Pros and Cons of Arc Reviewing

Right now, I probably have a half-dozen ARCs I should be reviewing. But I’m not. Because that requires reading them, and this post is due Wednesday, and I haven’t read any of those ARCs.

Instead, I scroll through my drafts and see all those ARCs listed. Every time I start an ARC, I draft a blog post. Or at least, write down the book title.

That’s a pro, always blog posts to write. Con, writing those blog posts requires reading those books.

Thinking about that got me thinking about my experience with ARCs. They can be great (Yeah, free books!) or terrible (I’m only 15 ARC reviews behind, ugh)

Pro – I can read all these books on my kindle!

This is a big pro, after all digital books are all about saving space! Yeah! My bookshelfs aren’t crowded with books. (Or as crowded as they could be. Because, truthfully, I still buy lots of hard copies.)

I really can’t lose any of these books either, because it’s all on my phone. No more misplaced books.

Con – It’s all on my phone. All of it.

I don’t really like reading on my phone. AT ALL.
So many reasons. Distractions. Notifications. Battery life dying.

My eyes are just weary of a computer screen.

I miss regular books. I can’t feel how much longer till the book is done. No lugging the book around and looking bookish.
Because sitting in class reading is super chill. You’re a bookworm, yeah! But reading on your phone, well, you just look rude.


Pro – I can pick which ARCs I’d like to read

I’m using Net Galley to request ARCS and it’s super fun! Pick your genre, your favorite author, read the synopsizes, books galore!

Con – The book isn’t at all what it sounded like

This is a big deal. The book just doesn’t grab you. It’s not at all like the synopsis. Tedious writing. Boring plot. One-dimensional characters..

Those books are really hard to read. And even harder to review.

Alos, choosing a book on NetGalley? There’s way, way too many options. And picking a book takes times. Time away from reading.


Pro – I’m one of the few people who’ve read this book!

This is cool! I’m one of the first people to read this book! No expectations, nothing. It’s just me and the book. I don’t need to scroll through reviews on Goodreads – because I may be writing the first review!

Con – People aren’t really interested in this book? 

To be honest, I don’t think people actually read my ARC reviews. I didn’t enjoy writing them that much. And …. shh, I don’t even read other bloggers arc reviews*

Big assumption but maybe my readers don’t enjoy ARC reviews either? (And numbers don’t lie, and ARC reviews are the least read of all my blog posts)**

But if you do read ARC reviews, tell me!!! I don’t mind being wrong. Really, I don’t.

*Even if I’m interested in the book, I just ignore ARC reviews   

** don’t tell me bloggers don’t pay attention to stats! 


Pro – People sending you ARCs!!!

Now, I haven’t gotten any hard copies of ARC reviews. Pick me, Bloomsbury Publishing!!! 

But occasionally, someone in the blogosphere asks me to review their book.

I lOVE getting those kind of emails! I jump on board, never mind all the homework, writing, living, that needs to get done.

Because I was asked to review a book!!! *happy dance*

Con – You’re late, ergh, very late, actually writing that review. 

So, yes. I still haven’t written that review. I’ve only started the book, but I’ve been distracted by classes, work, other books. Opps.

^Me hiding from the all the ARCs I need to read

That makes me feel super guilty. And lousy. I should feel bad – I’m a lousy ARC reviewer. So, don’t pick me Bloomsbury Publishing. 🙁 

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Do you review ARCs? Have you ever reviewed a hard back ARC or just digital?

Do you enjoy reading reviews? Do you check out reviews before you read a book?

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  1. Kellyn Roth
    December 6, 2017 / 12:43 pm

    I have lots of review copies, but not a lot of ARCs at the moment … mostly because I take so dang long to review them that I don’t end up reading them before they’re published so they’re not really ARCs. 😛

    If I’m really looking forward to reading the book, I’ll read an ARC review, but not otherwise.

    • Elizabeth Hunter
      December 9, 2017 / 6:27 pm

      Haha, yes. I’ll think somethings going to be an ARC, and then opps! Not an ARC anymore.

  2. December 8, 2017 / 12:29 pm

    I relate to this more than I’d like to haha. I have a super hard time sitting down and reading an ARC or any book I’ve been sent to review just because of the ebook format 🙈 I’M JUST NOT A FAN, OKAY. You’re so right—way too many distractions!

  3. Chauncey Rogers
    December 9, 2017 / 3:27 pm

    Haha! I’m super impressed at your ability to hide from ARCs! That’s a great gif.
    I don’t read ARCs really, but I know that whenever I “have” to do something or read something, it becomes far more difficult for me to get around to. I have little doubt ARC reading would be similar. But I’m glad that there are people out there who do it!

  4. Marta
    February 16, 2018 / 6:45 pm

    Great post! <3 I fully agree with everything that you said about ARCs, they can be amazing and they can also be so overwhelming at times – especially when they are getting out of control.

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