All Things Books, Writing & Blogging 2018 Recap

I can’t believe that I’m actually writing this blog post? I barely blogged in 2017 and didn’t really write a yearly wrap-up, because there wasn’t really a year to wrap up, haha. I didn’t know what I was doing last year.

But this year 2018, I stumbled through it. I kept blogging and reading and writing. And I’m going to attempt writing this yearly wrap up! 

Look at this COOL PIE GRAPHS! I knew I wanted to make pie graphs and after googling how in the world to make graphs, here they are!

Type of Books I Read this Year

How in the world did I read more contemporary than fantasy? I feel like I betrayed my own brand 😂

But I’m also happy to have discovered some great contemporary reads. I hope to keep reading both fantasy and contemporary in 2019. 


My Reading Pile this Year

Look at all those backlist books!

I didn’t even realize I read more old books than new releases, but I’m totally okay with that! I read almost all of Rick Riordan’s books this year, and that’s A LOT of backlist books.

I’m going to be very sad when I actually finish all of Rick Riordan’s books. 😞 I mean, what in the world will I read?


Diverse Reading

Diverse and Own Voices books can overlap, but I did go ahead and put them into two different categories.

Put together over half of my reads were diverse. Yay! I definitely want to keep up with this trend in 2019 and keep reading diverse books.

Some quick stats

I read 42,294 pages and 111 books.

The shortest book I read was Gentleman’s Guide to Getting Lucky. It was a novella, so of course it was short. 

And then of course the longest book I read was Queen of Air and Darkness. 912 pages. Almost a thousand pages long. Wow. 


Most Anticipated Books


Most Surprising New Favorites 


I know that this says blogging world. But this just means my blogging world today. My blog planet. because I’m lazy and don’t want to make a new graphic.

Okay, I fiddled around with my stats until I figured out some information. Because I was only partially organized and definitely did not keep track of how much I posted, numbers wise.

Well, now that I’ve admitted all that, some blog numbers.

► 113 posts – once this is published and my December wrap up, it might be 115 posts? And I like a semi-round number. And to compare, I only posted 39 times in 2017.

► 143,978 total words – an average of 1,200 per post. Sorry, I’m pretty long winded 😊 And I can’t believe it but that’s way up from 2017 when I only posted around 30,000 words.

► 1,000+ comments. I LOVE chatting with all of you guys! Thank you, thank you, thank you for taking the time to comment and to engage with my thoughts!

Most Popular Posts of the Year

 harry potter characters ranked the hazel wood review 

How does my Harry Potter Characters Ranking post still get so many views? It wasn’t even published this year! But it was the #1 most popular post. Hmm. And I mean this post is so old, it doesn’t even have my on brand pink bordering.

Next most popular post is my rant review for the Hazel Wood. I still stand by everything I said in that review. #sorrynotsorry

And third most popular is my post about YA Books Set in College. Because all of us YA reader in college still want more YA books set in college. At least, that’s the take away I get from this post’s popularity.

Types of Blog Posts

See that smallest sliver? That’s guest posts. Very few happened this year. I’d like to publish more next year… but I’m kind of terrible at planning them. Opps.


I published 24 book reviews! That averages to about a 2 a month, though I don’t think I actually published 2 every month.

 the cruel prince review    

some of my personal favorite reviews this year

And then I published less than 10 discussion posts. It feels like I published more than that few, because discussion posts take a long time to write. But apparently, I still only published a few. Definitely want to write more next year. 

 classics discussion post 

Of course, there’s lots of wrap ups. At least one a month. Plus lots of TBR style posts. These are probably the easiest and most fun to write. And of course, pretty popular.

Tying in with my TBR style posts are book lists and recommendations. Apparently, the majority of what I published were list posts!


You know how I thought I wrote more discussion posts? I really also thought I posted more book tags. But apparently not. I did like 7. Not too many. Weird. 

And finally, my last two personal favorite categories! Blogging and writing posts! I love writing how-to posts, whether they’re about writing or blogging. I do hope to publish many more of these style posts in 2019!


