Five Star Readathon Challenge

You know the best way to start a month? With a readathon! I’ve actually NEVER participated in a readathon before, because of timing, and just not doing it. But two of my absolute favorites put together this readathon and I’m so excited to join!!!

So what’s up with this readathon?

This readathon is running from 12 am, Monday, October 1st, to 11:59 pm, Sunday, October 7th. (Right at a week long!)

This readathon is hosted by May @ Forever and Everly, Elise @ The Bookish Actress, and Julianna @ Paper Blots

There’s 5 prompts, so here’s my TBR for this readathon. This kind of counts for my October TBR, too. Basically, whatever I don’t read this week, I’m planning on reading later this month. What a genius planner I am. 

Read a next book in a series you like

I’m so excited to finish this series, not only because I definitely enjoy it, but because who isn’t excited to officially finish a series???

Also, if Radu doesn’t end up in some sort of domestic bliss happiness with Cyprian, I’m rioting.

Read a book by a favorite author


I can’t believe I’ve not gotten around to reading all of Leigh Bardugo’s books! I’m kind of disappointed in myself, haha. But that changes this week because I know I’m going to love these books, so I will read them. No questions asked.

Read a book you were anticipating & never got around to reading  

There are actually two book to answer this prompt. I’ve read about half of A Reaper at the Gates, and just need to get around to finishing it. It’s just so long and plotty, and kind of hard to read in one sitting. (what is plotty you ask? It means that the story keeps going with tons of action and very little pause & reflect time)

I saw Reign of the Fallen a ton earlier this year, but I decided not to buy it. But I just saw it at the library Saturday, so I grabbed it. But I think I remember someone saying it has a kill your gays trope? Ugh…that’s disappointing. 

Read a book over 500 pages

I actually don’t have a 500 page book on my bookshelf? Weird. But Heart of Iron is the closest at over 450 pages. And it’s been on my TBR for forever. And Ashley Poston often comes to my area since she lives around here. Next time she’s here, I’d love to meet her and ask her to sign this book, but I need to read it first, haha!

Read five books

This is the part that isn’t hard AT ALL, picking 5 books. I just have to decide which books from my bookshelf and which books from the library.



Tyler Johnson Was Here – I’ve heard so much about this book, and having been wanting to read it since it came out! Im also sure it will make me cry.

Saints and Misfits – I started this book and I definitely think this is going to be a fun read.

Salt to the Sea – Everyone might die? Not really sure, but it’s historical fiction, so I need to read it.

Grace and Fury – This has only been on my shelf for a month, but I really want to read it!

The Queen’s Rising – Now, this has been on my shelf for 8 months, but ignore how long I’ve been not reading it, because I hope to read it this week! I’m afraid it might be a little tropey, but here’s to hoping it’s better than I expect. 

Since this is being published on a Tuesday, you might be wondering if I’ve already started on this readathon?

The answer is yes!!! I started as soon as possible and I’m almost done with two books. Yay! It is kind of difficult to fit in reading in between classes and homework but I’m making a valiant effort. I’m super excited to keep reading and hoping that most of these books ARE 5 STAR reads. 

And, of course, if I don’t read the book during the readathon, I’m shuffling it into my October TBR. So hopefully, I will get around to reading all of these lovely books. 🙂 

lets chat

Have you read any of the books on my TBR? Or ever participated in a readathon? What does your TBR look like this month? Any recommendations for fitting reading time in between classes and work? 



    • October 4, 2018 / 7:59 am

      Ah, I wish you could join! Thanks for the good luck wishes!

    • October 4, 2018 / 8:00 am

      Thanks! Maybe I can pick up Salt to the Sea today, I’ve been reading the Grisha Trilogy and I’m almost done with Siege and Storm.

  1. October 3, 2018 / 2:26 am

    aahhh i can’t believe i missed this readathon – why am i always late for everything? anyway i’ve heard many people say wonderful things about Tyler Johnson was Here and Saints and Misfits – i definitely have to give them both a try soon! enjoy the readathon and best of luck! <3

    • October 4, 2018 / 8:01 am

      Ah, I’m sad you missed it, too! Hopefully you can jump in next time! I can’t wait to pick up Tyler Johnson Was Here!

  2. emmareadstoomuch
    October 4, 2018 / 7:47 pm

    i am so jealous of everyone participating in this readathon!! tragically i have absolutely no time to read this week otherwise i’d be in as hell. good luck, i hope you have a bunch of five stars ahead of you!

  3. October 6, 2018 / 5:47 am

    This sounds like such a fun readathon, I wish I could read as much to participate! It’s almost over now, but I hope your week has been filled with AWESOME reads so far 😀 Also, I’m really curious to hear your thoughts about Grace & Fury, I hope you’ll love it 😀

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