My Favorite Disney Bookstagram & Disneygram Picture Spots

I’ve been working in Orlando nearly two months and I have approximately TWO THOUSAND pictures to show for all those days of work. Disney is just incredibly photogenic, there’s so many spots that are simply irresistible! Always have that camera on the ready. And a book. Because what’s better than the perfect picture spot and a book?

Anyway, today I’m going to share my favorite Disneygram (that’s disney + instagram) photo spots. And since I’m also a pseudo book blogger, I also take lots of book pictures at these favorite spots. Or at least I attempt to. You’re welcome! 😊


I mean, what’s more iconic and cuter than Walt’s reimagined hometown? I adore Main Street, USA. Not only because there’s so many famous spots – Casey’s Corner, the Casting Door, Mickey Balloons and a Castle Backdrop, but ALSO, there’s always so many happy people.

Okay, might sound weird, but I love all the excitement of Main Street. Hopping off the Monorail or jumping off a boat, and just walking into Magic Kingdom for the first or the 100th time. Main Street is the very first step into the Kingdom, with the Castle at the very end of the street.

I haven’t taken any book photos here, because A) it’s always crowded. Like very, very crowded. And B) I’m looking for the perfect book for this iconic spot. 

Okay, a place where I actually took book photos. Because Assassin’s Guide was perfect for Fantasyland and it’s just so picturesque. Also, it’s the highlight of Magic Kingdom for me. I mean, yes I love Adventureland but there’s no place quite like Fantasyland. Don’t forget you can even get fairy dusted!!! 

I took all of these pictures outside Rapunzel’s Tower but don’t forget that there are so many iconic parts of Fantasyland! I mean, you’ve got the Castle itself. Which you can never truly get tired of finding the perfect picture spot there. And there’s the carousel, which is one fo my favorite classic rides. Actually most of the classic rides in fantasyland are my favorites. I LOVE PETER PAN. And Winnie the Pooh is SO CUTE AND I LOVE IT.  And everyone needs to see Mickey’s Philharmagic Orchestra at least once.

But don’t ever make me go on Small World again. That place is creepy and those dolls are possessed.

Some obligatory castle shots

And then NEW fantasyland which includes Ariel’s Grotto and the Beast’s Castle. I’ve only been there once (can you believe? said in Jonathan Van Ness’ voice) Someday, I’m going to explore New Fantasyland and take a picture with Merida and snap some very iconic book photos. 

If you follow any disney person, me or someone else, you’ve probably heard about the Disney walls. And while I could show off a ton, and by ton, I mean a thousand at least pictures, I’m only going to include some snap from one of the my favorites. The Guardian’s Wall at Epcot. In two years or so this wall will be gone because the new Guardians of the Galaxy ride will be open and this wall is a cover for the construction. But until then i’m going to take all the pictures there.

I actually haven’t taken a book with me to EPCOT for pictures, but I really, really want to! I know there are Disney Walls EVERYWHERE but I feel like EPCOT has the prettiest and the most iconic. Oh, did I say I only have pictures of the guardians wall? Because I’m wrong. There’s also pictures with the blueberry and bubblegum wall thrown into today’s collage.

You know I love the colorful EPCOT walls, but don’t ignore the World Showcase. Each of the Countries have such unique photo opportunities and you just have to stop for some pics!

I’m planning on taking pictures of Red, White and Royal Blue here somewhere, not sure yet! But it’s going to happen.

Italy is one of my absolute FAVORITE countries in the world showcase, especially for pics. Morocco is probably a close second. And when the Ratatouille Ride opens in the French pavilion, au revoir to the rest of the showcase, because I’m going to be in France ALL the time. Okay, I just love Remy and the Ratatouille movie A LOT. Very underrated. 

Even as I’m writing this, I know there are so many more spots I could talk about. And more spots to even explore. In just the next few weeks, Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge is going to open, alongside a whole slew of picture spots. Probably should watch the Star Wars trilogies before then. Opps.

And then when ya girl has made some more money, maybe I’ll get to explore Hogwarts over at Universal. Talk about book picture spots. You better believe I’m going to take some Harry Potter book pics in Diagon Alley.

Did you notice, I didn’t even include any shots from Animal Kingdom? My favorite park? Okay, favorite wavers between Magic and Animal Kingdom A LOT but I do love Animal Kingdom so much. I have’t taken any book pics there but I should!!!

I was thinking about ending this post with some shots from Animal Kingdom. But then I started scrolling through my pictures, and decides to share some of my favorite pictures. THE FIREWORKS. If you want to see shots from Animal Kingdom right now, go ahead and follow me on Instagram @thatlizhunter. my insta’s not entirely a disneygram but there’s still lots of disney content. No surprise.

Was this post just a WHOLE EXCUSE to post Disney pictures? Ssshhhh, I don’t share my secrets. But you’re welcome, anyway.

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Where’s your favorite spot to take pictures? Would you rather pose or be behind the camera?

If you’re a disney fan, what’s your favorite ride? Or favorite Disney insta famous wall? 

Should I post more disney content? Are you a fan of these kinds of posts? 



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