Search Terms of 2018

I love search terms. Even though I don’t get that many because google blocks me from seeing my blog search terms.

But here’s some interesting search terms from 2018…

► Hazel Wood problematic (see above paragraph for my answer)

► harry potter characters (I’m assuming that’s how that HP post get so many views)

► amazon (hmmm, not sure I’m the right place for amazon)

► how to write morally grey character (welp, maybe I need to write more about this?)

► the storm before the storm analysis (oh, look one of my fav non-fiction reads of 2017! Sure, read my review, but please read the book, too)

Well, I might have exhausted everyone talking about my blog, haha. So, just a few more words, I think.

2018 has been a great year for blogging. Starting this year, I actually started making blogging friends, working on buddy reads, and guest posts. I made blogging schedules and mostly kept them. 😊

I am super looking forward to 2019 and where my blog goes! All the great discussions and reviews and comments I know are going to happen! 

I almost forgot to write this section! Because talking about the blog took foreeeevvvvveeeer. Anyway, some chatting about this year’s writing.

I wrote a book! A fully complete manuscript that is currently being queried. That means, it was written, edited, sent to an editing friend, and several friends beta read it. Will it be published? Sadly, who knows. It can take a while to get into the publishing world, and I’m working hard on it. But querying kind of takes a back seat while I’m in college.

I almost finished a second book. Yes, I wanted to finish writing this manuscript before the end of 2018. But, this last chapter is super tough to write. I’m just under 40k, and it’s just NOT done. I also want to add some more scenes and work on some major edits before this story is beta read.

Currently, my plan is for this book to be ready for beta readers by March.

Oh, I’m excited to chat about my writing plans for 2019 soon! 2019 writing plans post coming in early January! 

Oh, speaking of January (!!!!) here’s my 2019 blog survey! I’d super appreciate if you guys could answer the questions. It will help me so much in creating content that’s enjoyable for both you and me 😊 You can either fill out answer’s here, or follow the link.

lets chat

Alright, I’m all done talking about my 2018 books and blogging and stats – tell me what you think! What were your fav reads of the year? Shortest and longest books you read? Favorite new book series? Did you read more backlist or new titles? 

If you’re a blogger, how was your blogging this year? Did you post more reviews, discussions or TBR posts? What’s your favorite kind of post to write? 

Are you planning out any major projects for 2019?

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  1. December 27, 2018 / 11:16 am

    Great post! This is a good idea – I should make my own version of this! Thanks for sharing. Here’s to the New Year!

  2. December 27, 2018 / 1:09 pm

    This was a lovely post! <3
    I love seeing people's stats for what they've read and posted, it looks like a huge amount of work though! I admire you so much for putting all of these graphs together!
    Also, yay you for reading so many diverse books! <3
    Hope you have a brilliant 2019 and as many or even more achievements as you had in 2018!

  3. CG @ Paper Fury
    December 28, 2018 / 3:00 am

    Eeep this is an amazing recap and ALL THE HAPPY CONGRATS for all the epic accomplishments! And for such a successful and fun blogging year too! I can definitely imagine it’d be hard to balance college and writing/querying so like…!! all the respect to you here. I hope it goes well too. 💛 And our highly anticipated read lists were very similar! I didn’t get to qoaad yet but I definitely plan to start the year with it (I’m SO nervous haha).

  4. January 1, 2019 / 9:05 pm

    This is SUCH an amazing recap! And you had pie charts, too, which just made it all the more better. 😉 I loved reading all your posts this year (at least once I discovered your blog!) and I’m so excited for everything this year holds. You’re so amazing for juggling all you did this year, hats off to you, and I hope 2019 goes wonderfully for you.

  5. January 7, 2019 / 1:42 pm

    You read so much in the last year, Elizabeth, that’s amazing! <3 I'm happy to see Cinder in your surprising favorites, I love this book and the series so much. and I NEED to read Darius this year, it sounds SO good, I can't wait, I'm sure I will love it.
    And wow congratulations on writing so much in the past year, that's amazing <3
    I hope you'll have an amazing blogging, reading and writing year in 2019!! <3 <3

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