Books I’ve Abandoned // *Hides in Shame*

You finish every book you start, right? Of course! I would never abandon a book. Never ever. I’m a perfect book lover.

Ahem… I’m not so perfect. I’ve abandoned a book or two. Or three. *hides*
So, in the spirit of solidarity, I’ll admit some of those failures. Just don’t let me feel alone, right? Let me know what books you’ve abandoned in the comments!

Truthfully, when I started writing this post, I thought I might come up with three books. Because I do finish a lot of books. And I actually really enjoy most of the books I read.
But it turns out, I am more human than I realized. Shocker, I know.

Anyway, there’s actually 8 whole books on this list! (well, maybe more because a couple count for an entire series. FLAILS) 

All that to say, this post was a ton of pain to write! Because I didn’t realize I was even abandoning books. And now I realize I do abandon books and this is now an official Crisis!

As soon as I typed crisis, I hear Hamilton in my head….Indecisive, from crisis to crisis. Ok, we’ve had our Hamilton moment. Go back to books, Elizabeth.

*opens Hamilton on Spotify and starts typing about books again.*


Why can’t I start this book? I’ve picked it up 3 different times. And each time I can’t make it past the first 10 pages. WHY???

I have no idea why the writing isn’t grabbing me. I wanted to read this book, really I did. The cover is gorgeous and the synopsis was decently interesting. But I just can’t get into it?

Sometimes contemporaries work really well, and other times I just don’t enjoy them. I think it depends on the setting and characters.

If it feels familiar, like Fangirl, then I’ll love it. But Warcross is everything I’m not? Techie and ultra modern.

Stalking Jack the Ripper

If you’ve been following along with my reading since the beginning of the year, you know I despise this book. I hate the fact that I bought this terrible book. Why Amazon did you convince me to spend my money???

It deserves to get doused in fire starter and thrown into a pit of burning coals. Ok, maybe I hate it too much. Because I am being unkind. And sorry to anyone who loves this book, I don’t want to hurt your feelings! (Though I probably just did 🙁 )

But my roommate actually finished the book and also really disliked it? Don’t blame me! I only mentioned my disliked one or two times. Maybe 15 times. Not that much, ok?

She made up her own mind about not liking it. So maybe I’m not the only one? Though my roomie actually read the whole thing, instead of me who completely abandoned the whole book.

City of Glass

Ok, so I’ve read The Infernal Devices & The Dark Artifices. but I just can’t get through the Mortal Instruments. I CANNOT STAND Jace and Clary and the writing style is very meh.

I even tried reading through this book with my roommates. But she realized she’d already read it. and so I stopped halfway through. I’m a terrible person, I know.

Maybe this is a case where spoiling the story really did ruin the reading? Normally I don’t care about knowing the plot but this plot is all angst and emotion. And knowing that Jace and Carry aren’t cough, cough, related makes the angst so boring and trite.

I also think the beginning of this series is written for a younger age group than Cassandra Clare’s other writing. Anyway, I just can’t get into it.

Wonder Woman

Why have I not read this book? ugh…the same reason I’ve watched only a quarter of all the superhero movies. I’ve seen Captain America Civil War, Batman v Superman, Justice League, Thor: The Dark World.

That’s it. Is that even a quarter?

And yes, guys it’s time to admit, I haven’t even watched Wonder Woman. I wanted to! I really did. But it came out while I was in Shanghai, and I didn’t have time when I returned to see it before it went out of theaters.

Yes, I know I should just watch the DVD. But I haven’t. *turns red in shame* I will watch it soon *buried head in sand in embarrassment*

Oliver Twist

I’ve seriously tried with this book. Read nearly 100 pages into the story and just wasn’t enjoying it. That’s a personal rule of mine for old, classic books. Read a least a 100 pages before giving up.

Then other books came into my life, and Oliver Twist just got shelved.

Will I pick it up again? Probably not. There goes my Dickens reading resolution. Which is a major shame, but there are a ton of other books I need to read.


Okdokie… I have very mixed feelings about this book. Actually, I was enjoying the whimsical style and setting.

I just don’t like the guessablity of the plot? Read about a third into the story, and was feeling a bit bored. Things were going just like I imagined and that’s no fun for me.

Actually, I don’t mind knowing the plot. I do mind guessing what happens and the story going just like I guessed. Maybe more than mind? Hate is too strong, but it’s close.

Now I really do want to finish this book because I want to read the sequel. The synopsis looks better than the original. I initially liked the younger sister way better because she had so much spunk. And this is her story!

So, I’ll probably finally work my way through this book soon.

^me, at predictable plots^

Cinder & the Lunar Chronicles

I think I started the first 3 pages of this book. But just didn’t continue? I’ve always wanted to start again, but I just haven’t. Maybe when I have nothing else on my TBR, I’ll get back to this story.

