Escapist, Contemporary Magic / Reverie by Ryan La Sala

You ever have a really fun reading experience? because that is the story of me and reading Reverie from Ryan La Sala.

So story time! but back in September when I first got this ARC, I was working at Hollywood Studios at 5am every day. Which meant I had to wake up at 3:45 to make it to work on time.

So one night, I fall asleep at a decent hour. And then my roommates start to party. At midnight. Around 1:15, a full HOUR later, i asked them to be quiet. They were not pleased and I think they actually got LOUDER to spite me. Lovely.

Just after 2am, I decided that trying to sleep was now a waste of my time. So I turned on my light and read Reverie instead. Went to work on maybe three hours of sleep but at least I had read half of a very good book.

And three weeks later, I left that incredibly toxic apartment. So short story with a big message – read Reverie when your roommates are awful and then stand up for yourself and leave when you can! You’re welcome.

Also the title of this review, “Escapist Magic” paired with my escapist story, not intentional but it works. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

book thoughts

Kane is such a fantastic, well rounded character. He’s not the typical YA character – both in the way gay characters are portrayed and teenage boys are written. He’s nervous, unsure of himself and reminds me of Taylor Swift asking not to be a part of this narrative, thank you very much! 

The people surrounded Kane are spunky and individual. Kane’s sister is nosy and protective and I am a stan! And his friends all have unique quirks and I wanted to get to know each of them. Also, I kept wondering if I was supposed to ship relationships and that part of the storytelling kept me guessing.

Now that I’ve touched on Kane and the rest of the cast, I just want to emphasize how incredibly imaginative Reverie is. The writing is flowing, and has a campy, magical vibe.

I kind of feel like this story is the MET Ball immersed into a teenager’s imagination. That said, there are confusing points throughout the story. Kane is lost and as a reader, I am lost as well.

While I like to be a control freak and know where a story is going, I did like feeling lost in Reverie. Maybe because Kane felt just as lost as me and we were struggling to comprehend what was happening together.

I see a lot of chatter online comparing Reverie to Inception and the Magicians. I might compare Ryan La Sala’s book to either of those but I haven’t seen or read either one. So that is not very helpful. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

All Kane Montgomery knows for certain is that the police found him half-dead in the river. He can’t remember how he got there, what happened after, and why his life seems so different now. And it’s not just Kane who’s different, the world feels off, reality itself seems different.

As Kane pieces together clues, three almost-strangers claim to be his friends and the only people who can truly tell him what’s going on. But as he and the others are dragged into unimaginable worlds that materialize out of nowhere—the gym warps into a subterranean temple, a historical home nearby blooms into a Victorian romance rife with scandal and sorcery—Kane realizes that nothing in his life is an accident. And when a sinister force threatens to alter reality for good, they will have to do everything they can to stop it before it unravels everything they know. 

So, true story, I was supposed to publish this review right when Reverie came out. And I was on schedule for that, I’d finished reading the book, drafted the beginning of this post, and taken some pictures.

But THEN! ya girl applied for a job, had an interview, and got a job offer. All in less than two weeks. So instead of working on my blog posts or getting enough sleep, I ended up having to pack and move to another state. Yay for the move and new job, not so yay for the suddenly having no time to write, read or blog. also, I just posted a youtube video sharing about my new job and my move so check it out!

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Have you read Reverie? What do you do when you can’t sleep? Have you ever read a book in the middle of the AM? was that a slight one direction reference? who knows


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