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Alrighty, it’s been ONE week since PS. I Still Love You was released, and wow, what a Valentine’s treat. Thank you Netlflix for helping me still believe in love. We all need that reminder barely two months into 2020.

I read the To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before trilogy the summer of 2018 and I even wrote a whole blog review of the entire series. And while you don’t HAVE to go read that post, just know that I think Lara Jean is entirely adorable and I’d really like her baking skills.

But if there’s anyone who is a total Lara Jean and the Boy’s expert its Tiffany. Tiffany is not only just as (or more) adorable as Lara Jean but she’s also a BAKER. Um, there’s literally no one who makes putting book recipes together look easy. And Tiffany’s instagram is basically how I picture the Covey sister’s aesthetic. Though, let’s be honest, Kitty would be a tiktok legend. Margot would totally stick to twitter and Lara Jean is an instagram icon.

Anyway, I wanted to compare the two movies and so I reached out to Tiffany for her thoughts on the duo. Now, we don’t yet have the third movie, but it’s been filmed! So while we compare the first two movies, keep in mind that there is still a third movie to finish this whole story.

And to start our comparison, let’s talk about what we loved from PS. I Still Love You.

I think we can all agree that JOHN AMBROSE MCCLAREN is the absolute BEST part of the sequel. Not only is Jordan Fisher’s casting just *chef’s kiss* perfect but his character is the cherry top. He’s tender and nostalgic without being OVER the top.

Some reviewers mentioned that Jordan Fisher’s John Ambrose is unrealistic, a sharp contrast to the harsh realism of Peter Kavinsky’s bro failures. And while I understand that argument, I don’t necessarily agree. Yes, boys make mistakes. But Peter is inherently selfish and that’s the main difference that sets John Ambrose apart. It’s not unrealistic to be selfless and I don’t think we should scoff at John Ambrose’s kindness and thoughtfulness.

On another note, another relationship I simply adored in this film, Trina and Dr. Covey. Trina and her Dad are so cute! I really enjoyed Kitty’s meddling, the exploration of family traditions and the flirting. Also, can #fakesgiving be an actual thing, please?

The side characters felt a tad bit richer – Gen was more than just Peter’s ex, Lucas wasn’t just a token piece, and Chris!!! She keeps growing into more of her own and i am here for it!

And while PS wasn’t as aesthetic, it was certainly atmospheric and moody. While that’s a sharp contrast from the first movie, it fit better with both the themes and Lara Jean’s life.

Now, what did we love about To All the Boys I Loved Before?

First, I really loved Peter’s character growth. Yes, he was selfish, but I felt like he grows to care about so much more his own box of “bro-ness”. We see Peter with his mom and younger sibling and how he reaches out and protects Lara Jean. He’s well rounded and kind of cute.

I also REALLY loved Lara Jean’s internal monologue in this story. It felt natural and not over the top or forced.

Such Cute Outfits and Cuter Aesthetic, hands down cuter. Lara Jean’s outfits were always ON point and I loved it.
Yes!! Lara Jean’s outfits never fail me, and can I just have her closet??

And besides the aesthetic appeal, I just loved the storyline. Fake dating and realistic drama. It didn’t feel contrived or unreasonable.

Better music?? I love the soundtrack for this!
I TOTALLY agree – the music didn’t feel like it distracted from the story, which it was over the top distracting in PS. I Still Love you.

Now, we can’t finish comparing the two movies without mentioning what we didn’t necessarily like in each one.

For starters, I miss John Ambrose 😔 in To All the Boys I Loved Before. Josh just never felt like worthy Peter Kavinksy competition material. He wasn’t bad just not as charming, roguish or popular as Peter.

and is that our only complaint about To All the Boys I Loved Before? Was it very nearly perfect? yes and yes.

Um, sadly, we can’t quite say the say the same thing about PS I Still Love You….

basically, the dynamic for Peter and Lara Jean just didn’t quite *click* like it did in the first story. And we find out a lot of Peter’s character flaws and I feel like they’re glossed over instead of truly addressed in a healthy way for both Peter and Lara Jean.

I also was hoping for more family relationships explored in this book! I loved that we got to see Trina and Dr. Covey, but I miss Margot <3 The responsible one (we all miss Margot, right?) and there definitely could have been more Kitty scenes!! Kitty rights only!

But for PS, I Still Love You, well it felt like a montage, almost like a series of scenes that no one thought to tie together. I knew things were related, but I didn’t really get a good sense of the seasons or pacing.
I agree!! It felt like different pieces of a puzzle that were trying to be forced together rather than a seamless flow (like in the first movie!)

and to add a tiny bit to that, not a huge fan of Lara Jean’s internal monologue. Yes, I liked that it addressed her misgivings about Peter and sex but I didn’t like the internal monologue inserted into the story so consistently. personally, it kind of distracted from the overall storytelling.

And then Tiffany sums up the BIG problem with PS – – –
A little rushed towards the end. The conflict came super late, and we were missing such critical parts of the book!

I think that’s the key ingredient I didn’t care for in PS – it felt like a regular movie and not a book adaptation.

So, which did we like better???

Tiffany’s (and Liz’s) Answer
To all the boys!! The aesthetics, the music, the character development, the family, the romance??

It felt so much more well thought out. I definitely still love the trilogy (and didn’t hate this movie at all). I can’t wait to see the 3rd movie though!!

We both agree! And before anyone suggests I tampered with the voting, I can promise Tiffany wrote her answer down after I’d already picked out mine – and she had no idea what I picked, haha!

And just like Tiffany said, we both are excited for the third movie! and I hope folks cast Jordan Fisher as a romantic lead often because he’s perfect!

Once again, all the thanks to Tiffany for partnering with me to chat about this pair of movies! If you haven’t read Tiffany’s 101 Thoughts while watching PS I Still Love You, well, don’t waste any more time, check out her post!

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Have you read the To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before trilogy? Do you have a favorite book out of the three? Are you team John Ambrose or team Peter Kavinsky? Are you more like Kitty, Lara Jean or Margot? Apple turnovers or peanut butter cupcakes?


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  1. February 25, 2020 / 1:53 pm

    Awesome post! I have to agree with everything you and Tiffany said. There are certain elements missing from this movie that To All the Boys did wonderfully. The ending was definitely rushed which I didn’t really like. I still can’t wait for the third movie though!

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