December is Done – Time for 2018!

December is Done – Time for 2018!

Confession: I almost didn’t write this post. Because today is January 1st, and I’m kind of really, really, really ready for 2018.

But December happened. And it was a pretty great month. So I can’t skip it. Not yet, at least.

^Me, thinking about December^

December Reading

Did you notice Amazon had a pretty amazing book deal? So I bought a bunch of books. And even read a few of them.

  • The Hate U Give – Yes. I bought and read this book, guys! Finally! And it was AMAZING. Heartbreaking. Super funny. Just incredible.
  • Daughter of the Pirate King – This book was on my TBR for forever and ever. But I just sat down and read it. It was cute, sassy and adventurous.
  • Eliza and Her Monsters – My FAVORITE December read. It was just so CUTE! And happy! And it dealt with mental health & writing & keeping on. LOVE
  • Before She Ignites – DONE! Also on my TBR for a while. (Since September) But finished, voila!
  • Foolish Hearts – Owlcrate book of the month. Super sweet & fun. Also, SHAKESPEARE? & Theatre. Check out my review if you want more! Of course, you want more. So read it.

Five books! I can’t quite believe I read so much! I reached my Goodreads goal! Whoop, whoop!


I don’t really have time for Netflix when I’m in school. But on break, I was able to watch a bunch. I watched both seasons of the Crown. LOVE THIS SHOW.

It is so rich, and emotional, and political.  AGHGHGH. I think I’m writing a blog post about it, so stay tuned!

Also, this show is making me such a British fangirl. And Meghan and Prince Harry, agh, #couplegoals. Anyway, I even watched the Queen’s Christmas Broadcast. Like I said, fangirling.

I also watched Hercules and Mulan. Which I’ve somehow never watched before?

Haven’t yet finished Stranger Things. The Crown kind of took over, haha!


I started a brand new WIP! And I’m so happy with it.
I’m still editing my other gigantic WIP. But having a smaller, action packed story to write at the same time is super engaging.
I’m participating in January WIPjoy! on twitter – so daily tweets about this WIP. (another reason to follow me, hehe!)

Quick Synopsis – Darcy, an Irish gal, just wants to escape the sea. So when she spots a leprechaun, she pins her hopes of escape on a leprechaun’s promise of gold. 

By catching the leprechaun, Darcy finds herself caught in a war between the Fae, the Finnfolk and even her own family. 

Tada! That was my short twitter synopsis to start #WIPjoy. This story is an Irish Folk retelling of the Little Mermaid. And not the Disney version, but the original Hans Christian Anderson story.
And that story is heartbreaking, tragic, and has all the feels.

Confetti!!! Celebration! Because Redgal Musings now has 110 followers!

December stats

  • 9 posts
  • 576 views – highest of the entire 12 months of 2017!
  • 18 subscribers – 16 WordPress & 2 Email
  • New Blog Graphics!

My Favorite Post 

Bookish Questions and my Fumbling Answers

bookish questions
This was just fun to write, ok?

Most Popular Post

My Most Anticipated Spring 2018 Book Releases 

spring releases

I *think* people like knowing what’s on your TBR? 

Favorite posts around the blogging world 

  • Cait @Paper Fury did a bookshelf tour. And I LOVED that! Also, Cait loves Horatio Hornblower???!!!
  • Ilsa @AWhisperofInk talks about 10 things bookworms love to hear. And I AGREE!
  • Annie @Zoelogist I discovered Annie’s blog and I’m kind of in love.


January is the first month of the year, of course, so here’s to starting it off right!

January goals 

Blogging + Reading

  • Read five books
  • Write 3 book reviews
  • Keep posting on schedule 🙂
  • Write a blog post on journalism + loving books & writing


  • Write most of the the first draft of my current WIP
  • Create Pinterest board for WIP
  • Write blog post detailing WIP w/ aesthetics. Much harder than it sounds.


  • Run twice a week.
  • Bullet journal – this comes in the mail tomorrow!
  • drink 50 ounces of water a day
  • save some money!

I think December was one of the BEST months of 2017! I happened to do alot and finally came up with my happy ideas for the Little Mermaid retelling.

And it SNOWED! It snowed my last day of classes & that was fantastic! Also, I love my new blog graphics. 🙂


lets chat

How was your December? Did you reach your Goodreads goal?

Are you participating in WIPjoy this month?

Did you get SNOW? How was your Christmas & Holidays?