A Redheaded Texas Gal. I love the woods and thrive where there's green grass and room to grow. I dream of living in a used book store and wearing period costumes to work everyday. In the meantime, I'm studying Journalism and Political Science, and trying to follow Jesus wherever He leads.

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18 or so Book Bloggers Fav Reads of the Year

I’m so excited for today’s post! As the title says, I’ve asked around 18 book bloggers to share their fav reads from 2018. At first, I tried to limit it to one 2018 new release. Ahem, that’s a hard request. 

So, instead of just one, some bloggers are sharing their fav 2018 release AND their fav backlisted title! Eeekk, so many GREAT book recs! 

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Responding to Book Drama, or Why I Mostly Stay Quiet // Discussion Post

Book drama is a thing. And I don’t think it should be any surprise that drama happens. Every community has drama. I mean, just look at Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson. So much drama between…

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I Actually Made Some 2018 Goals? Opps, well, Here’s How I Did

I started thinking about 2018 and writing a wrap up post. Or a series of wrap up posts, because a lot happened in 2018. And when I started thinking about these posts, I couldn’t remember…

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It’s Almost Over! November ’18 Wrap Up

Whelp, November is basically done. Which means, I need to line up what happened this month and talk about it! Gah, this is hard to do for this month! Mainly, because as you shall see,…

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All the Whys About Choosing Blogs to Follow

There are a lot of blogs in the world. Like, millions. I think? I do know that it is actually impossible to follow every single book blog that exists. You just can’t. Unless you’re a…

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