Seven Ways to Get Some Breathing Room & Build Creativity

You know what I think summer does? It bakes everything – especially creativity. I mean, several days of 90 degree temperatures just dries life up.
Now, I know it’s not summer everywhere for everyone. But it is the middle of winter down under, right? So, cold, hot – it’s all very intense. Especially right now. I mean, even if the weather doesn’t affect your creative mood AT ALL, the news, the upcoming school semester, work, it all can drain your creative bank. 

When you’re starting to feel a little drained, that’s when you NEED to find some breathing room. Since I’m working hard to make breathing room in my life, I thought I’d share my journey with you.

Jump in a Swimming Pool

I mean, isn’t swimming the best? Unless water isn’t your friend. But I love to jump into a swimming pool and literally wash all my makeup away. It’s messy and fun and I always feel like a mermaid when I can jump form a diving board.

Now, if you can’t go swimming, I’d suggest try out some yoga, or ride a bike, or jump on a trampoline. Just try to find a way to be active and carefree for a half hour. 

Save Some Money to Treat Yourself

It’s almost de-stressing to save money for something special? When you work super hard for something with a goal in mind, it’s amazing to finally able to get that goal. I mean, even if the goal is small, like ice cream, it’s still so refreshing and great!

I make mini-goals throughout the summer months. Work a week, get coffee on Friday. Finish two weeks of work, buy a new shirt or pair fo shoes. Work an entire full month, put extra money in savings.

Not only are these goals encouraging, but they are great to check off my life list. 

Walk Around Barefoot, aka Find Some Nature 

Ok, so I might be a tad bit of a maniac, but there’s almost nothing I love more than running around on fresh green grass – without any socks or shoes or sandals. I mean, grass tickling my toes is epic.

I mean, doesn’t this green grass make you so happy? 

Now, grass might not be your thing. But fresh flowers, lakes, mountains, some part of nature might be your cup of tea. Love flowers but don’t like being outside? Find a greenhouse or butterfly museum. Or the flower section at a grocery store.

Find your nature spot and enjoy it. 

Take a Drive Away from the Mundane

I do try to do things out of the ordinary when life feels tooooo patterned. Like, driving to a national park just because it’s an hour away. And you want to get out of town for the morning. Also, it’s outside and history, and I’m a nerd and love the trees.

Leaving the schedule behind for a few hours or so helps me clear my mind, think new thoughts, and just be carefree. I mean, when I get back, yes, I’ll probably be listening to the news podcasts again and be at work at 8am.

But for the hour long drive, I can turn up 5 Seconds of Summer & Ed Sheeran. 

Also, wish my car looked this cool, too. 

Unplug from the Frustrating 

So, you may know, that I find many things political super, uber frustrating. Sometimes, it motivates me to get really involved and do something amazing, like run for President. Other days, I just want to curl into a ball and find a blanket of daisies to cover my head.

Now, when I feel amazing, like President amazing, I actually do some pretty cool creative things? Like write a book in 5 weeks. Plot a second super political book. Find a very fun summer job.

When I’m craving daisy blankets, it’s actually super hard to be creative. My frustration and, sometimes plain anger, makes it VERY hard to write anything fun, engaging or even interesting to me.

That’s when I need to unplug. Mainly I do this by not being on twitter at all. Twitter is where I track major stories and engage in political conversations. So, if I’m overwhelmed, I just unplug from the political conversation. It’s actually hard to intentionally unplug. But when I can’t sleep because I am simply mad…well, I need to be unplugged.

Find a new Netflix Show

I mean, what’s better for your own time than to watch a new favorite show? Sometimes, unplugging does mean watching a totally silly show. Or a really intense show. Just something distracting and crazy.

Sometimes, tv might be a bad idea for bolstering creativity. Other times, it is a welcome relief. I think it depends on the type of show. Historical docu-dramas actually make me want to write more? Watching other people fight through the slog of history makes me want to write something fun, and historical, and totally exciting.

Actually Read Books

One thing I notice when I am crazy busy and stressed and not feeling creative, I might stop reading books. And writing is hard if you aren’r reading. Being creative is hard if you don’t have time to do what you love most.

Reading inspires me to keep being creative. Sure, it can be hard to find time. And sometimes, a book breaks my heart. Or I get frustrated with characters and writing styles or content.

Trying to find reading time

That’s why, when I realized I haven’t read an actual book in a while, maybe a week or two, I need to carve out time and just read. Not watch Netflix or even try writing. Just brew some coffee, grab a blanket, open the blinds and read. 

Now, if you don’t have time to go run and find flowers or find a national park in the Appalachians, just enjoy this pretty yellow flowers.

I totally tried to take a picture with the flowers, but even with the tripod, it just didn’t turn out right. 

P.S. Figuring out how to take pictures of yourself using a tripod is weirdly hard!


lets chat

How do you find breathing space? Any tips for getting head space and time to be creative when you’re crazy or it’s super hot outside?
Also, I’m randomly working on my Pinterest look, so super random question – do you keep up with Pinterest? How do people make their Pinterest boards look so amazing? 




  1. July 28, 2018 / 5:35 pm

    Swimming sounds so great right now – I’ve definitely got the summertime blues! You’ve got sort of a nature theme in several of these, and I think you’re right – stimulating a different part of your brain can really help the creative juices flowing. 🙂 Great post!

    • August 1, 2018 / 5:00 pm

      Yes, I think nature is the absolute best!

  2. July 28, 2018 / 11:17 pm

    I have definitely been watching a lot of Netflix lately as a way to destress and get away from my current WIP. I am going to have to try taking a drive though because that sounds very relaxing! 😀

    • August 1, 2018 / 8:24 pm

      Netflix is so great! I’ve been watching alot of heartrending movies, like Coco. I also just watched the new series on Julius Caesar and it kind of inspired me to work on my Romanesque WIP!

  3. July 29, 2018 / 10:01 am

    I love the mini-goals you make! That’s a great idea. Hahaha, I like the Mickey reading gif! For me, I think nature and being outside helps me find the most breathing space, but taking walks is not fun when it’s a hundred degrees outside. Another thing I would say that helps me be more creative is to walk away for a bit and listen to podcasts, read books, hang out with friends- just do other things. Then I’ll sometimes get ideas from those activities. Oh, Pinterest! Okay, I actually really like how all my boards are looking right now. There was one point I think a year ago when I didn’t like them at all, so I made a new account and started over. I guess you have to be kind of selective both with what type of boards you make and what type of pins you choose, like there are some topics I’m interested in that won’t look nice as a Pinterest board so I don’t make them and some pins that I spot and love but won’t pin.

  4. Ilsen Leon
    August 1, 2018 / 8:50 pm

    I’ve been wanting to go to the pool for so long. I’m hoping to read a lot in August because I’ve read nothing in July and that’s going to change. I need to motivate myself.

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