How to be a Full-Fledged Redhead

How to be a Full-Fledged Redhead

Being a redhead, I am always excited to see other fellow redheads. Somewhere in the back of my mind, my heart smiles. They have red hair, we must be kindred spirits! Really, redheads are unique, being only 2% of the population. There’s just certain attitudes that come with the territory. It is sometimes disappointing when I discover my new friend is not a natural redhead. Not that I’m not friends with blondes and brunettes and all other shades, but the natural companionship of redheads is very special.

So, if you do decide to join the redhead club, please learn to assimilate. I’m not the President of the Redhead Association (not sure if there is one) but here are some tips to guide you in becoming a full fledged redhead. Because it’s not all up to the dye, but the attitude.

Become a die-hard Anne of Green Gables fan. Anne Post

Hopefully, the reason you want red hair is because of Anne of Green Gables. And why not? She has all  the admirable qualities associated with redheads; spunky, independent, talkative, and a dash of romanticism. And lets not forget she knows how to deal with name-calling harassers.

If by some slim chance, you dyed your hair as a simple fashion statement, (Lauren Conrad went red, then why not you?) you really must read L M Montgomery’s classic story and watch the Sullivan films right away. Realize how Anne and you are actually kindred spirits. Also you just need to fall in love with Gilbert Blythe.

2) Become an expert on famous Red Heads.

Redheads are definitely unique and we are proud of our people. My mom bought me a book once, “The Redhead Encyclopedia”. Are there blonde or brunette encyclopedias? Redheads like to keep track of our accomplishments. Whenever someone would mention the infamous redhead temper, I loved rattling off a list of famous redheads to prove our temper doesn’t get in the way of anything.

Here’s a few of my favorite famous redheads.

  • Queen Elizabeth I  and her dad, Henry the 8th.
  • Thomas Jefferson
  • Christopher Columbus
  • Lucille Ball
  • There are also rumors that Cleopatra and Napoleon were redheads. I haven’t yet verified those 🙂 (in my head, they just don’t look red-haired, I mean Napoleon was French! And  Cleo probably dyed her hair.)

3) Decide the origin of your red hair and become zealously patriotic.

I don’t know if every people group has natural redheads, but it is nice to speculate where your red hair originated. From my last name, I can logically guess that I’m Scot-Irish. This means I should become zealously Irish; St. Patricks Day is now practically my birthday and I have the right to rave about the oppression of the Irish by the British.
Also, wear your country’s colors proudly. For me that’s lots of green clover and occasionally orange. Though, my hair is always conveniently sporting orange.

This works mostly with Americans, by the way.

redhead4) Develop your Redhead stereotype.

But, you might be asking, weren’t all the other points stereotypes? No, these are all just initial attitudes into the redhead club. Once you decide you want to be a genuine redhead, decide what kind of red head you are.

The spunky Anne of Green Gables? Or the quiet sensitive one who surprises all the Anne of Green Gables type redheads when we discover we aren’t the only type. 🙂

But that really doesn’t matter too much, because the very most important ingredient to being a red head is…

5) Be yourself

Bonus Point… You also have to sunburn. And never tan. 🙂