Short & Super Sweet // February 2018 Wrap Up

Can we keep this trend going where the month ends on a Wednesday? I really like the date + day coordination & it makes posting wrap ups on schedule super easy. No trauma of posting the wrap up either before the month ends or two days after it’s all over.

Because I’m not obsessive about my posting schedule at all. Impossible.

Anyway, don’t worry about my schedule because February is over! And like every other February in history it was short? Surprise! But it was a good month. Except for having to get up way too early, go to work, tackle homework & eat campus dining common food. It’s not even the middle of the semester and I’m already ready to eat waffles 24/7? 

But all those life responsibilities didn’t get in the way of my February! I still read some books, discovered some new favorite music and DRUMROLLLLLLLLLLL – I finished writing my book!!!!

Insert lots of squealing and me grinning crazily. Oh, there’s even a picture of this happiness.

I read ten books this month! I’m so excited because this month was shorter and so crammed and I still managed to get quite a bit of reading done! Now, most of it was done in the first 10 days. I’d like to pace my March reading, instead of doing it all at once and then not touching a book for a whole week.

Goodreads Reviews Linked


                 pretty boy must die

 to kill a kingdom cover    everless

Also, just a shout out because I figured out how to link urls to images!?!?! Also, why didn’t I google this months ago instead of thinking it was a secret for the ultra smart?

Unlike this gif, linking urls to images is not a secret. It’s actually super easy. 

I finished writing a book! I was thrilled to finish putting together the first draft of Hearts of Clay and Tempest. Also, isn’t this name the best? I fall more in love with it every day.

The book clocks in just under 70,000 words. But I am horrible at writing setting details, so I know that I’ll at least have to write more scenery and sensory things. Ah, editing. Joy of joys.

But ignore the setting stuff. Because I love writing dialogue. I even tweet some of my favorite quotes, so be sure to check out my twitter. (Random twitter shout out ✔️)

Now for your reading pleasure – A Short Snippet. Right after my main gal, Darcy, catches her leprechaun.

A HOCAT Short Excerpt –  Bargaining with a Leprechaun 

He claws at me, but I spit back at him, “I’ve caught you,” my  words come in a frantic gasp, “And I won’t let you go, not until you give me gold.”

He stills underneath me, and I ask again, breathing into his mass of knitted hair, “Did you hear me?”

“I’m not deaf,” His voice is deep, gravely, “And I’m not rude, either.”

“Then you’ll give me gold?”

He glares at me, his face bunching into a fierce scowl, “How can you even see me?”

It’s my turn to stare, the strange question throwing me off guard, “What do you even mean?”

“Human,” His words drip in distaste, “Humans only see my kind when rainbows brighten your senses.”

That doesn’t matter now. I don’t bother looking for a rainbow, figuring that he’s just trying to get away. “I want my gold. And then I’ll let you go.”

“You haven’t caught me,” His voice is distractingly deep.

“Course I have,” I stumble for words, “I’ve got your neck in my hands.”

“And I’ll disappear any second, you git.”

His words shake me, of course he can disappear. I’m human, and he’s a magical creature. My shoulders slump, my throat catching, “Please, I need your help.”

He shoves me off him, flicking at his clothes. I sit back in the dirt, the leprechaun as tall as I am when I’m sitting, “You can’t simply catch me,” he sneers, “Only riddles can tame magic.”

A riddle. Of course, I lick my lips. “If I give you a riddle, you’ll give me gold?”

The leprechaun looks at me, blinking slowly. His eyes are so green, they’re like sunlight dancing in grass. I can’t help but staring.

His lips draw together in a fierce frown, “I’ve no gold for you. The Fae Queen hoards the gold.”

His words hit me, the mention of the fabled queen. I gasp, trying to remember the stories I’ve been told, “You serve a Queen?”

“Queen Oona,” The leprechaun brushes a hand over his cloak, “If you want gold, you have to go see her.”

“Then take me to her,” I’m so close, so close to securing our future. I’m not going to throw it away because of a miserly leprechaun.

“A riddle,” He starts to speak, “And I’ll take you to the Queen.”

A riddle. He raises his chin, and I lean forward, my knees digging into the dirt.

He speaks again, slowly as though I were a child, “A riddle I can’t answer, and I’ll take you to the Queen.”

I nod. He raises his hand, and I take it. His skin is rough on mine, leathery, thick. He grips my fingers, his hold so tight that my knuckles ache.

He speaks, voice low and measured, “For an unanswered riddle, I promise you safe passage to the court of my Queen, Her Majesty Queen Oona of the Fae.”

He tightens his hold on my hand, and the air around us grows tight. I feel my heart catch, I can taste something sweet and yet cold on my tongue.

Then the leprechaun releases my hand, and I’m trembling. I flex my fingers, rubbing at the green stains on my palm. I glance up at the leprechaun, he’s waiting.

A riddle. This magical creature wants a riddle from me. What kind of question has he never heard?
All the stories my people tell, he would know them. He probably even knows who wrote them.

