Drink More Water + Other Lifestyle Tips for Bookworms

Being a bookworm is a lifestyle. It’s hard work. If you’re not a reader, it may look easy, but trust me, it’s not.

Bookworms need more time to read, more money to buy books, and friends who like chatting about books.

And maybe if you’re living the bookworm life, you might have some trouble figuring out how to handle other things? Such as grades? Or drinking enough water?

But, if you’re a committed bookworm, don’t worry. Because I have you covered.

In my age and wisdom, I’ve figured out how to handle being a bookworm and doing regular life. (Ok, this might be up for debate. But I survived this long right?)

Maybe I haven’t figured out how to get ARC copies of all my favrtie favorite books, or even spell favorite correctly, but that’s collegiate level bookworming.

We’re starting with small level bookworming today. Such as staying alive. And not drowning in books.

Fill a bottle and CARRY it around

Otherwise, you won’t drink it. I promise.

me, trying to get my 30 oz in at the end of the day. 

Bookworms have bags of books, right? Heavy hags of books. You need motivation to drink that water.

And a full water bottle is heavy. So stick that full bottle of water in with your books.
Weight killing your back? Get rid of it, drink that water! I’m a genius, I know. You’re welcome.

Library Cards are lifesavers & friend makers

Are you having trouble saving money? Libraries are life savers. Now, I still like to buy lots of books. But I do try to read more books from the library and save my pennies.

In theory.

Also, going to the library is a thing you can do with friends. Even friends who aren’t as bookish.

Because who doesn’t want to drive with me?* I’m going to be playing Ed Sheeran, looking at all the books, and we’ll even stop at Starbucks! Ok, I may be bribing people with Starbucks.

But, it’s worth it. Because taking people to the library is friendship 101.

*Anyone who has been a passenger in my car. I have to take a fresh victim each week. 

Save Time = No Make up*

Ok, I wear make up quite a bit. But I try not to wear it every day. If I don’t have classes or work, I’ll skip out. Also, if it’s raining. Then I can just slip on nerd glasses and no-one sees my face.

It’s better to give your face a rest. And it saves time.
What does this have to do with being a bookworm? Probably nothing. Though it will save you time so you can read more.

What, like 5 minutes? Yes, that’s definitely lots more time to read.

*Ok, I’m not good at math. SO I could really be wrong about this equation. 

Collect random facts like some people collect dates.*

Books are great, after all I’m a bookworm, I’m committed to that belief. But, you can’t just read books.
You need to have lots of information. From lots of different places.

Listen to podcasts. Talk to your professors. Visit a museum. And read lots of books. 🙂 

This is especially important if you’re writer and a bookworm. You need to have a well of information to make your stories real.

Even fantasy has real stuff. Ok, some fantasy doesn’t. And it’s the worst!

Because it has to have some sort of connection to real life? Or else, it’s all FAKE. Faker than Fake News, which you already know how much I hate using that term. (Fake Fantasy, maybe?)

Know how governments work, how great buildings are made, what amazing art is. If you want to write a fleshed out story, experience life. 

Funny true story about me and random facts. I read somewhere that “OK” came from an American election in the 1830s (Election of Martin Van Buren) People didn’t use ok before the 1830s. 

I can’t stand to see that phrase in fantasy books. NO. It just can’t exist. So don’t use it!

*As in, boyfriend/girlfriend dates**

**not dissing boyfriends. Or girlfriends. Ok, maybe I am. 

Bullet Journal Budgeting 

Bookworms need money, ok? And going into debt is pretty bad. Also, running out of money is pretty terrible. Worrying about money isn’t great either.

It’s really, really important to figure out how to deal with money. You don’t ever want to be drowning in debt. Unable to travel, or buy a house, or be constantly worried about money.

That’s why I’m bullet journal budgeting this year. Making a list of my spending, my income, and the things I’d really like to save for.

Have a really cool desktop background

This is especially important if you do ANY blogging. Or reviewing books. Or open a laptop, ever.
You need motivation.
Grab that favorite book quote. Do something creative with it. Make your soul happy.

For example, here’s mine.

And yes, I couldn’t find this quote anywhere. At least, not where it looked good. I had to grab the perfect image and use Canva to put it together.

I love seeing this everyday. Live as a Narnian. 

When people are awful on Twitter, or politics makes me cry, I’ll reread this quote. Keep living as a Narnian.

Ignore Netflix

Probably the hardest advice, ever. Because I just want to rewatch the Crown.

