Author Wish List – Seven Dreams of a Newbie Writer

Author Wish List – Seven Dreams of a Newbie Writer

I’ve got a dream, I’ve got a dream….yes, I have a dream, I’m calling it my Author Wish list. You see, writers don’t just want to write books. They’d like to see their books blossom. Writers have lots of different ideas about what blossoming means, from becoming a NYT’s bestseller to seeing their book adapted for television.

My Author Wish List

I, as usual, have some pretty specific ideas. As in a very exact wish list. Now I could eventually amend this list, add things to it, etc. But today, here’s a starter package of author wishing ideas.

famous authors

Cue my reaction, if I end up meeting a famous author

Yes, I’d like meet a famous author. JK Rowling. Or Sarah J Maas. Or Rick Riordan. It doesn’t necessarily have to be formal. But I’d love to get their advice, talk to them one-on-one. Take a picture, collect an autograph. 

For now, I’ll probably have to settle on just getting a signed book.

Attend a Book Convention. Not only is this important for networking with agents and publishers, but you get to check out brand new books. And meet authors. And other book fans. #readersunite

There’s several book conventions I’d love to check out. YALL Fest in Charleston. New York Book Convention. And YALC – a young adult book convention in London.

Since I’m going to college in South Carolina, I’ll more than likely get to attend YALL fest in the near future. London YALC? Not so much.

Host a book signing! This would be incredible. 

I’d also love to attend a book signing. For several different authors. The only problem is these events tend to be ticketed and cost money. Though at local bookstores, I can meet local authors. And if I have their books, even collect their signatures.

So while, I might never get the once-in-a-lifetime signature, supporting local authors is super cool!

Read lots of book reviews from my books. Probably happening before a book signing. Of my own books, not attending one.

But I love sharing my writing with friends and hearing their feedback! It’s the best feeling, even when it’s a critique.
Am I right, writers? Feedback of any kind is appreciated. Hearing back from readers helps you know if your story is going in the right direction. Is it too much? Too little? Are the details too vague? Are they in love with a character?

A coloring book made from my story? That would be incredible! I love coloring books! (Who doesn’t?) I’ve collected coloring books from traveling, and I thought it was so neat when I saw there are coloring books bases on actual books. And not just old children’s books. But very recent books. 

Now, I can’t afford any new coloring books 🙁 But book companion coloring books are in my Amazon wish list! But truthfully, they’re at the bottom of wish list, because there’s a lot of actual books I’d still like to own.

Anyway, if people like the books I publish, partnering with an artist to make a coloring book would be epic!

There are a lot of bestsellers lists floating around. Amazon, New York Times, Publishers Weekly. Does it matter which one my books end up on?

Nope. Not at all. But wouldn’t it be cool if they ended up on a list?

Ultimately, an author’s top wish, dream, goal, is to see their book loved.


Talked about.


On bookshelves, on bedsteads, in coffee shops. In libraries.

So, if nothing else happens on this list, this author will still be happy.

Because books don’t need to be bestsellers to be read. I don’t need to meet an author to become an author. And while book conventions are helpful, I don’t have to attend one to see books.
All this helps, of course. And I hope it happens.

Whether you’re writing or not, what’s on your bookish wish list?

Have you gone to any book cons? Or met any famous authors? 
Tell me all about in the comments!

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