My Mostly Magical Disney Bucket List!

Y’all, I moved to Florida! I’m working at Disney World, specifically at Animal Kingdom! MY FIRST CHOICE PARK! I am absolutely thrilled to check out Animal Kingdom and work there and i cannot wait to share all the stories and pictures from the Safari and Avatar and Dinoland!

Besides all the happiness of working at Animal Kingdom, I’m putting together my Disney College Program Bucket List. What exactly is this list??? All the things I would like to do while I’m hanging out in Orlando for the next few months!
I’ll probably be constantly updating and revising this list, but here’s the very basic starter list! *pixie dust* And yes, I’ve divided the list into categories, because you can’t ever accuse me of not trying to put my life into a gigantic planner. 

Yes, these are food goals. Because there’s nothing more magical than disney food, right? 

Character Dining with Ariel and Rapunzel (and their princes)

I know there are a ton of character dining experiences, but I just really want to eat with Ariel and Rapunzel! Also, it’s a breakfast dining experience and I am a fan of delicious breakfasts.

Also next year, there’s going to be a Ratatouille themed restaurant in Epcot and I really hope I can check it out!

Opening Show at Magic Kingdom!

This is all about getting to Magic Kingdom before it opens, aka 8 in the morning. Eeesh, that’s early. But I really want to watch Let the Magic Begin and then maybe run over to some rides before the lines get super long.

Eat (and drink) Around the World

EPCOT has so MUCH cool food and I’d really like to try a bunch of it. I mean, there’s eleven different countries represented, so I’d like to pick up a snack from each country. Especially when Food and Wine festival comes around. YUMMY.

My first Epcot Treat, Lavendar Lemonade! It was AMAZING

Try the Kitchen Sink!

I actually tried to get the Kitchen Sink a few nights ago …but it was a 40 minute wait, so a giant sink full of icecream will have to come later in the summer

Mickey Bar, Please!!!!!!

Okay, I adore all the insta pics with Mickey Bars. And I still haven’t tried one! And I love ice cream. This is meant to be. Love at first sight.

See Festival of the Lion King 

This is the top rated show in all the parks! I really would like to see it and do the character dining before the show. Food and a show? yes, please.

Four Parks in One Day Challenge

Because you can’t really do Disney without trying this out at least once. Yes, I’ll need a good pair of shoes, a lot of water, and a really good night of sleep beforehand. And some friends to keep me going when I’m ready to crash.

Take Pics at All the Colored Walls!

I actually accidentally found the bubblegum wall. (These walls are so fun!!! Say hello to my basic white girl life right now)

Also, I need to find a big list with all the walls and starting making a list and checking it out. because I keep hearing about different kinds of colored walls and I honestly have no idea how many there are.

Really Enjoy Food and Wine Festival 

I mean, it’s a food and wine festival, how could I not enjoy it???

Watch all the Closing Shows

Each park has a special closing show and even though i like to go to bed early, I want to see them all at least once. I’ve seen Happily Ever After at Magic Kingdom, and wow, it made me cry. It’s also really terrible to stay at the parks till close because the traffic is HORRIBLE. So i officially hate it, but I still want to see all the closing show at least once.

Meet all 11 “official” princesses, bonus points for Elsa, Anna, Elena, & Moana

I’m a total sucker for character meet and greets. I’m going to cry happy tears when I meet Merida and scream happily when I get to hug Cinderella. Okay, okay, let me fangirl.

Do the Wild Animal Trek in Animal Kingdom!

I love all the animals at Animal Kingdom, especially the giraffes! I spotted some baby giraffes the other day and it made me SO HAPPY! I really want to do the three hour animal trek and get to experience the animals even more.

Start an Autograph Book!!!

Since I want to meet most ALL the characters, I’d really like to start an autograph book. I kind of want to do a special book, and not just buy an autograph book from the disney store. We’ll see.

Visit Harry Potter World, Coral Beach, and Kennedy Space Center

Yes, to all the Orlando tourist spots! And sorry to my budget. But Harry Potter World???? It’s calling my name, eeek!

And i am a BIG FAN of NASA and really, really want to see a rocket launch.

Go Snorkeling! And Swimming with Dolphins

This might be expensive, actually I know it is. I’m saving to do this some time this fall.

Actually Watch Star Wars

I mean, Stars Wars Land is opening in a ten weeks or so. And I just need to sit down and watch these movies.

Visit all the Resorts! And actually spend the night at one resort, at least. 

The Disney Resorts are SO COOL. Each one has a specific theme, that’s totally unique and special. It’s free to just visit each one, so that’s in my plan. And I want to stay at one at least once.


Write Some Query Letters

Yes, I can’t forget about writing. I’m hoping to edit and write some query letters this summer. Nerve wracking!

Network with Disney Communication Professionals

I love my communications professionals! And I really look forward to meeting some Disney professionals and maybe shadowing some really cool people.

Save some Money, Start Paying Student Loans

ugghghghg, student loans. The sooner I get them paid off, the happier a person I’ll be. For real.

Publish at least One Youtube Video a Week

I’ve definitely been vlogging lately, so check out my channel! It’s been really fun and I can’t wait to see what kind of videos actually happen.

I’m having a lot of fun putting these vlogs together, especially the thumbnails. *more pixie dust*

I’m sure there’s something I’m forgetting from this list. BUT it’s a fantastic start. or should I say magical start? All the disney speak.

Anyway, you might be able to tell, I’m NOT an expert on the disney parks. By any stretch of the imagination. SO, please, if you know something else really cool I should add to my bucket list, let me know! Also, i’ll probably be making a youtube video talking about my bucket list, so maybe I’ll add more things to the list for the video!

lets chat

Have you visited Disney?

Do you have a favorite disney park? fav disney character? Fav disney parks food? Any other favorite things about disney? 



  1. May 23, 2019 / 2:06 pm

    Great list! I’ve quite a few of these things! I can’t wait to read future Disney posts!

  2. May 23, 2019 / 4:02 pm

    I’m so happy for you! Congrats on getting into the DCP – that’s a dream of mine for after I graduate, too!

    I love watching DCP videos, and I would love to see your videos about your experience! 💕 Can’t wait to see more Disney content 🙂

  3. May 24, 2019 / 7:55 am

    Oh my gosh this is so cool.

    A couple of my coworkers have family working at the parks, and they say it’s the most rewarding, most exhausting experience ever. I hope you have an amazing time!

    We went to Trattoria al Forno for the character breakfast when we were in Orlando last fall and it was AWESOME. Hands down the best breakfast we had all vacation – I hope you love it! The performer playing Flynn that day was hilarious.

    Honestly everything at Disney is a bucket list item – just enjoy your time and be your best self and drink lots of water and get as much sleep as you can. 😛 I can’t wait to read more of your Disney experience posts!

  4. June 11, 2019 / 9:51 pm

    I love Disney World! I need to eat with Ariel and Rapunzel too! It’s been almost three years since I’ve been to Disney, but I’m hoping I can go back next year! The last time I went, I made it a point to meet as many characters as I could. I was able to meet all of the Disney princesses!! It was so amazing! Have a great time in Disney! Oh! And Harry Potter World is amazing so you have to go! 😀

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