Percy Jackson & Converting me to a Full-Fledged Halfblood

Percy Jackson and the Olympians + the Heroes of Olympus are incredible books and you should drop everything to go read them RIGHT NOW. Just kidding, don’t drop your computer or phone. That would not be good. But as soon as you can, you should read Percy Jackson.

I’ve been reading Rick Riordan since January and I’ve decided I’m really a Daughter of Athena (my absolute terror of spiders kind of proves my heritage) But, even if Athena never claims me, I am most definitely an Olympian.

Now, I suppose everyone can’t be an Half-blood. But I do have some ideas for figuring out your Olympic heritage. I mean, I needed some sort of excuse to write a post including my love for mythology and all these Hercules Gifs.

1. You decide to read The Iliad. Or at least watch all the movies based on Troy & Greek history.

True story – I bought the Iliad two summers ago, I think? But I haven’t read it yet, because it’s a Gigantic book. And it’s written in poetic form and just kind of scary to start reading.

But since reading all the Rick Riordan’s books, I’ve decided I just really need to read the Iliad. I want to know more, and while it is hard reading, I think it’s worth it.
Since reading Homer takes time and lots of brain power, I’m planning on reading it over the summer.

Also, you read all the Iliad retellings as well. Like The Song of Achilles. *go sit in a corner and cry over Patroclus when you’re done. 

In the meanwhile, Netflix is releasing a new(?) Troy series, and I’ll probably watch that. Unless it’s a horrible adaption. Update: It’s different but I think probably a better adaption than the 2004 movie?

2. You decide what cabin you belong to at Camp Half-Blood.

Now, I’m pretty sure I’m related to Athena because of the entire spider issue. I haven’t take an official quiz, because the spider thing is SUCH A BIG DEAL that I feel pretty confident about my greek parentage. 😂

But I have read about pretty much every Roman and Greek deity hanging around, and nothing else grabs me, so I’m sticking with Athena.

Also, if you side with the Greeks during the Trojan War, (aka, I pick Patroclus over Paris) than you’re definitely NOT related to Apollo, Aphrodite, or Artemis.

But if you’re not completely sure, maybe watching this could help?

3. Maybe you know too much ancient history?

If you’re driving with your friends and explaining the battle of Thermopylae and ancient Sparta, you may know too much ancient history.

Or at least more Greek history than all your friends. Now, I can’t entirely blame Percy Jackson for this, I’ve always been something of a history nerd. But reading Rick Riordan, I’ve been reminded how much Greek history I do know. The Oracle at Delphi. When Rome overran Greece. Oh, and the all the mention of famous Greeks and Romans, like Hannibal & Caesar & Archimedes.

I do think it probably depends on what kind of Half-blood you are. Obviously, Percy Jackson never really cared about the Greek history stuff. That was Annabeth’s department. But you should definitely know the legends relating to your cabin. Ares/Mars kids know all about Horatio. Leo knew all about Archimedes. Percy knew most of the stuff about Poseidon’s other kids.

Or you could just be a muse, since they also knew A LOT about ancient history. 

4. Greek lingo sneaks into your vocabulary

One small thing I enjoyed while reading the Heroes of Olympus, was the different lingo between the Roman/Greek camps. When Jason mutters in his serious Roman way, Gods of Olympus while Percy just sputters, Zeus!
I just think it’s funny. Subtle differences that make the stories more detailed and real. And if you start thinking in Greek, you’re definitely channeling your inner Half-blood.

Or if you begin randomly blubbering about ancient heroes, and how unfair Patroclus’s death was, I’m pretty sure that counts as Greek lingo.

Or just comparing random current events to ancient myths. Definitely a sign you need to move to Camp Half Blood. 

5. You have always wanted to do something dangerous, like take an epic quest to Greece. 

Now, there’s no way to know for sure that a burning desire to travel the world means you’re a halfblood, but you can’t say that it doesn’t mean you’re not. After all, heroes were known for taking lots of trips.
I mean the Odyssey is an entire book about one heroe’s trip around the Mediterranean. Also, you may be a halfblood if you can get lost in the world’s smallest ocean for 10 years.

Or, if you have a really interesting pet, maybe that’s a sign you belong at Camp Half Blood? 

Bonus – Somehow, you can quote all the prophecies from the entire Percy Jackson anthology

I’m just curious how I was able to memorize, Wisdom’s daughter walks alone, the Mark of Athena burns through Rome, twins snuff out the angel’s breath who holds the key to endless death in just a few minutes. But my required French memorizing for graded classes takes SO MANY HOURS.

And yes, I wrote the above prophecy from memory and I’m not going to google it to make sure I have all the words written correctly.

Or if you still aren’t sure whether you should spend the summer at Camp Half Blood, you could just take this quiz. Apparently, Rick Riordan knows how to figure all this out with a handy dandy internet quiz. 

lets chat

Have you read all of Rick Riordan’s books? Or any of the original Percy Jackson books?

Do you like Roman or Greek Mythology better?

Are you a fan of any of the Iliad retellings or film adaptions? 

Drop some knowledge!

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