But you can force yourself to stop watching Netflix. Cancel the subscription. GASP

This works? Yes. I cancel my Netflix from Christmas till Spring Break. It actually helps me read more and get my homework done.

Read just enough to have an opinion

If you don’t have time for a book, just read enough to know what you think.

Because that’s what people expect of bookworms. That we all have opinions about EVERY SINGLE BOOK.

And we can’t let anyone down right? Haha, no. We do. (And that’s ok, you know?) Also, we probably have opinions without even reading the book. *shame*

However, if a book is super popular, read enough to know why you don’t like it. Save yourself the hassle of reading the whole thing. Just enough to sound super intelligent.

^Me, at popular books I hate & haven’t actually read^

I did this with Divergent and it worked. I can list 5 reasons why I don’t like Divergent.* And I only read a quarter of the first book.

And with all that time you save, sleep. You need sleep. Sleep is amazing.

Or, you know, you could read another book you love. Because who needs sleep?

*watching Honest Trailers also helped solidify my dislike. 


Follow your schedule

I saved the hardest advice for the very last. (At least, this is hardest for me. Maybe you have WAY more self discipline than yours truly)

Right now, I have a schedule. Do ALL my homework first. Get it ALL done by 9:30. Then I can read till 10. But I HAVE to go to bed around 10. No reading till Midnight. Or 3 am.

If I keep to this, I’ll have 30 minutes a day to read.
But that means I have to MAKE myself do homework. Instead of watching Youtube. Or scrolling through instagram. Or taking a nap.

Ok, naps are allowed.

Otherwise, follow the schedule! Or walk the plank. Or whatever, you do on board your ship.

Me, getting behind on my 19 credits worth of homework. What insane person takes 19 credits, anyway??? Oh, yes. I remember who now. *cries*

Are you drinking water? Because, remember to drink your water. That’s why it’s my #1 piece of advice.
I never forget to eat.* But drinking water? ALL THE TIME.

Though, I’ve been doing really well since dragging my water bottle around to class. *See above advice*

Anyway, I better tie this all together, because I have another hour of homework to get done before I got to bed. And it’s already 8:30.

Yes, I write all my blog posts the night before I publish them. Just in case you were wondering.

*I may forget to eat when I’m doing homework. Or reading a good book. 

lets chat

Do you drink enough water? Do you have a library card or a Netflix subscription? How do you manage life and being a bookworm?
If you have Netflix and not a library card…*shame, shame, shame*… (Not being judgy or anything)

How do budget your time to read? Have you ever taken an impossible amount of classes in one semester?




  1. January 17, 2018 / 2:47 pm

    I love this post so much. I do not drink enough water, thank you for that reminder, I just went to find a bottle of water to carry around, haha 🙂
    I also love a great desktop background, yours looks amazing! Mine is currently a view of London, it motivates me and keeps my wanderlust alive ahah 🙂
    And yes yes yeeeeees for the schedule. Schedules are life-savers for me 😛

    • Elizabeth Hunter
      January 18, 2018 / 8:50 am

      Oh, I’d love to go to London! I’ve already got quite the wandering spirit without photographic motivation, haha! At least, that’s what my mom would say ☺️
      And Schedules are the best! Keeping me all put together 🙌

  2. January 18, 2018 / 3:53 am

    BAHAHA THIS POST WAS SO CUTE, ELIZABETH! I *try* so hard to finish my water, and what makes it worse is that I carry it around in a METAL thermos, which is heavy even after I finish everything. BUUUT THIS IS WHAT EBOOKS ARE FOR. THEY’RE SO MUCH LIGHTER. <3 Anyway, definitely loved this. Thanks for sharing! <3

    – Aimee @ Aimee, Always

    • Elizabeth Hunter
      January 18, 2018 / 8:48 am

      Yeah! I’m glad it made you smile! I’d be terrified of getting my Kindle wet if I carried it with my water bottle. *another reason to drink my water*

  3. Balie @ Nerd In New York
    January 18, 2018 / 7:48 pm

    YAAAY SELF CARE IDEAS!!! i need to improve my drinking water habits, and it was one of my resolutions this year, and i just went to drink a glass of water. yasss, canceling your netflix subscription ideas is a big help, and i did during finals week, because i can’t afford to watch Orange is the New Black for the 20th time. great tips!

    • Elizabeth Hunter
      January 20, 2018 / 10:44 am

      Canceling Netflix has been such a great idea. Sometimes, I want to watch something on Friday night, but then I can’t. Last night, I ended up chatting with my roommate instead, and it was pretty great!
      I also finished The Illuminae Files #1, so not watching paid off.

