Eight Books I Couldn’t Leave Behind – My Dorm Room Bookshelf

Eight Books I Couldn’t Leave Behind – My Dorm Room Bookshelf

I’ve been MIA this week as I packed and headed off to campus for another semester! I’m pretty excited for this fall, especially my reporting classes. I’m also excited for some fall book releases, my TBR list and reading time.

Each semester, I manage to stuff a few books into my suitcase. Books I want to reread or read for the first time. This semester was tricky, I took home a lot of books last May, so nothing was left in storage to clutter my shelves. But how to choose less than a dozen? Of course, I couldn’t take them all, so yes, I had to leave some favorites. I repacked my books at least twice. Maybe three times. It was HARD.

semester books i choose

Six of Crows

Six of Crows

I bought this book last January and I’ve fallen in love. Leigh Bardugo is easily my favorite newer author. #Sorrynotsorry SarahJMass fans. I simply adore how Six of Crows blends action and emotion into a compelling story. I never expected to become so invested in such a varied cast of characters.

I’ve read this book twice. It’s a perfect rainy day read or late night chill read. I’m also hoping to eventually buy my own copy of Crooked Kingdom. Both books on my bookshelf = happiness.

And Six of Crows looks pretty great on the shelf. And I get lots of questions about it. What’s with the black pages? 

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone – 20th anniversary edition

SQUEEL! This book absolutely made my summer! I’m so happy to have my hands on it! Really, it’s just beautiful.

And I’m Gryffindor, I love all the bonus info about my house. And the red. It’s just beautiful.

I originally read Harry Potter on Kindle, so I missed out on enjoying the Hogwarts Map, and just reading it like a book. I promised myself to not reread these books, until I bought these books. Which for me, is incredibly hard.

Now I finally have the first one, so I’m looking forward to reading it again soon! I really couldn’t leave it behind.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians, books 3,4 & 5

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

I JUST bought these. This month. And I’m looking forward to reading them. So, of course, they had to come along too.

I’m expecting, based on how fast I read The Lightening Thief, that these books will be a pretty quick read. But since, they’re hardbacks, they also look great on my shelf.

But in order to save space, I did leave The Lightening Thief behind. I just read it, probably won’t reread it. And like I said, saving space. Anyway, my copy is a paperback. So it doesn’t even fit in with these lovely hardbacks. At least displayed on the shelf.

And for some reason, someone bought just the Sea of Monsters from the bookstore. So at the moment, the second book is missing from my collection.

The Infernal Devices

the infernal devicesI read these on the plane to China in May, and bought them shortly after I returned home. These books stole my heart, the characters were just amazing.
Yes, I cried while reading this sweet series. And I read it super fast. I’d like to do a reread, enjoying it without worrying about the actual plot.
Because when I read a book the first time, I read it so fast just to know what happens. But when I reread, I can and do slow down and savor my favorite parts.

So that’s the plan. Wait till the weather’s a bit chilly, curl up with tea, and enjoy the Infernal Devices.


Let's Chat

I’d love to hear about what books are important to you, whether you’re in college or not! What do you like to always have? 

What books are you planning on reading or rereading this semester? 

And if you live on a campus, what books do you keep in your dorm room? 

~ Until next time ~

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  • Jennifer Garey

    Anytime I go away I have to bring a book (or five) with me. I don’t have a go to book that I bring, but lately I have been tackling my bookshelf. Trying to read all of the books I have bought. I’m really interested in Six of Crows and the Percy Jackson series. Good luck on your semester!

    • Elizabeth Hunter

      Good luck on your bookshelf reading! It’s so easy to get backed up on reading, especially when new books come out.

  • Lovely post, Elizabeth! Can you believe I haven’t read Six of Crows yet?! I need to get to it sometime ahah, I’m so glad you enjoyed it so much 🙂
    I think the book I always like to have is Looking for Alaska, by John Green. It’s my favorite book of all times 🙂

    • Elizabeth Hunter

      I can’t believe I haven’t read any of John Green’s books, haha. it’s funny the books we do and don’t get around to reading. 🙂

  • Chauncey Rogers

    “Parting is such sweet sorrow….”
    Yes, the agony of choosing which loves can accompany you on your next adventure. There’s just something about those pages and that smell. Nothing like a well-read book.