Crying a Bucket of Tears // More Happy Than Not // Buddy Read Review

Guess who finally read Adam Silvera? And admits they actually only read Silvera because Malanie and I did a buddy read! Mal has already read Silvera’s other books, so we decided to read his very first novel, More Happy Than Not. *take a breath to start screaming*

Ok, time for my first buddy read review! Let’s see if we can make this a semi-coherent review?

Let’s see what happens! Warning – Lots of squealing, tears, and laughs

Ok, Mal, you’re turn! Also, her thoughts are in a different color, because I’m brilliant at figuring out how to format this review. 

WHAT omg this is my first buddy read review toooo?????????

AND WITH STRAWBERRY HAMILTON YAYYYYYY (I need to trademark this nickname because it makes me so giddy happy)

book thoughts

OKKKKKKKKK oh god time to cry

Yes. If you don’t cry while reading this book you are a heartless person. Also, you’ll probably want to cry any time you ever think of this book again.

my face while reading this book. 

Was I expecting to cry? ok, so I knew Adam SIlvera is very gifted at causing pain. But I didn’t realize how evil he actually is. Besides the obviously heartbreaking moments, he also writes subtle details that stab you right in the heart.

This book was so beautiful, tragic, emotional, and kind of hopeless but also sweet and pure???

I loved how much of a personal book this was for Adam Silvera. I can kind of tell it’s debut, not juut because of the author’s note, but because of how deeply personal the entire story felt. Also, the author’s note was a heartbreaking gut punch.

Oh my goodness it really was so personal??? The narration just felt so honest, there was no trying to make things easier for the MC, it was almost like Adam just put his characters (his little sunshine characters who deserve a better setting) into the real world and hid under a table and objectively threw little rocks at them. I don’t know, it felt bitter almost?? Like, “this is real life and it’s sometimes shitty but what can you do?”

The friendships are so strong (BEST FRIENDS AARON AND THOMAS) which was so important because the themes are so dark. We have homophobia and suicide and problems with race and class in the Bronx.

Also, it feels so real NYC. You can totally tell Adam Silvera is a NYC guy.

OH MY GOD that’s so true. It’s very NYC, he’s captured the vibe perfectly and I’m so proud of him. I’m pretty sure “They Both Die at the End” also takes place in New York, it’s just ADAM’S setting forever. And the one he’s writing with Becky is going going to take place in NYC. Because when it comes to NYC Adam will not compromise ummmmmm sorrrryyyyyyy Becky

Adam is just like the Marvel movies. Always hitting New York. Except with heartbreak instead of Thanos. 

book characters

Aaron Soto – In short, Aaron Soto has a difficult af life. My poooorrrr boy.


He deserves so much better.

How does Adam write a character who is so broken and yet so genuine and kind? He’s the most hufflepuff lovable guy who goes through the literal worst experience. Life should get better for this guy, but it just isn’t going right?

I agree, Aaron would totally be in Hufflepuff!! He just loves

  1. His friends and making people happy, he’s so cute

  2. Sharing joy

  3. Being nice

The model Hufflepuff. (Why do Hufflepuffs go through so much tragedy? Cedric, and Tonks, aaannndddd Aaron?)

All the feels because life is just so wrong to poor smol Aaron. 

Genevieve – The most kind, understanding girlfriend, ever in the history of girlfriends. I was sure I was going to get mad at poor Genevieve, but I actually didn’t? I felt for her, quite a bit. Maybe, yes actually, I did disagree with her decisions. But I really empathized with her. 

Also, she’s an artist? And so sure of herself. The kind fo gal that if I met in real life, I’m 80% sure we could have been friends.

Thomas – Let’s all go cry for Thomas. That is all. 

more book thoughts

And let’s talk about the memory-alteration procedure from Leteo institute, which allows you to surgically remove your bad memories (with many risks of course)??? The risks totally outweigh the benefits. 

Leteo Institute, to pretty much everyone.