This riddle has to be about me. My story. This creature doesn’t know me.

I’m super excited for February’s stats. The blog is growing steadily & I’ve actually kept to my blogging schedule! *applause*

/// Popular Posts ///
classics discussion post   abandoned books   bookworm birthday guide

I was actually surprised by how many people wanted to talk about classics? Apparently people like arguing about what is and isn’t a classic? #controversial I also think it’s been established that chatting about my reading failures is super popular & of course, everyone likes to imagine what they want to give me for my birthday, right? 

/// Monthly Stats ///

  • Views – 730 views
  • Likes – 156 And I officially reached 500 likes on WordPress! 
  • Followers – 16 new followers!
  • Comments – 113 comments! I’m also terrible at replying to comments on time

What am I supposed to talk about here? Oh, yeah. My other life things. Like exercise and school. Well, I’ll just be super honest.

If I weren’t enrolled in school, I would probably not have gotten anything done this month. As it is, I pay quite a bit for this college degree thing so I need to not completely drop out. But it is very hard to do school write, read and keep making money?

So let’s just say I didn’t actually keep most of my february life goals. I didn’t run, or drink alot of water, or save much money. (I did save a few dollars, just not as much I should)

Now if you count drinking coffee as drinking water… (I mean it’s just water & caffeine right?) If that counts, I definitely got my daily water quota in.

Anyway, I’m going to do better in March. Or at least try. Midterms is actually coming up March 12th and I have the rest of the semester to do well!

Something that did happen – I spent over half the month off facebook! It was actually really nice & I’m planning on deactivating my FB account in March.

/// March Goals ///

Save $110 – Money and I are in a constant tug-of-war but I’m working some extra hours this month and hope to not spend too much!

Stick to my sleeping schedule – This has been really up & down last month and I would like to be more consistent with resting.

Drink more water + do some exercise – I’ve been CRAZY busy but I need to pause and exercise. I decided I don’t think I can run that much? I just hate it. but maybe I can try swimming?

Also, volleyball season starts in March, I should be playing some volley games. I even practiced last night! Exercise, right?

I also discovered several podcasts and youtube channels in February and I’ve had a lot of fun with those. Maybe I should write a post about my favorite creators? 

Oh, I can’t forget about music! I recently discovered Anthem Lights (how have I not known about them for the past 5 years?) Anyway, Spotify was randomly playing their music and I was like, WOAH? WHAT IS THIS BEAUTIFUL SOUND?

Now I’ve been listening to their music for the first time and all of my friends keep gasping in shock. Because apparently I already look like an anthem lights fan?

On another note, I introduced another one of my friends to Hamilton.

I feel like a very good person.


I’m super terrible at bookmarking my favorite blog posts from the month. And then I’m scrambling to remember and find them all the day before the end of the month. Ergh. I need to learn to do this better.

Emma @ InSearchfoDragons is writing a Macbeth retelling that sounds dark and epic! 

Bloggers need lots of support and May @ ForeverandEverly shares how you can support your blogging friends. Definitely check her thoughts out.

We all want a cafe that serves bookish food right? Cait @ paperfury clarifies all the very important things bookworms would like right now.

If you’re looking for a book recommendation, Marie @ DrizzleandHurricaneBooks chatted about one of my favorites, Eliza and Her Monsters! Since I never wrote a full length review, you should check out hers! Because this book deserves your time.

Also, Melanie @ MelanielovesFiction recently fell in love with Six of Crows and I’m so happy about this I just had to share her gushing review.

I know you can read them for yourselves, but just humor me listing them all out.

American Panda, Anne of Green Gables, The Hazel Wood, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, The Queen’s Rising, Crown of Midnight, Everless

february book haul

Alright, now’s a super fun time! In which I list all my reading plans for March and evaluate my sanity.

^Actually footage of me and my TBR pile^

Obsidio – I am currently reading Gemina and I can’t wait for this next book to show up! It promises to be heartbreaking & SO GOOD.

Scarlet – The next book in the Lunar Chronicles. I just finished Cinder at the end of February and I am looking forward to continuing this series! I just want to know what happens and kind of hate that I don’t have any idea. Forcing myself not to google spoilers. 

Quiet – I’ve been wanting to read this book about introverts for forever! And I wrote it down at the beginning of the year as a March read so I’m going to check it out from the library.

The Queens Rising – Just received this book in my Litjoy Crate and it looks super interesting. But the synopsis does have some trope sounding points, so please don’t disappoint.

Children of Blood and Bone – THIS BOOK IS COMING OUT IN LESS THAN 6 DAYS! I can’t wait to read this treasure. I have heard so much and am expecting amazing things.

Bygone Badass Broads – This book comes out right at the end of February and I can’t wait to sit with a cup of coffee and read about these epic gals. Also, Mackenzi Lee? 

Ace of Shades – I have an ARC of this and I am so happy to be reading this! I actually just started it and can’t wait to finished it in March!

Bookish Boyfriends – Another ARC. I need to read and review it before April 1st, so I only have a month left. Eeek, why do I already feel behind? 

