If You Like this, Try Out This // Book Recs #1 September Edition

I don’t often do book recommendation posts? At least, not in my opinion. Yes, I do book lists, and TBRs, and I enjoy writing book reviews. (gasp, don’t tell my brain that I actually do enjoy writing book reviews)

Anyway, I was thinking about WHAT IN THE WORLD I should write for today’s post, and thinking about ALL the lovely books I’ve read lately. And so many are similar? But different. And I enjoy comparing the books I’m reading to each other, so I decided to start a “If You Like this, You Should Try This” book rec post series.

This is the FIRST time I’ve written this sort of post.

So, even though, in my head, I can see this becoming a monthly sort of post, it may be a one time post. We will see. 

Nice Try, Jane Sinner ➤ Dear Rachel Maddow


Oh, goodness, these books are SO similar! And I LOVE that! They’re both written in the first person, as a sort of diary.

I’m a lover of diaries. I always enjoyed reading diaries when I was kid, I collected the Dear America Diaries, and even though diaries aren’t the MOST popular sort of book, I still enjoy them. I so enjoyed reading diaries that I faithfully kept a diary for 10 years.

Besides the unique formatting, Jane and Brynn are VERY similar narrators. They’re both so hilariously cynical and dry witted. LOVE. Though being cynical is the very opposite of me and makes me laugh because I could NEVER be so snarky.

Girl Made of Stars ➤ A List of Cages


Whoops, I could not SEPARATE these two books. They are different, but very similar. The prose reminds me of each other, and the emotional story and plot pull them together.

I love them both equally and fiercely, okay?

Girl Made of Stars was more personal to me and harder to read. I read it over multiple days and kept having to pause because it was hard (but good). I did read A List of Cages in one sitting and it definitely made me cry. 

The Hate U Give ➤ Dear Martin

 the hate u give  

These are two of my FAVORITE reads. I read the Hate U Give last Christmas, and fell in love with Angie Thomas. And Angie Thomas is a gift. I love her instagram, and everything she does. Also, I cannot wait for her second book.

I had heard about Dear Martin, I even saw it in the bookstore! but I didn’t pick it up until August this year. And these two books complement each other so well! Angie Thomas’s book is wordier, with more light hearted moments. Dear Martin is hard hitting, with short prose and intense dialogue.

These two books need to be read together. Everyone needs to read them both.

Six of Crows ➤ Ace of Shades

 six of crows 

These books are jewels that have brightened my life. Six of Crows kept me awake reading, and I want to reread it SO BADLY. I just need to get back into Ketterdam and the lovely, ahem deadly, world of the Dregs. Also, the plot twists??? Still reeling even though it’s been TWO YEARS since I read this treasure.

And then there’s Ace of Shades! Okay, it’s NOT Six of Crows, but the casino filled City of Sin reminds me of it. Actually, the main character’s cluelessness reminds me of me reading Six of Crows.

Enne Salta doesn’t know how to handle deadly plot twists and neither do I.

Me, running away from plot twists.  

And I Darken ➤ Blood and Sand


Kiersten White is a master at writing morally grey characters. And she also writes darling characters I will protect with my laugh *cough, Radu, cough*

I just finished Now I Rise, the second in the And I Darken trilogy, when I picked up Blood and Sand. And they remind me SO MUCH of EACH OTHER. They are BOTH Gender Swapped historical fantasy! How cool!!!

Not totally sure how many books the Blood and Sand story is going to be? Definitely at least a duology, and I’m really hoping the writing grows even stronger and I like the characters even more. Especially since it reminds me of And I Darken so much! 

Foolish Hearts ➤ Queens of Geek

 foolish hearts emma mills 

I feel like I’ve been listing a ton of very heavy reads? In between dark history fantasy like And I Darken, and twisting, conniving reads like Six of Crows, there’s also emotionally hard reads, like The Hate U Give.

So, here’s some books that ARE NOT dark or SAD or UNHAPPY. These two books are VERY happy and LOVELY. And they deserve little shelves on the wall just for them to party together.

Okay, I really enjoyed both of these books. Contemporary, diverse, and short? What could be better!?!?!?!!!! If you want something happy, try out these two reads.

You know what I love? Talking about books and showering book recommendations on all of my friend’s heads. Because true friendship is helping making sure everyone’s TBR is as tall as Mt. Everest.

And I think that’s what I did with this post? And if you’ve already read ALL these books, CONGRATS. You are a star ⭐️ reader.

But I mean, even if you’ve only read one book, you’re a star reader. 😊

lets chat

Should I keep doing book recommendation posts? Have you read any of these books? What are your thoughts and do you agree that they go together?


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  1. September 26, 2018 / 1:37 pm

    I need to pick up Dear Martin! I loved THUG so it’s clearly a must to read Dear Martin next! I’ve heard it is so amazing. Great recommendations!

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