A Redheaded Texas Gal. I love the woods and thrive where there's green grass and room to grow. I dream of living in a used book store and wearing period costumes to work everyday. In the meantime, I'm studying Journalism and Political Science, and trying to follow Jesus wherever He leads.

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Midterms (the college ones) & Lots of Reading // October 2018 Wrap Up

I voted for my top picks of the year on Goodreads, so you know what that means, actually probably you don’t. (because you can’t read my mind) But all this means, it’s almost the end…

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Almost Nano…Let’s Talk About Writing // Curious Writer Questions

November is coming and along with finals, and holidays and terrible papers due, there’s also Nanowrimo! Nano is a monthlong challenge yourself to write a book in a month, hopefully 60,000 words or so in…

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A Catalogue of Different Kinds of Blog Posts // A Collaborative How-To-Blog Post

When you start a blog, especially a book blog, you can maybe think, I need to post lots of book reviews. Or I need to post book tags. And then you may discover writing book…

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Five Things I STILL Wish I Knew about Blogging

I have posted a lot of blogging advice lately – and this has been intentional! October was my pre-ordained blogging advice month. (that sounded like a religious statement? PRE-ORDAINED, wow, I’m feeling high-brow today) So,…

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Throwing Around Some Stars OR How I Randomly Rate Books

I’ve read ALOT of books lately, and when I read a ton, it makes me think about my ratings. Why? Because I have to do this rating thing on Goodreads, and give it some stars.…

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