My 2020 Goals/ Query Letters, Social Media, Books & Travel, oh my!

Oh, hello there 2020. Good to meet you. I’ve been thinking about what to do with 2020 for a while. So, I hope 2020 is truly ready for all the things i’m throwing at her. 

I’ve started some new but hopefully permanent habits for 2020, including saving my receipts, putting on lipstick more often, and sending out a monthly newsletter.

Now, the monthly newsletter is kind of important to me. I actually wrote and scheduled January’s before it was time to send it, so it went out bright and early on New Year’s Day. Yay! And I want to keep my newsletter and blog content different, so it’s not redundant. More like a thoughtful essay each month sharing tidbits from my personal life.

Anyway, that to say, I shared my word of the year in my newsletter. And I’ll share it here as well. Along with this link, so you can also sign up for my newsletter.

So, I decided my word of the year in November and I’m really happy with it. Unknown. That’s my word. 
Because I don’t know all that’s going to happen. I don’t have really “big life plans” this year – plans like graduation or getting my first job or getting married. Yes, I have some basic ideas but it’s all pretty murky. Every day might be different and I’m okay with that. There’s no long term life goal I’m planning towards. Anyway, I like this word and what it means to me.

Well, anyway, now that I’ve properly introduced my word of the year, here’s some goals I’m working on in 2020! 

I am a writer, and many of my life goals center around my writing. Not only do I write for my jobs, yay! but I also love the art of writing – snatching THAT absolutely perfect word from the air, stacking paragraphs, outlining chapters. It’s all part of my constant swirling thoughts. Is it creativity or anxiety? We’ll never know.

When i think of the new year, this next decade, I immediately start thinking about the words I want to write. The books I dream of publishing. The stories i want to tell. Which is exactly why to start my list of goals, I put my writing goals is at the very top.

◼️ Finish Editing Coffee, Elections and Other Addicting Things

i’m so excited to have the space to edit this story. Since I’ll be living solo in my own space in the world, I’ll be able to devote time, energy, and my own craft into this. There won’t be roommates suggesting we run to Epcot for christmas cookies. Or random 58 hour work schedules. wow.

Now, I know i’m probably romanticizing my new life. because the last seven months were horrid on my creative scheduling. So I’m sure I’ll struggle to figure out when I can be creative and how to work full time and edit a book at the same time and make youtube videos and publish blog posts. But no matter how hard this might be, i’m sure it wont be as difficult as living with 8 people, working full time and trying to edit.

so, yeah, I’m ready to sit down and edit the thing.

◼️ Write and Email Twenty Five Query Letters

So apparently, you can’t get published until you start actually sending out query letters. what a hard life fact.

◼️ Write Contemporary Project #2

i’m actually living in the town this story is based in. Which is weird and good. And while CE&AT is a personal book, this story is more -painful, personal, and quiet in a totally different way. The stakes are slower. I think the characters feel more muted in my mind. Basically, it’s a contemporary but not big and political and rabble rousing in the way Coffee, Elections and Other Addicting Things was intended.

Right now, it’s in a thought bubble. I’m ready to actually start scribbling the outline down and want to draft the first step this year. Write this thing

◼️ Finish Hamilton in Space Retelling

Okay, so this book is messy and fun and sparkly. And I’ve written about half of it.

I just want to finish it up. also, if anything, this is my fun romping story that lets me be as ridiculous as possible. which we all need space to be ridiculous in our creativity.

◼️ Read 75 to 100 books

I know this is possible because I really want to read one book a week. And knowing myself, it is quite possible to read two books a week. Also, the goodreads color is GREEEN and I’m a big fan. did they steal the color from my blog paragraph titles? We’ll never know.

◼️ Read 12 non-fiction books

I think this has been on my list of goals for the last year and a half. And there are so many non-fiction books I do want to read. And just about the time I think I’ve created the perfect dozen non-fiction books to read, the ever wise President Obama shares his list. And oh boy, now i have more books to read.

◼️ Read or Remove Half the Books on my current TBR

So, right now, there are 218 books on my TBR. And that’s before I add all the books President Obama recommended. Even if I read all 100 books this year, this TBR will hardly be dented.

Hence, as part of my 2019 goals, I must conquer this pile. Either actually read all 200 books or remove some of these titles. It’s gotta happen.

