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This is my favorite page on my blog. Not really. But we can pretend that we both LOVE this page, right?

If you’re a writer, yeah! I’m also a writer. I love reading & editing. Because of that, I offer editing services. Makes sense? Good.

editing services

I’m trying not to be too expensive. Because I’m a writer. I’ve paid for this stuff. I know it costs lots and lots of money. So, we’ll try to stick to reasonable prices for both you and me.

Beta Reading $8/hr. 

Reading over a manuscript as a regular reader would. I’m not reading the manuscript to fix grammar, make plot suggestions, or scribble in little red notes.
Beta reading means i just read your manuscript and then give you at least one page of notes. Notes about what I enjoyed, questions I had about the story, and things I didn’t like.

I expect most Beta readings to take less than a week @ 1 hr a day. If you are happy with my notes, I may provide an ARC review on my blog.

Editing $10/hr

Editing is more in depth than beta reading. It takes longer and requires more attention to detail.

This is not editing for grammar. This is editing for plot & character development. I’ll critique the setting, the style, and the story.

You can expect your manuscript filled with notes, along with at least a 1 page summary of my thoughts regarding your story.

This takes longer than Beta Reading. Maybe 2 – 3 weeks @ 1 hr a day.

Copy Editing $15/hr

If you insist on having me look over your grammar, than this is for you. Copy editing is pure evil. Does anyone enjoy it? I doubt it.

You will hate me, I will hate me after we’re done with this. I will nitpick, suggest sentence changes, make lots of red notes.

It’s tedious, exhausting and takes lots of hrs.


If you’re interested in these services, please contact me. We’ll chat about your story, and discuss my reading interests to make certain I’m a good fit for your writing.

I accept payment through Paypal.

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