Sort of Spring & Other Stuff // March 2018 Wrap Up

Whew, I’m really glad to be done with March. March couldn’t decide whether to be winter or spring, and I’m really tired of wearing coats.

Also, I found this Dickens quote that really explains March super well

 “It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold: when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade.”

Except, it wasn’t just a day. It was the whole month! But March is finally done. So hopefully the weather can make up it’s mind and just be SPRING.

I actually thought I hadn’t read that much this month. A few days before Spring Break, I thought, man, I need to get some reading done! But actually, even without Spring Break, I had managed to read quite a few books. Spring Break did help give me more reading time. Especially tackling some massive new books. (ahem, Obsidio)

Goodreads reviews linked. 


Apparently, Rick Riordan has taken over my reading life. And I’m totally ok with that. The Heroes of Olympus is so beautiful. If you haven’t read this series, you’re missing out.

If you have read it, you can really appreciate my review for Mark of Athena. It took me an HOUR to write it.

I only bought these two books this month. (WOW) Also, they were both pre-orders. Trying to save money, so not stopping at the bookstore. It’s hard.

I haven’t done that much writing this month. Pretty sure my brain needed a break. But April is Camp Nano, so here goes!

I did hear back from my editor and my beta readers about my current WIP. So far, the feedback has been super great. No major plot holes or character problems.

Hoping to start some editing in April. Also, new Camp Nano project.

^Me, falling into April^

Nerd in New York chats about spotting problematic elements in books 

Abbie chats about 5 things to do every day to spark your creativity and I LOVE her list.

I’m behind with keeping on track of the blogging world. I’ll do better next month, promise.

I didn’t blog as much in March, due to spring break and needing some sort of brain break. My stats are down, but that’s ok. I still had fun & enjoyed reading. 🙂

/// Popular Posts ///

                           popular book series 

My post about my WIP was super popular and I loved reading all the comments and thoughts about it. All the excitement is so encouraging!

I think it’s very interesting how TBR posts are almost always popular? I don’t write them THAT often, but when I do, people love to talk about it!

Now for official numbers…

  • Views – 652 views
  • Likes – 108  
  • Followers – 14 new followers!
  • Comments – Disqus and WP aren’t talking to each other, so I don’t know. As long as people can still read comments & I can reply, life is good.

Well, I’m still alive! So that counts for something, right? 

Me @ myself all of March, basically

I saved some money. *cue miracle of miracles song from Fiddler on the Roof* Probably because I’m trying to move to an apartment and I am forcing myself not to spend money. Yay me.

And I have a new app that helps me keep track of how much water I’m drinking. More like, the app buzzes every two hours, and I realize I haven’t even filled my water bottle for the day. Some days, I do drink water. Other days, I just forget.

And it’s been officially 4 months without touching soda, so I’m feeling great about that.

I drove to the beach. Meaning, I booked my own hotel & the trip was all on me. Scary new experience that was completely worth it. I also hit my car on the curb and popped the tire off the rim. Apparently, no Spring Break trip is really complete unless you spend an hour or two at a car shop.

After driving to the beach, I drove to my friends house in the mountains. I’ve never driven in the mountains before, but I managed not to drive off the edge of the Appalachian mountains, so I was feeling pretty great about my driving experience. (Never mind the tire & curb collision)

I met Mackenzi Lee!!! She was amazing! And so nice! And signed both Gentleman’s Guide and Bygone Badass Broads for me! I learned so much from the author Q&A, she was just incredible. And yep, I grinned for 2 whole days afterwards.

Also, I had to drive 2 hours to meet Mackenzi, so I drove way too much in March. I probably drove in total 75 miles in February and January but something close to 1,000 miles in March. Too many miles.
Why am I talking about driving? I don’t know. I’m crazy.

Oh, before I forget, I also saw Black Panther and Love, Simon! I’m now so excited for Marvel’s Infinity War. Just one more month!

I just reserved a whole ton of books at the library, and I’m looking forward to reading ALOT in April. Reading helps me stay sane when I’m incredibly busy.

A Gathering of Shadows – Since I read ADSOM, I’ve been looking forward to starting the second book.

House of Hades & the Blood of Olympus – I am not ready for this series to end. But I am ready to cry & love these books.

My Lady Jane – I’ve been meaning to pick up this book for months. And I’ve seen alot about the second book, so I decided this will be read in April. Also, I heard it’s funny. And I need something funny.

Nevernight – This is purely to help me get over my Obsidio book hangover. Also, because of the cover release for Darkdawn & I just need to read this series.

The Wicker King May & Cait keep chatting about this book, and I trust both of them, so I’m adding this to my TBR.

Leah on the Offbeat – Finally comes out this month! Will probably drop everything to start reading this.

Sky in the Deep – One of several ARCs I need to read this month. Also, I’ve heard some pretty good reviews.

The Oddling Prince – Another ARC I have to read this month. Notice I didn’t read any ARCs in March? Yeah, I need to fix that problem in April.

And happy dance because my favorite Historian is publishing a biography of Marquis de Lafayette. Now, the book doesn’t come until 2021…sadness. But I am so excited!!!! Lafayette is one of my absolute favorites.

^My reaction to this book news^

I actually need a biography of everyone in Hamilton. I can imagine this bookshelf one day…a book for each character. Plus all the cute Hamilton merch.

Another Hamilton thought: It’s kind of weird because driving around South Carolina I pass the city of Laurens quite a few times this month. Every time I drive by, I remember Hamilton’s best friend and the guy who ‘sallied in on the first black battalion’.

Sadly, most of the time the people I’m driving with don’t get my random shout out, Hey guys, it’s named after Laurens! Hamilton’s friend, who died fighting the redcoats around here! 

Oh, speaking of Hamilton, another exciting thought! The touring musical is coming to my town this December! I am pinching pennies to get tickets!

Ok, that’s probably enough Hamilton fangirling. *cough, can you ever have too much fangirling about Hamilton???*

Well, March is officially all over! I hope your month was great, or even better than mine!

I have just 5 more weeks of school, which is hard to imagine. April is going to one long rollercoaster of projects and tests. Eeek!

Hoping to publish several book reviews + some exciting blog posts, as long as school doesn’t get in the way.

lets chatFavorite book of the month? Has spring showed up around you?

Any big April plans? What kind of flowers bloom around your corner of the world? (I miss my Texas bluebonnets) 

Can you believe it’s almost summer? We’re already 1/4 of the way done with 2018, what????

Also, who else is super excited for a biography of Lafayette???


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