Back to School Book Tag

Back to School Book Tag

It’s Back to School month! I love going back to school, and I’m super excited for this book tag! School shopping, getting new textbooks, and the first day of class are some of my favorite things in the entire world! Ok, I may be a bit of freak. But I love School. And Books. So here goes!

I’m trying to pull tags from a wide variety of scholastic activities, most of them are college stuff.

Since I’m in college, and all. 

And the first question about college is, What school do you go to? So we’re starting there.

pay your school bill

A school from a book that you’d love to attend?

I’d love to go the Shadowhunters Academy in Alicante! I think it would be absolutely amazing. And because I just couldn’t put Hogwarts. Everyone says Hogwarts is their dream school. And who likes to be everyone? Also, I had to pick a  class from Hogwarts

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A Class from a Book that You’d Take?

Defense Against the Dark Arts Because, future Auror typing up this book tag. 

What books do you bring along to school?

If I could, I’d bring along my entire personal library. But that’s not practical. Instead, I bring along books I always plan to read, The Iliad, Life Together by Bonhoeffer, and old favorites. No more than 10.
But by the end of the school year, I’ve picked up a lot of books. Last year I took home 3 boxes of books. This year, I’ll hopefully have my own car, so I know what’s getting packed in the backseat. 😉

A bookish character that surprised you or another character

Neville Longbottom. From standing up to Harry in first year, to drawing the sword of Gryffindor in the very end. Always full of surprises.

Also, Wylan from Six of Crows. (Trying not to spoil things here) but that kid just constantly shocked me. From his family, to his feelings, he was always giving me a doubletake. But I LOVED Wylan. And ALL his surprises.

Back Pack of Books

Do you bring books to read in-between classes?

All the time. From Six of Crows to the Chronicles of Narnia, I walk around campus reading. How else will I have time to read everything? And what else am I going to do with those 10 minutes between classes? Yes, I’d normally just be checking instagram. Or FB. But shh…books are better. 

A bookish friend circle you’d love to join

I *might* say the Inner Circle, but way too many workouts. I’m just not cut out to spar with Illyrian warriors.
So to choose another friend circle…Kaz Brekker and the Dregs from Six of Crows.

Because brain > muscle when it comes to scamming your way to victory.

Maybe I’m not cut out to fight fae, but the streets of Ketterdam have a certain draw.

Books on your TBR this semester

I always have a never-ending TBR. But for the fall, I’d really like to read the Percy Jackson series and the Grisha Trilogy.

A professor from a book you’d love to have in class?

Remus Lupin, please. (Am I legally allowed to have another answer?)

Your favorite bookish fandom(s)

There are so many! Do I have to choose just a few??? No, I don’t. Because, I wrote the rules. 

LOTR, Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Infernal Devices, and Six of Crows are probably my top five.

A character you’d love to have as your school/class president

Can I just go with the whole school cabinet? Because I don’t think I could just choose one!

President – Finnick Odair – because who wouldn’t vote for him?

VP – Tessa Gray – yeah, she’s probably doing already everyone’s job.

Treasurer –  Kaz Brekker – You’re never going to run out of money.

Secretary – Hermione Granger – because, it’s books. And rules.

Historian – Morrigan – On top of the entire school life

Sergeant at Arms – Rowan – He’s keeping everybody actually in line. And ON TIME.


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