  4. January 18, 2018 / 9:05 pm

    Water = very important. I am a PROUD library card owner. Libraries are my home away from home. Nope, I don’t have Netflix, but (as you already know), I watch YouTube! I think the best way to manage the bookworm life is to always bring a book along and read whenever possible. Haha, sometimes I fail miserably to do that and the sometimes I take it too far, like when my family went on a hike and I brought my humongous Grant biography along. Oops.

    • Elizabeth Hunter
      January 20, 2018 / 10:43 am

      I bring a book everywhere! Though Chernow biographies tend to be hard to lug around 😂 Speaking of, I can’t wait to read his Grant bio! It looks so interesting & I really like his writing style.
      Also, Youtube is a vortex.

      • January 20, 2018 / 11:44 am

        Haha yes, definitely!
        I just finished Grant. It was really good. He’s such a GOOD PERSON.

        • Elizabeth Hunter
          January 20, 2018 / 7:35 pm

          You’ve made me so excited to read this!

          • January 21, 2018 / 2:27 pm

            Haha, yay! If you pick it up, I hope you love it.

  5. Read.Disrupt.Repeat.
    February 1, 2018 / 12:41 pm

    I IDENTIFY WITH basically every topic you cover here. And yes, ignoring Netflix is both the best and hardest-to-follow advice ever. I don’t even want to knowwwwww how many hours of reading time I have lost to Netflix binges……… D…: Anyway, love the advice!

    • Elizabeth Hunter
      February 1, 2018 / 7:19 pm

      Netflix is this great time sucking evil, but also incredibly fantastic at the same time???? it’s funny because I don’t have Netflix right now, but I do have Hulu because of Student Spotify deals. I’ll open up Hulu, but I’m not even interested in 85% of the shows? So I just stare at the screen before switching back to a book.

  6. Bridget O'Connor
    February 1, 2018 / 3:47 pm

    I definitely need to go to the library more. Not only would I be saving money, but years ago I used to work there for a short time so a lot of my friends work there so it’s always a grand ‘ole time every time I go.

    I’m getting better at the drinking water thing. I have this big 32 oz water bottle thermal cup that I bring with me every day to work and it’s always my goal to finish it before my shift ends. When water gets “boring” taste-wise, I just drop a slice of lemon in it and VOILA! Delish. 😉

    And omg this post is SO relatable because just this past month I stopped wearing makeup to work so my skin can clear up (my acne has gotten SO bad) so I’ve just been accepting of my acne scars so I would definitely agree doing this is a good thing! Helps you appreciate your ~natural beauty~

    Ommmmgggg guuuurl stop KNOWING MY LIFE. I literally decided that I would start listening to audiobooks and podcasts to learn new things this year so YAAASSSS

    BULLET JOURNAL!! I am literally starting one this year and I’m incorporating the Expense Tracker Amanda Rach Lee uses in her monthly spreads. I’m hoping this will make me come to terms with just how much money I spend on USELESS CRAP!

    My desktop background is currently a beautiful landscape that reminds me of the Shire <3 <3 <3 That is a wonderful quote – keep on fighting the good fight as a Narnian!

    OK I am just going to ignore the one about Netflix because *GASP* I need it in my liiife! haha

    As far as scheduling goes – I also leave myself 30 minutes before bed to read, but sometimes I use this time to scroll through my Twitter or Instagram feeds because I AM THE WORST!

    Alright…. So, my comment became more and more excited as I kept writing LOL oh well. Great post!

    • Elizabeth Hunter
      February 1, 2018 / 7:26 pm

      Ahh, this comment made my day!!! SO happy it was relatable and you enjoyed it! And I totally enjoyed reading your comment 🤩

      Ok, now I definitely need to add lemon to water. Also, I keep telling myself that my mug is 22 oz, but I’m pretty sure it’s only 18oz. I’m just doubting how much water I’m actually drinking? Because the label pealed off, and who’s going to take the time to measure it out?

      I had a job interview at a library today! No bets that I’m actually getting the job, but if I do, I’d be going all the time! And reading SO MANY BOOKS! Also, making money. 😂

      Ah, the Shire. I just want to run away there right now. Everyone on campus has the flu, and I’m terrified of getting sick. And TOO MUCH homework. Honestly, I’d rather be trekking to Mordor than dealing with French class 😂

      Twitter and Insta are such time eaters! I open the app, and BOOM. THere’s an hour. And I’m like, WHAT????

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