Talkback Volume I Issue 1

Talkback Volume I Issue 1

The darkest month of the year is just about done! That sounds vaguely disconcerting, which is probably not unintentional. January will probably never be a favorite month of mine, unless I move to Hawaii where it’s warm during this cold time of year.

Anyway, here’s the first in my monthly I’ve read and written updates. Half book review, half personal motivation, this is just a glimpse into my literary lifestyle. And for those interested in my forthcoming book, a sneak peek into where I am on that journey.

January Reads

Everyday Sexism 

January read, Everyday SexismWith all the January political chatter about women’s rights, Everyday Sexism seemed an appropriate read. I first saw this book recommended on Instagram and while a little leery, I decided to pick it up. It’s written from a fairly liberal perspective, but is almost entirely testimonials.
The book started as an English website and twitter hashtag, but quickly grew into a worldwide movement. It’s disturbing, and enlightening. If you can’t stomach reading about sexual harassment, especially towards young girls, don’t pick this up. Some of the stories were nauseating.

And on a rabbit trail, I think American, and in general Western women, are among the most liberated women in the world. But, sexual harassment and abuse does happen. But I don’t think it’s a political issue. It is a cultural problem. And marching on politics won’t really solve the problem.


Harry Potter and the Cursed Child 

Harry Potter and the Cursed ChildThis was by far the most entertaining book I read this month. By far. 
I’ve never read a play script for entertainment, but I found I enjoyed it immensely. Knowing the HP universe, it was easy to cut external details and just deal with dialogue. The story also revisited some of my favorite characters, and developed new, lovable characters. It felt like a very well done book end.
That isn’t to say Cursed Child was all cut and dry. The storyline wasn’t entirely believable and I struggled with some character development plot holes.

But it was a lighthearted, quick read that worked well in between doing homework and walking to classes.

And I took some pretty cool book photos.



Admittedly, I started this book before January, but finished it this month. It was a perfect way to start this year. Chris Anderson spoke at my college last spring, and this book highlighted what he shared about finding satisfaction only in Christ.

I am a Samaritan Woman. 
With that statement, Anderson draws our attention to Jesus and the Women at the well in John 4. I had never thought to see myself as needy, thirsty, and eager as the women at the well. But Anderson unfolds this simple story, unpacking deep truths about the Gospel in each of our lives.
Since reading this book, I’ve repeated this to myself several times,

“This (insert anything) will not bring me the satisfaction that Jesus gives”

Satisfied by Chris Anderson

Thanks to my roommate for posing!

Adding Almost 10,000

Nearly every break, I think I’m going to write. But no matter how much spare time I have, I never do. The pressures of work and school combine to make my brain more creative. All that to say, over Christmas break, I may have written 5oo words. But since coming back to school, I’ve completed nearly 10,000 words.

Which is fairly exciting! As I told a friend Sunday, I can almost see the light at the end of the story tunnel.

Now a few questions for my blog readers.

Do you want me to share more about my book? I’m thinking of a blog series explaining how I world build, why I choose to write in 3rd person, and creating character development.
I shared this month my thoughts on writing female characters – here. Would you enjoy reading more of those kind of posts?

All feedback is appreciated! 

On a more fun subject, my dear friend Alicia had put together a writers subscription box! It’s a super fun monthly package of writers goodies at an affordable rate. So if you like writing, or know a writer, check out Meraki Subscription Box 

And to humor me, I updated all the blog images for my Jane Austen Series. I love the new look, so if you want to check those out and share, you’ll win my eternal gratitude. 😉

Guys, it’s almost spring! How was your first month of the year? 

January Talkback

  • Everyday Sexism has been on my TBR list for a while but I feel like I have to be emotionally prepared to read it. It’s really twisted how our culture sees women and women’s bodies in particular. I haven’t suffered a whole lot of sexual harrassment in my life, but I did start getting catcalled on occasion when I was 14 and it’s just–gross. The average age that girls start getting catcalled is totally disturbing. I don’t know how we go about solving the very complicated problem of sexism in this country, but I think it would REALLY help if Hollywood, magazines, ads, etc. would stop idolizing youth and one-dimensional female characters who are constantly objectified. Also, it would help if the porn industry either went away (fat chance!) or at the very least used performers who are older than barely legal and let up on the degrading sex acts. I also think boys need to be educated more about sexism at a young age before their views on women are cemented. If those things could happen than the laws that are in place to protect women would be less necessary and more effective.