◼️ Read my friends published works!

I have incredible friends and I definitely want to read what they’ve published. Some of these books are self-published and I want to invest more into reading non-traditionally published books. Not only because I want to be a good friend but also because I want to support indie authors.

◼️ Try Orange Theory or some sort of Public Exercise for a month

I desperately need to make sure I exercise this year. I’m young and fairly healthy but I know youth doesn’t last forever =( which means i really need to create some healthy life habits while I’m not exhausted by the weight of life.

◼️ Publish one youtube video a week. Preferably on Sunday. 

Okay dokey, maybe this is a bit much. because we all know i’ll never be youtube famous. So it’s a bit much to keep uploading content even when it only gets a few views?

but i enjoy the whole art of shooting and editing so i’m going to try to keep to a regular schedule. for my own sanity. and maybe if global warming hasn’t destroyed the internet, my grandkids will watch me and be slightly entertained.

◼️ Visit three national parks

I’m very excited about this goal! Folks have already suggested some really cool places – Rocky Mountain, Yellowstone and Acadia National Parks.

all of these places are so pretty! And I have friends who might be interested in going with me so we’ll see if this can happen!

◼️ Write two letters a month

a bit of an old fashioned goal but it’s important to me. I think. This is part of my, I am a writer, i need to write mantra. And due to the fact that I live far away from several close friends, I want to cherish their friendships. More so than just texting or face time. But sitting down and crafting something like a letter can be special to both me and my friends.

◼️ Limit myself to three hours of social media per day 🙂

can i do this? We’ll see. I just need to not scroll Instagram or twitter when i wake up or right before I go to bed. Now that I live in my own apartment, I want to dedicate my sleeping space s a no phone spot. Basically, I’ll create my desk and book spot and leave my phone there. And then, I’ll either not set an alarm or get an alarm clock and not touch my phone when I’m in my sleeping spot.

Also, I’m not calling it my bedroom because it’s a studio apartment and there’s not really separate rooms? Just spaces.

◼️ Pay off 1/5 of my student loans.

Now, this goal really depends on how well I do with my budget. So, it’s a two in one goal. Actually stay in my budget and plan to set aside enough money to start making payments on my student loans.

Currently, my loan provider has me on a 9-year repayment plan. But I’d like to reduce that to a five year plan. We’ll see how it goes.

So, yeah, there’s my 2020 goals!

i also have some smaller goals, like practicing french and buying locally sourced coffee. But I didn’t want to write a whole paragraph under those bullet points. Instead I’ll probably end up chatting about those goals on instagram or youtube. Which is a tease for me to say, follow me on instagram and youtube. It’s a good year for that! 🙂 

It’s also a good year to elect America’s first female President. Don’t forget that.

lets chat

What are your thoughts about 2020? Do you pick a word of the year? What kind of goals do you have? Are you a goodreads person? If so, how many books did you pick? 

Are you good at interior decorating? Because yes, I need all the apartment decorating advice. 



  1. thewolfandbooks
    January 2, 2020 / 10:37 am

    Good luck on the student loan payments. I know how those can be a nuisance.
    I like that your word is “Unknown”. I wish I had thought of it myself. It almost sounds like you’re letting go of control and going with the flow.

    Happy new year!

  2. January 2, 2020 / 11:17 am

    Happy new year, Elizabeth! I loved reading your goals, and I’m also very excited because I just signed up for your newsletter.🤗

    Good luck with everything! I love your goal for writing two letters a month. I kind of want to do that! I used to write letters to my friend who lived a few towns away when I was very young, and we somehow kept up the pen pal thing for a good few years. It would be nice to have a pen pal again, maybe I’ll write to my sister in college. XD I also feel you with the overwhelming TBR. I just downsized mine by like 80 books and it feels very nice (still overwhelming, but less so).

  3. January 2, 2020 / 7:35 pm

    Aahhh good luck on all your 2020 goals, Elizabeth!! I’m so awed at how many writing projects you’re planning to take on, and I’m wishing you all the luck with querying. And I took an Orange Theory class once and I really liked it! I want to be more fit/exercise more this year too 💖

  4. January 7, 2020 / 7:52 pm

    Good luck with your goals this year! It sounds like you’re going to have a pretty packed year full of amazing things! I would love to finish at least one writing project this year. I also want to read at least 45 books this year.

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