Or if someone sends me the whole series in the mail…because I do plan on reading this someday. And since it’s universally popular I’ll probably buy it too. That, and the library never has the first book available.

Also, when I started Cinder a million years ago, it was everything I didn’t like to read. Sci-fi. My relationship with sci-fi is still pretty iffy but I want to pick up this book just to see if I could enjoy it.

Isn’t this the original fairy tell retelling, as well? Yes. I very much need to read these books.

The Elite

I actually read The Selection. But I just didn’t care about the rest of the series?

America’s character was so annoying! America is a redhead, and I love her name, I should love her. But things just weren’t working out between us. Her feelings for Aspen just made me gag.

Everything about her personality felt forced to fit the story. Which just didn’t jive with me. ergh. So she’s stubborn and indecisive at the SAME TIME? How does that even work? How are you stubborn about not making up your mind between two guys???

Can’t you tell Aspen is manipulating you? Really? Are you this smart and angry about the class prejudice but just so dumb about your own feelings?


Also, I was guessing what was going to happen. So the rest of the series was a no-go.

Alright, that’s way too many books I’ve abandoned. I do solemnly swear to be a better reader. Except I’m not going to finish the Selection series. Sorry, not happening.

I also solemnly swear to get back to my homework. I have at least an hour of French homework left to do, so need to wrap this post up, pronto!

I’m thinking of writing a discussion post Saturday. I have a million ideas, but I might have narrowed it down to 3. Help me choose guys! 

  1. Why Hyped Books are Hard to Review
  2. Being Kind in the Book Community / Aka, What to do with Problematic Authors
  3. How Can We Write More Diverse Books? 

I’ll probably end up writing all three of these discussion posts in the future. But I don’t know what to do for Saturday??? I’m so indecisive right now. So please help me out, what do you want to read?

lets chat

What books have you abandoned? Have you read any of the books I’ve neglected? Which book do I really need to actually read? 

Have you watched Black Panther or Wonder Woman? What’s your favorite superhero movie? Fav superhero?

Also, don’t forget to tell me which discussion post I should write for Saturday! 







  1. menolly42
    February 21, 2018 / 1:13 pm

    Don’t forget you can order books through Pascal and have them delivered to the library, then keep them for up to 3 months! (This reminder is aimed solely at Cinder, which you must MUST read). Also, it’s available as an ebook through Greenville County Libraries.

    I agree with you on The Selection series-I finished it, but only because I was flying and needed easy ebooks to help with boredom.

    • Elizabeth Hunter
      February 21, 2018 / 6:07 pm

      I should just go ahead and get them through Pascal! So many people have recommended Cinder, so I definitely need to start them 🙂

  2. February 21, 2018 / 2:40 pm

    Okay, now that it’s done, onto the actual post, I just had to write that down before I forgot 😂
    I get you about Caraval, the community kind of hyped this up way too much for me, and it ended up being a “meh” read. It was enjoyable, but not fascinating either. I’m still curious to read Legendary though 🙂
    I hope you’ll get to read The Lunar chronicles, I love that series so, SO much 🙂
    Lovely post! x

    • Elizabeth Hunter
      February 21, 2018 / 6:10 pm

      Ok, I really should talk about Hyped books! Because I think we’re all kind of frustrated with them & need to just talk about it.

      And yes, I just need to get started on the Lunar Chronicles!

  3. February 21, 2018 / 10:15 pm

    Ohhh I did that with Cinder!! I read the first like PAGE and then I was “nope this is confusing I’m done”.😂 But my sister harassed me into trying again (a year later) and I did and promptly fell in love and read the rest and adored them. And I gotta admit I’m a huge TMI fan and just finished Stalking Jack the Ripper and liked it (but it was sooo predictable😂). I have like zero interest in finishing the Selection series though haha.

    (Oh and just so you know Wonder Woman Warbringer ISn’T related to the movie!! I thought it was going to be too, but it’s a completely different plot/story.)

    • Elizabeth Hunter
      February 21, 2018 / 10:35 pm

      Ok, now everyone’s telling me to read Cinder, so apparently I really do need to read it!
      And I love the shadowhunter world, but maybe I should have started TMI when I was younger?
      I heard it was different! Which I think it’s super cool to have two different Wonder Woman stories!

  4. Lydia Tewkesbury
    February 22, 2018 / 9:50 am

    I like to think some books are just waiting for the right time to grab you. I’ve had that before where I’ve picked up a book and not cared for it, then tried again later and fallen head over HEELS.

    Sometimes though, they just suck. And I think that then you should quit them. Because life is short and there are way too many good books about there to waste time reading a bad one.

  5. emmareadstoomuch
    February 24, 2018 / 12:16 am

    warcross, caraval, and the elite……just give up. they only hold pain and suffering

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