Predicting 2020 Bookish Trends

Someone might have mentioned that it’s 2020 recently? Who knows. Anyway, new year, a new decade, means new books. And new books equal new bookish trends. Now, I’m not a book publishing expert – I don’t live in New York or know all the secrets about upcoming books.

So these ideas about bookish trends for the new year are from things I’ve observed from my little pile of books and internet space. Someone else might be noticing or even know about other trends. I’m probably wrong about something. And that’s okay and kind of normal for me. anyway, disclaimer aside, here’s my 2020 bookish trends list. 

Magical Systems that aren’t Hogwarts

I think we’re all tired of Harry Potter being THE magic book. And ready for different magic systems that don’t include spells and witches. Or at least British witches created by a middle aged British lady.

Now, I know there are definitely some fantasy books out there with different magic systems. And I’m pretty sure there will be plenty more magical fantasy coming out in 2020. But not just fantasy, contemporary! Contemporary magic is definitely going to be a thing. and it’s quickly becoming one of my favorite genres.

Some upcoming (and maybe already published?) featuring magic and contemporary settings:


All the *Diverse* High School Romances

Now, this isn’t a new trend. But it’s certainly something we’re going to see more of in 2020. eeeeeeek!!!!!! > that’s me screaming in excitement.

I’ve become such a fan of high school drama stories. Especially from authors of color. Stories about BIPOC in high school are so important and I’m excited to see their stories shared. I also love characters at this age – whether it’s their senior year and they’re ready to take on the world, or if they’re a nervous sophomore or junior unsure of their place in the world. Their eyes are so fresh, their stories so fun, and the romance is *chef’s kiss*

Now of the three books I mention here, two of them are pitched as as similar to Simon Vs. The Homo-Sapiens Agenda. Some folks aren’t a fan of books being similar to a super popular book turned movie. But I think this is an important point for us to all note – these stories are from minority authors. Simon going mainstream helped elevate these kind of stories and I’m happy for that.
Also, Becky Albertalli is an absolute gem – and she constantly promotes authors of color. So, now, half a decade after her book was published, I’m not surprised we’re getting stories in that same vein. It makes me happy. I hope you’re happy, too.


Social Media! It’s a big thing now

We’re all using social media. You probably found this little ol’ blog through social media. Which means, that stories featuring social media are great. They’re true to the times. (yes, sing that last sentence a la harry styles sign of the times)

Also, the three books I’m mentioning for this trend are all coming out in the NEXT month. Imagine. So if these three stories are out in just the first 35 days of 2020, imagine all the social media that’ll be included in other books in 2020.


Politics! My Favorite! We’re all Excited about Politics!

Now, I know everyone isn’t necessarily into politics. But living is political and I’m not sorry to say that. Sometimes, I’ll hear a reader say, I’m just not political and it makes me want to scream because saying THAT is inherently political. The choices we make – to vote or not, to speak or remain silent, they affect minorities and people all around our small planet.

So, I’m THRILLED about all the political books getting published. Not only because I like writing stories saturated in politics, but because I think they speak to the conscious of our community right now.

I also am very excited for books from marginalized authors because their stories are so important for our times. Do I really need to talk about why it’s important for minorities to tell their inherently political stories right now? Just look at all that’s happened on the world stage since 2020 started.

Just two books coming out in 2020 featuring politics from great storytellers:


And alrighty, that’s all the bookish trends I’m going to predict. Because A) the more i predict, the more likely I am to be wrong. and B) yes, i’m lazy. also, leave the lazy part in smaller font.

Some trends I’d really like to see in 2020 and beyond – Folks reading more mid-listed authors! I think this is a personal goal for me this year. I just want to scroll through the library stacks and pick up authors who aren’t being hyped. Books that you wouldn’t find on the NYT’s booklist. Not that they don’t deserve it – these authors just don’t have the hype while their stories are incredible.

Just one example, in 2019 I discovered Alex London. London is the author of the Black Wings Beating trilogy, a series I think deserves WAY more hype. London’s twitter is encouraging to me, because he chats about being a mid-listed author. Yes, it can be discouraging to not be hyped or see millions of your books sold. But you keep writing. And people DO read your work. 

And that’s where I want to be, reading books from mid-listed, and indie authors and popular authors. That’s my personal bookish trend I’m going to try my darn hardest to promote.

lets chat

What’s some trends you’re excited about in 2020? Bookish trends you’d like to see this next year or decade?

Do you have a mid-listed author you wish would get more hype? Send me all the mid-listed authors book recs! And indie authors! 🙂 



  1. January 9, 2020 / 1:20 pm

    I am also very hyped for the political books. I just finished RW&RB and am so needing more political contemps. I am super psyched for both the ones you listed here!

  2. January 11, 2020 / 10:35 am

    I do been seeing a lot of contemporary with politics and social media as its central theme, so I think it will be a huge thing in 2020 🙂

  3. January 14, 2020 / 2:45 pm

    I can totally get behind all of these trends! There are some wonderful books coming out this year in each of these categories that I can’t wait to read. Lovely post!

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