October WIPjoy! – Networking Week

October WIPjoy! – Networking Week

Sometimes, I wish blogging was limited to 140 characters. Somehow, I have more time to check out and post on twitter occasionally. Though, when my twitter finally lets me go up to 280 characters, I might not have time any more 🙂

Anyway, the end of September and early October has been insanely busy! And my blog just slipped into the abyss. No really, it did.

But I’m not letting another day go without jumping into WIPJoy! Even if I do sound a bit incoherent from lack of sleep. I first heard about this challenge right after the summer month ended, and I bookmarked myself to tackle the October questions.

And October is here!

So, what exactly is WIPJoy? Each week, writers answer 7 different questions about their current Work in Progress.

Now I know, I can’t write a post a day. But I will try and answer a weeks worth of questions in one post. Each week.

But I’m not just a writing machine, so a quick recap of my personal life. 🙂

Here’s just a few of the things I’ve gotten myself into –

I spent the night outside – The Exile Experience

So, yes, I jumped on an exciting chance to spend the night outside. Never mind, I was only allowed 3 items, couldn’t go to sleep till 2am, and had to be up at 6:45. It was a once-a-semester chance.

And it was amazing! I was able to pray for refugees in the Middle East, leave my phone behind for over 12 hours, and look at the stars. Also, it was super cold, and I really wanted another blanket.

While, I know that sleeping on a soccer field in South Carolina is nothing like the challenges facing refugees in Turkey, the Middle East, and Europe, it was a good reminder of what millions are actually living every single day.

And I’m writing this the morning after. So, a bit of exhausted muddling is happening with these words. 

Homecoming Prep

University homecoming is just around the corner, and I have a bunch to do! I’m running a 5k, webcasting a soccer game, and hoping to attend a concert or two. And right after homecoming ends, I have midterms. 5 tests. And 3 projects due. Why junior year????? Why?

And editing….

Finally, we come to the real purpose of this lovely blog post. It’s WIPJoy! Month! I’m super excited to try and participate.

october wip

Week one is networking. And I’m not the greatest at networking.

I’m not trying to get published via twitter, nor do I have tons of time to participate in author online community. I mean, I try. I follow a bunch of people, but then I get bogged down. After all, I have 5 finals in 10 days. I can’t spend all day on twitter. Especially if I want to get any editing done.

And speaking of editing, I’ve been doing a lot of that lately.

1 – Introduce us to your current WIP

It’s been writing my WIP for a very long while, close to 5 years. And I’ve chatted about it a bit on here. Ok, maybe more than a bit. But lest anyone forget, my WIP is a historical fantasy trilogy. Right now, I’m calling it the Unraveling.

I’m going to skip to question 4, because the other questions deal with writing community stuff. And I don’t have the brainpower for that answer right now 🙂

4 – A line that expresses your theme

So, I’m interpreting a line as a quote? But is it from my book or somewhere else? I’m not sure.
So I’ll go with a quote not from my book. I recently heard it and fell in love with it. It neatly summarizes my entire plot. Ok, maybe not the whole thing. But the point of my plot.

When Greeks fight Greeks, Greeks loose. 

Lots of wisdom. Maybe not, but I love it. And I’ll let you muddle through how it might go along so well with my WIP.

5 – Ask a question other writers might be able to help you with

How do you do everything? 
Ok, maybe that’s just a question I’m screaming because I’m doing way too much. Another more reasonable question –

If you’re writing a series, do you write the whole thing? Or wait till the first book is completely finished, ready to publish, before writing out the next?

I definitely want to know what you guys think about this question! Because I really want to write more on my second book, but I also can’t stand leaving the first one in a muddle, unedited mess stage. It’s a tug of war. And typically, editing book one wins.

6 – WIPers to follow

You should definitely check out the host of WIPjoy! Bethany A Jennings. Not only does she host this incredible challenge, but she writes YA science fiction. Pretty cool!

I also enjoy seeing updates from KT Ivanrest and as always, Hannah Heath. Though, I’m not sure Hannah does WIPJoy? but her authoring advice is so great! 

7 – A writing tip that has helped me. 

Wow, there are so many goldmines of advice floating around the web. It’s hard to think of one single tip. But I’ll go with my favorite.

Personality. Invest in learning your characters personality. Know what makes them mad, sad, and just meh. What gives them energy, what their buttons are, they work ethic.

The more you know your character, the better you will write them.

let's chat

Ok, that’s all I can really tackle for this weeks WIPjoy! Also, do I need to include the exclamation mark every time???

I’m super excited to get to next week’s questions, and share more fun stuff about antagonists, protagonists, and my daydreams!

Feel free to answer the questions in the comments – I’d love to hear about your WIP! 

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  • Jennifer Garey

    This is a really awesome idea to bring writers together! If I had more time this month I would join as I write YA books, but I’m just too busy. When it comes to writing multiple books in a series, I say write and edit the first before moving onto the second. You never know what will change in the editing process that might affect future adventures by your characters.