Reading Hyped Books – 7 Ways to Avoid Drowning in ALL THE HYPE

hyped books and drowning

I absolutely love hyped books. (Well, it’s a love/hate relationship. I mostly love hyped books)

I love how readers are chatting about the book, authors are touring and signing books, and just seeing hyped books everywhere! Literally everywhere. It’s super fun and one of my favorite parts of being a book lover.

Sometimes, though, it is hard to make up your own mind about hyped books. The whole world is raining hype on your head, and you don’t even know what you actually think about the book. But you want to write a review & talk about said hyped book. It’s just super hard because of all the hype to write a sane review.

Now, since none of us want to drown in hype, I have some ideas for managing hyped books. Don’t ask if I actually follow all these ideas, ok? It really is harder than it looks. Hype will do it’s best to drown you. 

1) Don’t read all the reviews.

Weeks before a hyped book is released, I see dozens and dozens of reviews. Most of the blogs I follow publish reviews, and Goodreads is full of review chatter.

I intentionally don’t read these reviews. I can mostly tell from blog titles that people LOVE the book. i.e. Book Review for Completely Made up Title // my fav read of my entire life, absolutely nothing can compare to this new book

Ok, yep. This person likes this hyped book. I will wait to read their review until AFTER I’ve read the book.

(if you’ve noticed I haven’t read your review for a hyped book, sorry! I’m probably waiting till after I’ve read the book)

Now, that doesn’t mean I completely avoid ALL reviews. I might check out a few. But I avoid reading more than two reviews for hyped books before I get a chance to read it myself.

2) Check out a few negative reviews

After I read a hyped book, I will probably read some negative reviews. Mostly 3 star reviews. Just to see why people didn’t absolutely love it.

I’m a super fast reader, and I can miss out on problematic themes or even plot holes. It can be super helpful to see the book from another, different perspective.

Alot of times, I might disagree with the negative feedback. I’ll go back , think about it, even reread sections, and make up my own mind.

Negative reviews help balance out all the hype. I don’t spend hours reading them, but it is good to check out a few.

3) Maybe wait a bit before reading? 

Now, this is officially the hardest rules to follow. Unless you’re broke and can’t afford the hyped book the day it’s released.

Then, you kind of have to follow this idea.

Of course, I want to read books as soon as they’re published. But sometimes, I can’t. And sometimes, I shouldn’t.

When everyone’s talking about the book, you might have insane expectations. Might have? You probably will.

But if you read it when the entire world is talking about another book, it’s much easier to form your own opinion. And not drown in hype.

Now for the moment of truth … Have I ever done this?

Actually, yes! I read the Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue quite a while after everyone else had read it. I remember it being released and deciding to wait just a tiny bit to pick it up. (that tiny bit turned into 4 months, but who’s counting?)

4) Take Breaks while Reading

Now, I have it on reliable authority that it is better to not read a book all at once. I’ve even tried this once or twice. And yes, it actually is a pretty good idea.

I’m really terrible at this, because once I start reading, it’s very hard for me to STOP. But I’ve been working to read a bit slower and take my time.

I actually did this with Children of Blood and Bone… and I think it worked pretty well! I was able to think through what I had just read & take a breath. Also, COBAB is SO LONG you really should take a break while reading it.

^Ahem, yes, COBAB is basically that heavy and big^

5) Read some of your favorite books

Sometimes, you read a popular book and you’re not sure what to think. It might be a good book, but just not that great? 

This is when I typically will read some from one of my favorites. Maybe I’ll read a chapter from Six of Crows or The Infernal Devices.

Rereading a favorite book makes me all warm and fuzzy and my brain thinks, yes, this is what I enjoy reading!

Then I’ll turn back to the new book, and skim over it. Did it give me those same sort of feelings? Why or why not?

I’m really, super tempted to do this with Ace of Shades. I have the ARC and I finished it  but I’m just not sure what I thought? I’ve written my Goodreads review but before I write my blog review, I’m going to reread some of it, just to compare how it makes me feel with some of my other favorites.

6) Take Notes. Take Notes. Take Notes.

Do I forget to take notes? ALL THE TIME. It’s actually really frustrating. and I want to stop forgetting.

I have this stack of sticky notes. and I’m going to scribble notes and stick them on the pages. I promise.

Taking notes will help manage hype.

If you love a quote, scene, character moment, slap a sticky note on that page.

Or if it’s the absolute opposite and you hate something, make sure you mark it with a sticky note. Or type a note on your phone. Even write it in your diary. Just take notes, ok? 

Because if you’re like me, you can sometimes read an ENTIRE book and have no idea about all your thoughts because it was just so much? And everyone is screaming their thoughts and you don’t remember all the little things you thought.

But if you took notes, voila! You’ll remember some things at least.

7) Don’t be Afraid of your Own Thoughts

Hyped books create lots of opinions. Seeing everyone with options can make you doubt your own.

Don’t doubt your own feelings. Your thoughts are important. Even if the whole world is raving, we need to hear your rant. 🙂

And what I’ve found, is that when you start chatting about NOT liking a book, you’ll find other readers who experienced the same feelings.

So don’t be scared of the hype. We need your thoughts. 

Spring break is over guys! And by some miracle, I actually have a post today? Since springs break has come and gone, I hope to be back on track with the blog schedule. And I’ve also gotten to read a few books, so maybe I’ve even write some reviews. Ahem …Children of Blood and Bone and Obsidio review loading shortly.

And just because I haven’t had time to take book pictures, and the sunrise on the beach was spectacular, here’s one of my favorite pictures from spring break.

lets chat

How do you handle hype? Do you read lots of hyped books? Are you a read the book all at once person or take your time slowly reader?

What about notes? Do you annotate your reads? And just for fun, what book do you think deserves all the hype? 


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  1. March 29, 2018 / 10:54 am

    This is so good! I’m definitely going to implement these steps in the future.

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