This was so interesting, the theme of how our past is our identity and lskdfslkjds

Do we have a right to just forget things, especially when it inevitably affects the ones we love? THIS HONESTLY MADE MY HEAD HURT BECAUSE SO MUCH PHILOSOPHY.

It’s so hard to talk about this book without spoilers because it feels like EVERYTHING from page 1 is a part of the larger plot, the details just go together so perfectly and everything is so unexpected and I must protect my smol angels.

That is such a good point, I was so confused at first because for so much of the book it just feels very contemporary, coming-of-age, and you’re not sure what’s going to happen??

It’s so much fluff and cute friendship until maybe the middle AND THEN things get serious so quickly and the fluff just entirely disappears

I 100% agree. And because it’s all so intricately tied together, it can be confusing at first. And there are lots of suspicious things happening that DO add up. And make you super mad at the injustice and sheer wrongness of it all.

And I was not prepared for the fluff to melt into heartbreaking sadness. Is anyone ever prepared? 

I almost forgot how much Adam Silvera makes me cry. *sigh*\

It’s not really fair, because Mal has already read the other Adam Silvera books, and I haven’t! And now I need to and it’s just more sad….

Also, Malanie knew Adam would make us cry. But I didn’t really believe it was THAT bad. But, I was wrong, of course. 

Should books have hopeful endings? I don’t know if there is an always answer for that question? But I do think there should be value to stories. Whether they make you laugh, cry, or fangirl, the story should move you to think and feel. 

More Happy than Not is moving. There’s lots of heavy themes. It’s basically a brick load of very heavy themes. Super heavy.
And I don’t think the ending is exactly hopeful. I wanted good to come of the awful experiences. But that didn’t really happen. And without some hope, the feelings feel wasted. Trampled, and left to die.

Ok, that went depressing super fast. But seriously, this book has heavy content warnings for suicide, abuse, bullying, homophobia and racism. Be careful.

Published July 2015

My Rating – 3.5 Stars

Sixteen-year-old Aaron Soto is struggling to find happiness after a family tragedy leaves him reeling. He’s slowly remembering what happiness might feel like this summer with the support of his girlfriend Genevieve, but it’s his new best friend, Thomas, who really gets Aaron to open up about his past and confront his future.

As Thomas and Aaron get closer, Aaron discovers things about himself that threaten to shatter his newfound contentment. A revolutionary memory-alteration procedure, courtesy of the Leteo Institute, might be the way to straighten himself out. But what if it means forgetting who he truly is?

lets chat

Have you read More Happy Than Not? Or any of Adam Silvera’s other books? Are you excited for the Becky/Adam book coming out in October? *waves hands frantically*

What do you think of sad books? How sad is toooooo sad?
Do you enjoy doing buddy reads? 



  1. May 14, 2018 / 4:11 pm

    oh my goshhhhhh this is so wonderful + perfect + LOOK HOW LOVELY <3 i had so much fun <3 I can't wait to do more of these!!!!! dslkfjslkjfds

    • May 14, 2018 / 4:52 pm

      We had so much fun! And I’m so excited for our next buddy read!

  2. May 14, 2018 / 8:00 pm

    This was so fun to read! You should do more buddy reviews in the future!

  3. May 14, 2018 / 8:13 pm

    Well, I just bought this book the other day because I was saying that I need to read an Adam Silvera book. Now, I’m questioning that decision. I had no idea how saddening it is! I’m still going to read it, but now I need some time to prepare myself to read it. Great review you two! 🙂

  4. May 16, 2018 / 7:10 pm

    I haven’t read any Adam Silvera but I reallyy want to pick up one of his books eventually because I know he’ll make me cry….which is a kind of strange reason to want to read his books lol

  5. May 19, 2018 / 8:07 pm

    WAIT I NEED TO READ THIS NOW!! TBDATE was one of my most favorite books ever, and it completely tore my heart apart, and I’m going into this knowing my heart will be torn again but I don’t care because THIS SOUNDS SO GOOD❤️

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