A Redheaded Texas Gal. I love the woods and thrive where there's green grass and room to grow. I dream of living in a used book store and wearing period costumes to work everyday. In the meantime, I'm studying Journalism and Political Science, and trying to follow Jesus wherever He leads.

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A Not-So-Definitive List of What I’ve Learned from Four Years of College

College is this weird moment where you’re still in school, and most of your meals are ready made, and you’re constantly graded … but you’re also an adult? And even though you’re adulting, there’s still…

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All About My Favorite Tropes & Why I Love Them

Tropes – our very favorite thing to both love and hate in all the books. I mean, you can’t really write a book without a trope, because the human experience is universal. Love happens in…

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Waffles, Banter & Aussie Author Life // Author Chat with C.G. Drews, aka Paper Fury

Oh, I’m so excited about today’s post! If you have an instagram or a twitter account, you should really be following the lovely CG Drews, aka Paper Fury! Not only is Cait an incredible blogger,…

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Spring Break in Florida / Travel Diary #1

Now for a change of pace today, my first ever Travel Diary post! Maybe someday, I’ll come up with another creative name??? But we’re going to stick with something that makes sense and doesn’t make…

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All About my Planned April Reads!

April Showers… bring lots of days to read. (not really but let’s pretend) In between finishing up all my FINAL COLLEGE ASSIGNMENTS, I’m super excited to plan some amazing reads this month! April started out…

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