Wear the Shades!

Aloha,Beaches, fireworks, and endless outdoors hours. Who doesn’t love the summer? if you’re a redhead, you may be thinking, “I love the summer, but it doesn’t love me!”

I know those thoughts. It seems like every year the days get longer, the air warmer, the outdoors more enticing. But the burns get worse, the headaches persist, and hiding away from the sun continues!

It isn’t right to hide away for a whole season. Especially when there’s just so much to do outdoors! Here’s a few tips I’ve picked up on living with the heat. And not just living, but enjoying the sun!

  • 1) Slap on Sunscreen

Summer and Sunscreen are Best Friends

Does it matter what numbers are on the bottle? From what I’ve read and personal experience, not really. What does matter, is putting it on. Often. As in, every hour. The numbers are somewhat of a false reassurance. If you’re a ginger, just slather more protection on as the hours tick away.

I prefer lotion. I know it’s on, because  I rub it all in. My brother (who’s not a redhead) prefers sprays, but even he says it doesn’t coat as well. Since the coat isn’t as heavy, spray more often when using the mister.


2) Model a hat

This is probably the hardest, but the best tip. Baseball caps don’t really provide the best coverage, leaving the back of your neck bare. And cowgirl hats don’t really work outside of Texas.


There are a few stay hats I’ve discovered over the years that do work! Straw breathes super well, isn’t too tight, and is fairly fashionable. I’ve found mine at Payless and even Walmart. Just keep your eyes open, and the perfect fit will pop up somewhere!

3) Wear the shades!

sunglasses-926791_1920It took me a while to get into sunglasses. For starters, I’ve worn regular glasses almost all my life. Slipping shades on top of my lenses was almost impossible and combined with a small face all made for a not-too great look. When I slipped them on, it looked like my nose got swallowed in some weird contraption.

And I don’t know about all redheads, but black is really not my color. I’ve checked out a lot of sunglasses in the last year or so, and I tend to pick up the rose pink shades. I think they balance with my complexion very nicely. And I love the feminine appeal they seem to highlight.

It’s a challenge hunting up the perfect pair, but don’t despair! The perfect shades are waiting for you to find them!

4) Guzzle the Water

Don’t underestimate the power of the world’s most precious liquid. In the summer I make a point to drink twice as much as I do in the winter. Now, maybe I don’t drink enough in the winter, but that’s not the point.


When I miss out on water, it’s not long before my body is warning me. I’ll get a slight headache, and just feel like the sun is about to kill me. I don’t think the sun really wants to be my enemy, so I try to drink a bottle every 2 hours or so.

At cooneytown

Hiking last summer in New Mexico

There you have it! 4 simple tips to help you be Ready to be Red this summer!

Think I’m missing a vital tip? Leave a thought in the comments. And be sure to share some summer advice with your redheaded friends!

A Redheaded Texas Gal. I love the woods and thrive where there’s green grass and room to grow. I dream of living in a used book store and wearing period costumes to work everyday. In the meantime, I’m studying Journalism and Political Science, and trying to follow Jesus wherever He leads.