Favorite TV Shows that (maybe) Inspire me to Write Some Stories

My time is probably split between reading (a lot), writing (quite a bit), checking out youtube (for too many hours) and watching my favorite TV shows (all night long). Don’t try to fit in all the homework, jobs, school, and people time I also do, because figuring out how I do everything will just drive everyone crazy.

Anyway, I do enjoy some GREAT tv stories! And movies. But there’s something inspiring about my favorite tv series. I love getting caught up in a story that lasts for an entire 10 episodes or more! I cheer for my favorites, cry when the wrong thing happens, and always, always, watch the opening credits. Why would you skip that epic score and cool graphics???

I’m sharing some of my favorite shows, PLUS how they inspire me to create books plots, imagine my characters, and write along to epic tv soundtracks. Thank you, Game of Thrones for your incredible music.

Medici & The Borgias


Two of my favorite historical dramas on Netflix! I am a big fan of historical dramas, because historical fiction will always be my home. (sorry, Hogwarts)

Anyway, there’s something entirely captivating about Italy and the Renaissance. SO MUCH DRAMA. and politics. also, lots of cool new art. Hello, Michelangelo.

All of that is fun to watch. And makes me want to write a book set in some sort of Italian city state right at the turning point of the middles ages into the enlightenment.

Oh, wait, I wrote that! My first gigantic book was set during this time, mixed in with some french revolutionary setting. Also, I created a religion that pulled a lot of inspiration from the Catholic hierarchy. Except, my world’s religion’s is led by women. We need a female pope, right? Oh WAIT THERE WAS A FEMALE POPE, ahem Pope Joan. Look her up 😏

And just like the Borgias and Medicis, I wrote about a large family who wanted to run the world. Large, political families are messy and witty and romantic. *sigh* so much fun. 

The Dragon Prince

Season two was just released!!! Have I had time to watch it? No… sadly. But I’m going to make some time soon because season one was SO AMAZING.

I’ve never watched Avatar: The Last Airbender, but one of Avatar’s writers is a producer/writer on this show, so I hear that they’re very similar! Which makes me want to watch Avatar. Anyway, this show is fantasy and all about elves and dragons and elemental magic.

So great! I’ve never written a book with elemental magic because I think it can be a bit overwhelming to work out. But this show definitely gives me some ideas for how magic can be written well into a storyline.

Also, the elves! I love Rayla and her elvish determination to protect her people and dragons. Yes, Rayla is probably my favorite character.

Rome & Troy: Fall of A City


sometimes, I dream of castles and medieval Europe. Other days, I just fall more in love with classical Europe. Temples, and coliseums, and pantheons, and legends. 

I am inspired all the time by Rome, and Greece, and even Carthage. and I’m kind of excited because I’m currently writing my Augustus Caesar retelling and there are so many amazing facets of roman history that are swirling in my plot dreams. 

Seriously, roman history is just SO COOL! Then add in Greek influences, and Carthage, and it’s just SO FUN!

My current WIP is a mix of Roman/Carthagian/Greek cultures and I’m having so many ideas and plans, it’s hard to slow down and think about what the actual plot might be. Opps.

Scandal & Madame Secretary


I’m not sure that any of these shows actually inspire a book setting? after all, I don’t actually want to write a story set in Washington DC. It’s a messy town with messy people and messy feelings.

But the characters in these shows DEFINITELY inspire me. At least, Olivia Pope inspires me to wear white coats and highheels and red lipstick. 

Mainly though, Madame Secretary and Scandal remind me that even though I’m writing political plots set in imaginary worlds, politics is really real. it affects real people. People have to work through policies, and questions about morality and who ends up paying the price for our political decisions.

When my characters make flamboyant decisions about war, and alliances, and using magic, their choices affect the little guys. The regular people that walk into Olivia Pope’s office, needing help because of a frustrating government decision. Or the kids who deal with the President calling their mom all hours of the day because the world is falling apart. (Yes, I have a crush on the Elizabeth’s entire family in madame secretary. They’re just the CUTEST family, ever)

Yes, when I’m writing fantasy worlds inspired by the Medici’s and Roman politics, it can feel super distant. but actually, the world hasn’t really changed. big fancy families might run the world, but politics really impacts everyone.

Yes, I watch a bunch of other shows. But, at least, right now, they’re not filling me with ideas and characters and worlds to write.

Kind of weird which shows are inspiring and help me be more creative? and which shows are just fun, and help you forget all about the books you’re supposed to be reading and drafts you should be writing. Anyway, now that I’ve finished the Dragon Prince’s new season, I should get back to writing. (yes, I started writing this post Friday, watched the Dragon Prince Saturday, and THEN got around to finishing this post) Go watch the Dragon Prince, people. 

lets chat

Do you have some favorite tv shows? Any movie or tv characters that inspire your own characters? Or worlds from a show that help you imagine your own world building?

Do you write while listening to soundtracks? If so, do you have a favorite soundtrack? 



  1. Connie Hollis
    February 17, 2019 / 8:42 pm

    Elizabeth, as I was reading your blog, Scott said that he is watching The Dragon Prince too. Anyway, do not forget Herod the Great, Cleopatra and Mark Anthony, and Jesus Christ as you write your stories!

    • February 19, 2019 / 10:11 am

      Oh, I hope Scott enjoys the Dragon Prince! IN my Augustus based story, I actually have a character that’s similar to Mark Antony, since they were contemporaries!

  2. CG @ Paper Fury
    February 19, 2019 / 4:23 am

    I love watching shows that inspire my writing! Especially ones set in the same time…like whenever I watch Game of Thrones I am SO hyped to write something epic and fantastical. And I seriously want to watch Troy…and maybe the Dragon Prince?? It got so much hype when it came out, I’m so curious. 👀 I also like shows because they have a similar flow to a novel (the episodes can equal chapters!) and it’s handy for figuring out pacing too!! Basically procrastinating writing by watching shows can totally be good. 😂😂

    • February 19, 2019 / 10:10 am

      Yes, Game of Thrones always makes me dream up the most epic world building! And The Dragon prince is fantastic, and I think you’d definitely like it! The brothers and families remind me of your writing, haha!

  3. February 20, 2019 / 11:17 am

    Great post Elizabeth! I love Borgias and Madam Secretary, Elizabeth’s family is so cute! Renaissance Italy is probably my favorite period of historical fiction except the ancient times, there are just too many political dramas with the Medicis and the Church at the center of it. It’s messy, but also real good ahaha!

  4. March 5, 2019 / 2:32 pm

    I just watched The Umbrella Academy and itsi so good 😍 also I agree that Th Dragon Prince is amazing.

    Tbh I’m not surprised most of your fav shows are historical\political 😂

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