A Redheaded Texas Gal. I love the woods and thrive where there's green grass and room to grow. I dream of living in a used book store and wearing period costumes to work everyday. In the meantime, I'm studying Journalism and Political Science, and trying to follow Jesus wherever He leads.

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How to Keep Blogging (even when stats are low & blogging is hard)

It takes a lot of enthusiasm, courage and craziness to start blogging. It can be super nerve-wracking to put your thoughts out into the world. And sometimes, when you first start you have LOTS of…

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Show-Stopping Actions & Feelings // Obsidio: The Illuminae Files #3 Review

Let’s start this review with a round of applause. Obsidio was a show-stopping ending to an incredible series. It’s hard to actually write a review because then you have to admit the series is over.…

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Goodreads Reviews vs Blog Reviews // How They’re Different & Why

When I first started blogging, I didn’t have Goodreads. I don’t think I had even heard of it? But as you really get into book blogging, Goodreads becomes rather vital. I’m not sure if you…

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Percy Jackson & Converting me to a Full-Fledged Halfblood

Percy Jackson and the Olympians + the Heroes of Olympus are incredible books and you should drop everything to go read them RIGHT NOW. Just kidding, don’t drop your computer or phone. That would not…

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History Moments I’m Dying to Write into Stories

It is a fact universally acknowledged that I love history. History is full of the most amazing stories. Real people working through incredible times & living amazing lives. Historical fiction should be gripping. It takes…

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