Happily – My final arc I need to read this month. Also, be sure to check this book out on Goodreads! It’s self-published, so you can get a chance to support an indie author!

So, first of all, a mini-rant because A Reaper at the Gates is actually coming out in June? For months I could have sworn it was March. I planned my entire reading of that series for a March release and now it’s June??? I don’t know how to handle another 4 months without this book. Ok, It’s not the end of the world. But it feels like it!

But GOOD NEWS! Mackenzi Lee is coming to Atlanta in March for a book signing and you better believe I’m going! Ok, I live a couple of hours from Atlanta but I’m going to try REALLY hard to go. Because she’s my hero.

Also, Michelle Obama announced she is releasing a book this fall? I am very excited to see this!

Whew, do you know how long wrap-ups take to write? I start about a week before the end of the month & it takes several hours + days + oh, yeah I need to take a book haul picture.

I’m always slightly afraid that I won’t get the post started on time and that I’m going to be late. I kind of hate being late. I’m already behind on homework, I don’t want to get behind on the blog, haha!

Guys, it’s practically spring here in South Carolina! And I’m in LOVE. Flowers are blooming and I can wear sandals, and my heart is so happy!

owlcrate february box

Oh, I almost forgot – I started a Patreon page! It’s for my writing! You can follow my publishing journey & help this poor writing gal out 🙂

lets chat

How was the last 28 days? Why is February so short? Are you getting close to spring in your area? If you’re south of the Equator, are you finishing up summer? 

What books have you read the last few weeks? Any new favorites? 
Did you enjoy the book excerpt? Should I post more book snippets or keep it all hidden away till publication? 


  1. Malanie Loves Fiction
    February 28, 2018 / 9:53 am

    YOU FINISHED YOUR FIRST DRAFT AND I’M SO HAPPY AND PROUD OF YOU!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 and GIRL that snippet is so good???????? i'm ready for this book. you are an amazing writer!!!! your writing style somewhat reminds me of one of my FAVORITES, Rainbow Rowell
    and tysm you included my post!!!
    *sighs dreamily* six of crows <3

    • Elizabeth Hunter
      February 28, 2018 / 3:05 pm

      Ah, you make me so happy! I can’t believe you compared my writing to Rainbow Rowell…I don’t deserve it! 😮😮😮 But I am SUPER HAPPY you like the snippet!

  2. Jennifer Garey
    February 28, 2018 / 10:07 am

    Congratulations on finishing your book!! Such a big accomplishment! I hope you have a wonderful March!

    • Elizabeth Hunter
      February 28, 2018 / 3:05 pm

      I hope you have a wonderful March, too!

  3. February 28, 2018 / 1:07 pm

    Congratulations for finishing your book; that’s awesome! I’ve only finished writing one book, and that was way back when I was ten or eleven and it’s absolutely awful. XD And ever since then, I haven’t been able to finish writing anything.

    I still need to read Vice & Virtue, but it’s probably not going to happen for a while. I expect to love it since it seems like literally everyone out there has enjoyed it! I’m thinking of re-reading Simon Vs this month, especially since I literally haven’t read it since the week after its release three years ago, I think?

    I’m hoping to read Obsidio this month as well since I pre-ordered it! I don’t know about Children of Blood & Bone because it’s SO FREAKING BIG, but we’ll see. XD I really loved Quiet and Scarlet, so I hope you enjoy them as well! 😀

    • Elizabeth Hunter
      February 28, 2018 / 3:07 pm

      I’m terrified of not finishing writing projects, so I may have a tendency to not start something unless i have it fully plotted out. Which can be a mess because sometimes the plot isn’t as fleshed out as I think when i finally do start a project?
      Anyway, it’s so happy to have this project all written!
      Oh, you should reread Simon Vs because it’s so happy! That book made me smile SO MUCH.
      I haven’t seen a hard copy of Children of Blood & Bone, I didn’t know it was a giant!?!?!?! Now I’m kind of worried about finishing it!

  4. February 28, 2018 / 10:30 pm

    You’re killing it this month!! Congrats on 10 books and especially your own~ I’m so proud of you <3

  5. emmareadstoomuch
    February 28, 2018 / 10:41 pm

    YAY CINDER YAY AMERICAN PANDA (haven’t read it but wow i want to)

    also congratulations on finishing your book!!!! that’s amazing! i got so addicted to the snippet that i forgot i was reading a snippet and was all aw why is it over? so good!!!

  6. March 1, 2018 / 11:10 am

    I have some bad news for you: the only other month that ends on a Wednesday this year is October.
    Okay, now to the good stuff! AHH YOU FINISHED YOUR FIRST DRAFT. That’s so exciting!! Ooh, now I’m curious what her riddle is.
    I’m excited to hear what you think of Ace of Shades! Hopefully it’s not too similar to Six of Crows.
    Linked photos, nice! Oh wait, I looked up instructions and that’s not hard at all. I can’t wait to try it out and feel like a professional!

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