Spring Break in Florida / Travel Diary #1

Now for a change of pace today, my first ever Travel Diary post! Maybe someday, I’ll come up with another creative name??? But we’re going to stick with something that makes sense and doesn’t make my brain work too hard, ha!

Have I posted much about my favorite trips on my blog? No, not really. Mainly because I wasn’t much of a photographer before my senior year of college. And I’m a bit of perfectionist, especially now that I’ve been blogging a while, about the quality of work I share online. (does that answer the question about whether blogging changes you??? Maybe)

For my first travel diary I’m super excited to share my Spring Break trip to Florida! I spent a full week in the Sunshine State, and it definitely helped me get even more excited about moving there this summer!

Okay, St. Petersburg is just gorgeous! It’s a bit south of Clearwater Beach. And Clearwater is super popular around spring break, aka swarms of college students. And I’m not a fan of crowded beaches? It’s just hard to enjoy the beach when there’s a barely a spot to sit down.

St. Petersburg was slightly less crowded but the real jewel was Ft. De Soto Island. The island is a state park so there’s an  extra charge to hang out at the island. I thought the five dollars was worth it, especially since it was a very pretty place and there weren’t that many people.

In fact, there were very few people. Totally perfect. Also, the water was chilly but since I’ve been living more north, it didn’t feel cold to me. Now, my Florida friends said it was way too cold, so you can believe them instead of me, I guess.

St. Petersburg was a break from the grind of school and work. So nice to just chill by the pool, and I didn’t even pick up a book. (shocker!) also, I’m terrified of sharks so swimming on the ocean with a sandbar forming a cove away from the beach felt super safe. Okay, I’ve read too many news reports of people being attacked by sharks while they’re swimming.

And the feel of our hotel??? Very 70s vibe. The colors, the architecture, the music. It made me want to write a book set in the summer, with some snarky teenage girl working at her grandparents hotel. Lots of blue and warm vibes for that story aesthetic. And of course, I’d need to really get into a 1970’s or 80’s feel, so book research! yay.

I was SO, SO, SO excited to visit Disney Springs!!! I’m broke and can’t visit any of the Disney Parks until I start working there, (eeeeek!) But Disney Springs is really free. Even the parking is free. (Very shocked face, here)

I have visited Disney Springs in Shanghai, and LOVED IT! So, I had high expectations for Orlando’s Disney area. And it was very different? Disney in Shanghai was very European, brick streets and Germanic looking village vibe. Cute disney music and flowers in all the window shops.

But Orlando Disney Springs is the OPPOSITE! It’s completely modern with techy looking architecture. Of course, there was lots of music, even live music! And it was fun. Not the same as Shanghai, but still fun.
I think Epcot will have the cute European vibe, and I’m very excited to check out Epcot in a few weeks.

Can you tell I really thrived visiting Disney Springs? When you normally visit anywhere, it’s rushed and you want to get the “whole experience” because you’re leaving soon, right?

But that’s now what visiting Disney Springs felt like. It was just really … chill. I didn’t have to worry about trying to get the whole experience in one evening. Because I’m coming back. I’ll be living here, in this magical place.

Yeah, that probably sounds super cheesy. But that’s what I was feeling – very emotional! So, this is a small warning that I’m going to be very much in my feelings when i actually move to Orlando. #sorrynotsorry

Okay, my inner historian was THRILLED to stop by St. Augustine. Until I had to pay $15 dollars for parking. And stepping inside the fort was another $15, so I just walked around the cool moats and old town and ignored the high prices to get inside.

Maybe during National Parks week when the parks are FREE, I’ll drive up and actually get to tour the inside of the fort.

St. Augustine is warm and very old and has the cutest old town shopping area. 10/10 would visit again!

I live for history and visiting cool old places, so St Augustine was just amazing. There were a lot of tourists, and it was weird how crowded it was? I mean, I had just stopped by Disney and there were masses of people there. But you expect that at Disney, right?

Anyway, in between dodging all the people, I liked St. Augustine. I really like the old coastal cities, Savannah, Charleston and St. Augustine. They all have a distinct feel, while still being historical. St. Augustine is just different because it’s the oldest and it was a Spanish colony.

Someday, I should plan a coastal road trip where I visit all three cities in the same trip. That would be super cool!

So, that was my Florida trip! and my very first travel diary. honestly, the hardest part is writing the captions for the pictures. Especially when you’re doing it close to midnight, just because you’re waiting to watch the premier of the new Jonas Brother’s single. Cool.

Anyway, can’t wait to drive back down to Florida in a month! It’s going to be so fun, and I’m going to live in sunscreen and sunglasses. And I’ll suddenly have a lot more freckles and maybe a red tan. We’ll see.

Also, I’m hoping to write some disney related posts in May – things like my Disney Parks bucket list & once I start working, a post about what it’s like working at the parks. So stay tuned!

lets chat

Have you ever traveled to Florida? Are you a fan of the beach? Do you have a favorite beach, anywhere, Florida or someplace else?

If you’re a Disney parks fan, any recommendations for a total Disney newbie???
Should I do more travel posts? Or Disney themed posts? 



  1. April 6, 2019 / 12:26 pm

    AHHH These all look so so good <3 I've never been to Florida, but I do want to go 🙂 Your photos are so pretty. The water looks so freaking clear too! and asdfjkljfalskf I wanna go to Disneyland!! I've only been to Disneyland in LA, but it's definitely very fun 🙂

  2. April 7, 2019 / 9:50 pm

    I LOVE THIS POST, ahh, your photos are so aesthetic and you’re so pretty and Florida is so pretty and wow, I really enjoyed it! I have a feeling I will also enjoy all your future travel posts to come.😉I have been to Florida before- my family usually goes to the beach in Alabama (we are a beach family- if we go on a vacation, it’s likely to the beach), but we’ve gone to Destin once and this last summer I went to Rosemary Beach. It was SO pretty, I love Florida! I have not been to any Disney parks (I know, sad) but I definitely want to someday.

  3. May 6, 2019 / 1:50 pm

    I absolutely LOVE Disney World! I’ve been there twice and feel like there is so much more to see when I’m there. The next time I travel to Florida I would love to sight see some of the historical places because I love history too! I’d love to see more travel posts!

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