How to Blog When You Have NO IDEAS // AKA, my brain on spring break

A small PSA…Blogging is hard work. All the time. I spend minutes before falling asleep at midnight wondering about what I’m going to blog about. I lay in bed thinking of new blog posts. Sometimes, I come up with a fantastic idea.

Then I wake up the next morning. (Actually, my alarm wakes me up. SCREECH, SCREECH)  And I can’t remember my idea?

So that’s frustrating. Just a little bit.

Really, sometimes it is HARD to come up with new ideas. You wonder if you should go on hiatus, or disappear into the arctic. Or just run. away to the beach for a week. (like me, hehe)

But before you head to the beach, there are ways to come up with new blog ideas. Fresh, fun things to blog about that’s not entirely exhaustive. Also, bookmark this page so you won’t forget it, as I do with my excellent midnight ideas.

Blog Memes & Book Tags

Blog memes and tags are everywhere. Every Tuesday and Wednesday my inbox is FULL of blogs doing Top Ten days. You’ve probably already heard about this idea, but I couldn’t leave it out?

If you have NO ideas, a blog meme can be great. But sometimes, it can be frustrating. Last week I posted my spring break TBR. I looked at doing Top Ten Wednesday for today, but today’s theme was your Spring  TBR.

Ergh, I just posted that. SO, that idea went out the window. *sigh* Maybe next time, I’ll be better about checking the tags out for the month AHEAD of time. Spoiler alert: I won’t. 

^Me @ myself for never checking out memes ahead of time^

An ALL YOUR OWN Book Review

Lots of bloggers post book reviews. If you have no ideas, falling back on a book review is helpful. But I suggest, doing a totally new twist on a book review.

Of course, somebody else might have done your idea already. But you can make it totally yours. DON’T WORRY about other bloggers. Try not to compare your blog with others. BE YOU!

I have some ideas for some upcoming reviews. One I’m thinking of is first impression reviews? Book reviews based on my first impressions.

You know how you meet someone (aka, a potential date) And then everybody wants to know what you thought of this person?

But you haven’t actually done anything with them! But you have an impression. Your entire future is planned based on this awkward first impression. Oh, that’s just me who does that?

What about writing first impressions book reviews? Because, you know, we all have first impressions about books.

That’s my current idea for a different kind of book review. We’ll see if it happens.

Something totally NOT bookish 

Sometimes, you don’t have time to read more books. Maybe you’re even tired of thinking about books. Hint: time to go on a walk. Or run away to the beach.

If you can’t think of anything bookish to chat about, write about something else. Such as a Netflix show you love.

True story, I’ve had a post sitting in my drafts fangirling about the Crown since Christmas. Will it ever be published? I have no idea.

Or you can do a How to Post. This post is exactly that, fyi.

Write about something you’re struggling with. Blogging. How you keep blogging when you’re tired.

Or about your blog history. What got you into blogging and the online world. How you joined the blogging community.

Or blogging advice. How you take a hiatus or blog hop.

Guest Posts!

Now, I’ve never had any guest posts on my blog, but I think it would be super cool! maybe I can plan some for this summer?

Anyway, an entire series of guest posts would be so different and engaging! Guest posts add fresh voices & new perspectives.

You also get to share your favorite bloggers on your blog & maybe make new friends? Who knows, because I haven’t done this yet??? (I’m feeling behind the times…) 

Since I would like to feature some guest posts in the next few months, please let me know if you’d be interested in guest posting. I have no idea what these posts will be about… so, we’ll see what happens! (aka, litter my comments with what you want to read from other bloggers on here)

Random Ideas that SOUND crazy, but work out?

The greatest thing about blogging is you can literally do ANYTHING. Make it funny, mention books (for book bloggers) add in a gif, and you have a blog post!

Take random ideas, and draft them. Write them down, type them into your notes. Just be sure to keep track fo every crazy, random idea.

Because after drinking a ton of coffee, any idea can work. Don’t worry about what people think. Type up your idea and run with it. Don’t be shy! Go overboard with your idea & people will love it.

I’ve done this with a couple of posts – my birthday gift guide is one of them. I don’t think I had seen too many posts about bookish gifts people wanted. And my birthday was coming up, so of course, I’m thinking ALL about gifts I want. It’s bookish + fun + something I wanted to write, so I ran completely with it.

Another blog series I did a LONG time ago, was my Jane Austen book review series. I was reading this hilarious book from this guy discovering all the Jane Austen books & it was so funny! I had this whole list of reactions and I couldn’t fit it all in the book review, so I wrote a post on each chapter. Lessons I learned from Jane Austen.

It was actually the very first series I did completely on books & lots of people read it. Totally new for me, and out of the bubble of blog posts I read.

I had never even heard of book blogging & started considering writing about books because people were reading my Jane Austen book series. Little silly me thought it was such a novel idea. HAHAHA.

Of course, I discovered other people were doing this book blogging thing too, and you can probably guess the rest.

Ask for ideas and answer questions!

IF you have reader, they have ideas. Interact with your followers – they may want you to write something specific!

I’m a journalism student & I often mention this. Voila! Some of my followers asked me to chat about studying journalism! I was mulling over this idea, but I wasn’t completely certain about blogging about it, until readers asked questions in the comments. (Thank you for asking questions!!!)

If a person asks a question in the comments, pursue it. (That’s totally my journalism maniac coming out) But questions are good stories! There are always more things you can do with questions.

Why are people asking this? What do people really want to know? Why is my answer different from other people’s answers?

If you can come up with fun answers to the questions about the question (say that 10 times fast)… If you can come up with fun answers, write a blog post! Even if we all didn’t ask the same question, I know we can all learn from your answers.

Have questions about asking questions? I practically took a whole semester on this (aka, reporting class) So, you can talk to me about crafting questions ALL DAY.

Blogging is hard work, and running out of blogging ideas is incredibly frustrating. But don’t let tired brain syndrome™ be a roadblock – because once you start writing, creativity happens. Sometimes I have no idea what I’m going to write about, but I sit down and scroll through my drafts. I pick one and start writing & the post just works out!

PS… Keep lots of drafts. I try to write down blog post ideas in the title and save it for later.

Now, that’s all the advice I’m going to be able to think of today, because I’m siting at the beach. And it’s so pretty and I just want to go run on the sand, not sit & blog.

The view from my hotel room!

lets chat

Do you ever run out of blogging ideas? How do you create new ideas? Do you participate in blogging tags or memes? 

Do you save drafts? Or keep lists of ideas? 

Are you on spring break? Would you rather go to mountains or the beach?


Drop some knowledge!

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