A Redheaded Texas Gal. I love the woods and thrive where there's green grass and room to grow. I dream of living in a used book store and wearing period costumes to work everyday. In the meantime, I'm studying Journalism and Political Science, and trying to follow Jesus wherever He leads.

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Blogging Buddies & Books Tag

Book blogging is pretty great, but you know what else is really pretty fantastic? Creating a fantastic book tag with one of your favorite blogging buddies! Malanie loves sharing about her favorite bloggers, so we…

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Very Ready for Hot Cider & These Fall 2018 Book Releases

It’s nearly, almost, so very close to that special time of year again! Finally, that time of year for pumpkin spice, and flannel and stressing over midterms. (WHY did I bring up midterms???)  I go…

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Contemporaries Everyone Should Read // Mini Reviews // Queens of Geek, Dress Codes, & Brave Enough

Apparently it’s been a long while since I actually published some book reviews? And I’ve been reading quite a bit lately and I feel VERY behind! Then I got very distracted writing my post about…

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How I Go About Plotting // Working on My Current WIP

There’s three stages to writing a book, plotting, plotting, plotting. Also, you’ll probably need to do some writing as well. I know some people don’t plot, and while I wonder how in the world that…

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The Lady Janies Book Tag

I was tagged to do the Lady Janies book tag forever ago. Like, late May or June sometime? it’s just been awhile since I’ve been in the mood for a tag, ha! Filling out tag…

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