Talkback Volume I Issue 2

Talkback Volume I Issue 2

February Talkback

February 2017 – The Shortest Month I’ve experienced in a long time. Last February was leap year, an election year, my parents visited and I was in a play. But this month was just classes and the flu. It felt incredibly short though I almost managed to complete my reading list.

February Reading 

February Reading, Chronicles of Narnia The Chronicles of Narnia 

I was able to read about one of these books in about an hour. And I spread the series out over a week and a half. I read The Last Battle the night I came down with the flu. And while battling a fever might have colored my opinion, I felt CS Lewis didn’t end the series on a high note. The last book was fairly confusing and disappointing.

But I did enjoy uncovering more of the analogies and parable-like qualities of Lewis’s work. The Chronicles were light reading and I enjoy being able to finish a book in less than an hr. 🙂

And to celebrate reading the Chronicles of Narnia, I wrote a list of my favorite Narnian characters

Lord of the Rings

Tolkien’s books cannot be read in an hour. And if you have French homework, sometimes you can’t take the time you would really like to read. While I didn’t get all three books read, I finished The Fellowship of the Ring and made headway in The Two Towers.

Unlike the Chronicles of Narnia, I had never read any words from Tolkien’s work. I haven’t read the Hobbit or looked at the Silmarillion. While I have watched the trilogy, I didn’t have any thoughts on the written works. Being completely non-opinioned on the story, I was eager to see what opinions could form.

February Read, Lord of the Rings

Initial thoughts.

Fellowship of the Ring is very slow. I had no idea Frodo took so long to leave the Shire. I wanted to slap him across the head and shove him out the door. And the journey from Bree to Rivendale was very long and roundabout. When I opened the map of Middle Earth, I was surprised to see how close Bree and Rivendale appear.

My brother mentioned to me that Aragorn in the movies was disappointing. After reading a few hundred pages with Aragorn, I’m starting to agree. Aragorn is much more assured and eager to take on his destiny. And the sword being reforged at the beginning of the story adds a different dimension to many of the battle sequences. At Helm’s Deep, Orcs tremble in fear at the sight of the sword. I can see why Peter Jackson chose to not reforge the sword until Return of the King. But I like it included from the very beginning of the journey.

I’m not yet finished with the Two Towers, but I was surprised that the Battle of Helm’s Deep occurred very early in the book. Since the battle ended at the end of the movie, when the book battle started, I stopped to check the page number. That was just this morning before class, so I’m eager to finish the book this weekend.

What else?Victoria PBS series

As you might guess, I didn’t spend the whole month reading. I also discovered the PBS Victoria series and soundtrack. I love the movie, The Young Victoria. It is historically accurate, beautifully acted and well written. 

The PBS series is not necessarily historically accurate. It is gorgeous, with rich sets and lavish costuming. Victoria is youthful, energetic, and breathes new life into history. And Prime Minister Melbourne, acted by a current favorite Rufus Sewell, is magnetic. Rabbit trail…Rufus Sewell was Thomas Clarkson in Amazing Grace.
My current favorite part of the series is the soundtrack. If you get a chance, do give it a listen! The children’s chorus singing Alleluia is chilling.

Also, I cheer every time Victoria stands up for her short height. I didn’t realize Queen Victoria was only 5 foot. When she sits on the throne, her feet dangle at least 6 inches above the floor. And her mother’s lady-in-waiting compiles a list of eligible ladies in waiting, commenting, “They’re all of normal height.”

Birthday Present!

And for the icing on a quick month, my parents gave me a Creative Bible for my birthday. I’ve been hoping for one for a long while, but couldn’t justify the price. I absolutely love my Creative Bible! Not only is there plenty of room for writing notes, but the illustrations are beyond beautiful. I haven’t had any time to take pictures (Did I mention homework and the flu?)

Also, I’m reading through the Bible chronologically right now. I’m halfway through Job and the Gospels.

Hopefully March brings more spare reading time.

March reading list

The Two Towers

Return of the King

Mere Christianity

All the Light We Cannot See

I’ll sign off with my favorite quote from this week’s reading.

‘Of course, it is likely enough, my friends,’ he said slowly, ‘likely enough that we are going to our doom: the last March of the Ents.
But if we stayed at home and did nothing, doom would find us anyway, sooner or later. That thought has long been growing in our hearts and that is why we are marching. Now at least the last March of the Ents may be worth a song.’