How I’m Planning out my 2020 Content

Am I excited about today’s blog post? A post about planning blog content and what that looks like for me in early 2020? All the excitement!

For one, I love reading planning types of posts. And I also have a lot of fun picking my own brain. And while, I’m sure my methods aren’t what works for everyone, I do hope it’s helpful for someone.

Anyway, being a blogger is tricky. One, you want to post relatable content, be creative, and enjoy what you write. While at the same time, you compare what’s popular online with what you personally enjoy creating. Also, you don’t want to get overwhelmed with posting and maintaining a regular blog schedule.

it’s a careful balancing act. I’m serious, bloggers are not appreciated enough. πŸ˜‚ For me, this balancing act changes throughout my life seasons. Over the last six months, my blog posts were VERY spontaneous. My junior year of college, it was much more planned and rigid.

So, every season is different, and today I’m chatting about how I’m planning this season’s content. Maybe it will make sense, maybe it won’t. At this point, who knows.

What I want to Blog About

So, creating content is great when you get to write about what you love. Or enjoy. Or if it makes you smile when you read it after it’s all written.

There’s a lot of pressure, I won’t lie, about writing popular posts. After a while, you notice certain posts making the rounds. Everyone’s talking about a particular book or feeling really opinionated about something in particular.

for example, One kind of post I see a lot, movie reviews. And while, I appreciate reading movie reviews, especially when I have strong opinions and want to spy on other people’s opinions, I just won’t write movie reviews.

It’s not something I enjoy – stringing together my weird, rambling thoughts on a movie. Even if I could rant about the messy, wrong, horrid political trash heap that is the Joker. Or I could talk a million words about how seen and appreciated I felt in both Frozen 2 and Little Women. Show yourself ✨

All that to say, when you think about what’s going to happen on your space in the world this year, plan posts and words you’ll enjoy.Β 

What Fits into my Schedule

me blogging circa december 2018. how have i done this for three years????

This time of my life, two posts a week just doesn’t fit into my schedule. I look back on junior year me – and I’m so confused.

How was I writing and posting two posts a week??? perennial question. but also, HOWWWW??

But this year, I’m focused on so much more than my blog. Youtube. My full time job. Writing other projects. Hunting down more local coffee shops.

And that’s okay! When I thought about 2020 and what I wanted to see on my blog this year, I knew I didn’t want to see myself burned out. I want to see consistency plus quality.

Which meant for me, I needed to limit my posting. Sure, in January i could write A LOT and maybe manage publishing 5 or 6 posts. But overall, that’s not healthy. It would extremely frustrating to me to do that in January and then post nothing in February.

Learning to pace my own blogging is hard. Being patient with your time is hard. Knowing when to rest is not easy. But after lots of trial and error, I think I might have it a bit figured out. maybe.

Using one Planner instead of Multiple Planners

One of my goals for the year, is to use only one physical planner. In the past couple years, I’ve used several different kind of planners. Even talking about all my planners gives me nightmares.Β 

A book planner, where I recorded all the books I read. And sometimes, I’d scribble down blog ideas in that planner. Also, I stopped using this planner around the middle of the year.

And then, I had an assignment planner where all my college assignments went. I opened this planner about once a week. Not very used AT ALL.

And finally, I had my life planner. Notes about what I wanted to do and sometimes school assignments and a lot of ideas and favorite books I’d read went in here.

So, this year, I’ve determined to use only one planner. I jot down work schedules, youtube and blog notes, and record the books I’ve read. As well as personal notes about life favorites and coffee dates. This helps me keep track of both what my blog needs for 2020 – while balancing my personal life. I can see it all laid out and plan accordingly.

What Folks Enjoy Reading

And of course, all of the above points are combined into my tacitly knowing what people like to read. I could write weirdly long lists about my spotify playlists. but I know people don’t read those kind of posts.

Now, I will occasionally plan and write something I know won’t be popular. You can’t always know what folks want to read, anyway.

After all, right now, the sad truth is, blogging is not that popular. I’ve noticed this – people want to watch youtube or read insta posts, and the popularity of blogging has super diminished. This is why variety is important. Popularity is short term. Instagram won’t be on the rise forever. I’m sure youtube views will eventually not be that big a deal. Maybe reading blogs will be super popular again. Who knows.

