER words and smaller words and BOLD words and italic words.

All these different text forms help make a blog easier to read.

Combine these lovely text styles with a clear background. I have visited blogs that are dark themed and it’s just hard for me to read dark blogs. Part of that is my vision problems, because I have an eye condition that very, very negatively impacts my vision. So combine looking at a dark web page + just looking at a computer screen, and my eyes simply can’t handle it.

I just have to be careful with my eyes. The other day I was watching a talent show and the theatre lights went from blue to red, and my eyes straight up cried for 10+ minutes. 🙃 Not fun, thank you genetically damaged retinas. 

Blogs with Lots of Content Variety

Okay, this is what happens with my following style. I’ll follow a blogger and then they continually post the same kind of content. Let’s say, just books reviews. Or just book hauls or unboxings. Or just Top Ten Tuesday, or Top Five Wednesdays. After a while, I um, stop reading their posts… until they post something completely different.

That’s some people’s style, and there’s nothing wrong with enjoying your style! Also, it is not wrong to know what you enjoy, and talk about it. 😊

But for me, I don’t enjoy following that particular style. Blogs I follow tend to post a bunch of different kinds of content. Some people post both top ten kinds of posts and unboxing and reviews. So it’s constantly a mix of content!

Personally, I think this is great! Not only is it fun to read different styles of blog posts, but it adds in PERSONALITY! Content + personality is a magic magnet that will practically make me subscribe!

And just in case you’re wondering, how do I come up with all this content? My blogger friend Mal and I wrote a fun post on different kinds of blog posts! So check it out if you’re needing some inspiration. I’ve been told it’s helpful. 😌

Bloggers who are Friends

Okay, making friends online is a fantastic part of blogging! I love meeting and getting to know readers from all over the world.
And there are several different ways to make blogging friends. (did I ever write that post on making book blogging friends? I have promised that post for 90 straight days. It will happen eventually)

So some of my fav places to connect with book friends

Twitter – DMing other readers, replying to tweets, sharing your funny book moments. ASKING QUESTIONS is very cool, you should do it. Also, follow tons of people.

Bookstagram – It can take a while to make book friends here, at least I think it can. But I made several good bookish friends on bookstagram! Commenting on other people’s pics, and replying to stories. Two important things to do!

Book Blogs – Follow and interact! SO important. The best friends I made through blogging came from commenting conversations! If you’re not commenting, you’re definitely missing out on some fun friends.

Just keep interacting, and you will find yourself part of the community. This sounds like work? It is, sorry! My mom used to say when I complained about not having friends, A man who wants friends must show himself friendly. it’s a bible verse and my mom was big on quoting bible proverbs.

So yes, be friendly and people will be friendly back.  And friends follow each other’s blogs 😊 Yes, this is how I wrestle all my roommates into following my blog, haha. 

All the Different Opinions!

I love to follow lots of different people with lots of different opinions! Now, I don’t follow people who hold wrong opinions, i.e. racist or rudeness or just weird ideas. And if people are using their blog to just bash other people’s opinions, it’s a no go.

When I realize a blogger is using their platform to harm other people. 

But I like reading bloggers who enjoy lots of various kinds of books! Some people love contemporaries, others love fantasy, some bloggers like series, other bloggers only read short books.

Even if I happened to love a book, I’ll follow a blogger who roasts my love. Because it’s good to see other perspectives! And laugh at yourself.

I also love reading bloggers who are writers and talk about their writing journey. No writer walks the same road, but we’re all trying, haha. Getting a different perspective is both encouraging and constructive.

And other kinds of different opinions are actually NOT opinions. Bloggers who share their experience as minorities are important. I have learned so much about Asian rep, and disabled rep, and autism rep, and teen rep, and that’s GOOD. I have learned a ton more than just those specific reps, but that’s what came to the top of my head.

The internet is a lovely place that you can choose to use to broaden your empathy and perspective, or choose to be used and hacked by Russian trolls. Totally your choice. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

me, writing this post and pretending I know what I’m talking about. 

Some final thoughts

So in a nutshell, this is why I follow a blog – pretty place, pretty content, pretty voice. Sounds superficial, but it’s not, really. Pretty content is important, because it grows me as a person, a reader and a writer.

Now, I follow hundreds more book bloggers on social media, especially twitter. While I can’t follow ALL the blogs, I can follow ALL the people. Hehe, maybe not. But I try!

And when people share their posts on twitter, even if I have chosen to not follow their blog all the time, I can still read the posts they share on twitter. And if they’re a booktuber, I can also follow their book channel! There’s so many different ways to support friends in the book community without getting overwhelmed.

To sum this all up, I hope this post has been helpful, both in explaining my crazy following brain thoughts and whatever else you might have gotten out of it.

Literally, I used to read these kind of posts ALL the time before I figured out my blogging style, because I wanted to know why people enjoyed certain blogs more than others.

If that’s why you read this post, I feel your pain. (is it pain or just confusion??? IDK starting blogging is hard and trying to get followers is climbing mt Everest. Or mt Rainer. A tall mountain that makes no sense)

lets chat

How many blogs do you follow? Are you ever overwhelmed by blog notifications? How do you choose which blogs to follow? Isn’t it hard to not follow all the blogs?

When you’re overwhelmed by all the blog updates and content, what do you do? 



  1. November 24, 2018 / 4:29 pm

    Ahh, this post is everything! I agree with your final requirements for a blog: pretty place, pretty content, and pretty voice. 😉 For me, the content is especially important (I need to want to comment on/read their posts at least 75% of the time) and of course, the person. Because blogger friends are the best!

  2. November 27, 2018 / 1:59 pm

    This is such a great post, I love it! <3 I have to say that, at first, I thought I had to follow everyone and I wanted to follow everyone, but…. it's quickly overwhelming and, no matter how much time we want to have, we can't be reading other blogs all day long and it gets wayyyyyyy too stressful, at times, too, haha 🙂
    I agree with all of your criteria here, for me the lisibility of the blog overall is so important and the variety of content, too – I don't love following blogs that only post reviews or only post one type of post, either. I like variety and it's the best way to discover a blogger, too 🙂

  3. November 29, 2018 / 11:56 am

    I follow a huuuge amount of blogs and it does mean I can’t read everything, but I make an effort to spend at least an hour every day just reading blogs. And yeah, I will mostly pick what to read based on content, friends are always a priority, and if it’s a review I only read reviews of books I’ve read.
    Great post 🙂
    Cora |

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