The best you can do, knowing how trends change SO MUCH is write about what you both love and what you know folks have always liked to read.

People like personal opinions, but not about very niche things (like my aforementioned spotify playlists) Folks like tips on how to do things, like how to write or read more, and folks like pretty pictures from pretty places, like my instagram guide to Disney.

So, yeah, write about what you love but maybe center that writing around things that are universally popular. I know it’s a hard tightrope to walk. And sometimes, no matter what kind of boxes a post checks (it’s a list! It has pretty pictures! It’s about something cool!) even then, people won’t read it. *sigh*

My Long Term Goals

And finally, my last mile marker when it comes to planning. And even though it’s last, it might matter more than anything else? Because it’s about my long term goals.

redgal musings blog photoBasically, why am I blogging in 2020? Especially when I could be just making youtube or instagram content. Well, number one, I like writing. and number two, i like one platform of mine to center completely around books and writing.

I could do that with my youtube channel – but I like this platform to push me creatively. I like creating vlogs more thn I do putting together videos about books. I had an instagram I used for books and it became a frustrating contest and commercialized reading for me.

Blogging is different. I can write reviews, make lists, and share my story ideas without feeling pressure to buy something, perform better than anyone else, and find a dozen hashtags to go with each post.

In the long run, I want to publish books. And maybe when that happens, my blog will evolve into something even more niche. But for now, it’s a good place to collect my book thoughts before i’m a published author. And that’s where I am in 2020, thinking about the best way to talk about books and writing on here.

I hope all that rambling was helpful in SOME way, however small. I’ve been blogging for threeish years now and I’ve noticed so many trends.

I’ve seen views spike, and bloggers go, and conversations about why. The biggest thing for me is to just keep writing. Keep publishing quality content. Have fun. And don’t spend too much time thinking hard about the trends.

Also, a huge shoutout to the many, many blogging friends I’ve made on this corner of the internet. Something that I don’t say often is, I think when i sit down to write, they’re my primary audience. I might get busy or be running around like crazy, but I’ll still find time to read their posts. Inherently, thinking about my 2020 content, I’m thinking about what they’ll publish and the posts we’ve cowritten together.

lets chat

If you blog, how do you plan your content? Have your blogging posts and schedules changed over time? What kind of posts do you enjoy writing most?

Your favorite kind of blog post to read? What kind of posts do you enjoy that aren’t all that popular?Β 



  1. January 23, 2020 / 3:04 pm

    Keep on writing! I’ve found that my blog content has changed drastically since I started blogging in 2017. I don’t enjoy writing the same posts I did then and I’ve watched my content grow into something I love to write about since. I have a set schedule of the types of posts I post and on what days they go out which helps me to make sure I’m posting consistently. I wish you the best with everything you’re doing this year! πŸ™‚

  2. January 23, 2020 / 4:16 pm

    My blogging content has changed for sure since I started, I do more series now, but I leave a post or two open for other topics. I blog a lot less than I used to as well. I used to post 3 times a week, now I post twice and maybe a bonus here and there. I really enjoy writing my BUJO posts and my Middle Mark (mid month reading check in).

    • January 27, 2020 / 8:10 pm

      I wish I could keep up with series, but I’ve never been great at blogging series consistently. But what’s most important is creating what you love, and I’m glad you know what you enjoy!

  3. January 25, 2020 / 2:49 pm

    Since starting my channel, keeping up with 4 posts a week had gotten extremely difficult, especially with two videos a week. And now that i’m also working??? and doing many other things? no way. I lowered my poting to twice a week with once post weekly being #ColortheShelves (relatively easier to put together) and one is whatever i’m feeling like posting that week and i schedule posts at least two weeks ahead, and i only post one video a week!

    Loved reading this post!

    • January 27, 2020 / 8:07 pm

      Oh, I am overwhelmed at the thought of trying four posts a week, at any point in my life, so I really applaud you for creating and keeping that schedule for so long! But then work happens and throws this giant mess into our online lives, ha! I get that!
      I do love your Color the Shelves posts and I need to catch up on your youtube videos, you’re always inspirational! ✨

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