Spring Break Reading Plan // aka My Gigantic TBR // or How Many Books Can I Pack?

Can I tell you a secret? The more that you read, the more you need to read? It’s like this never ending cycle – you finish one book, and another dozen books rain down on your head.

And just about the time you think you might have caught up on all your books, publishers release an entire new set of books. (March 2018 in one sentence) 
Anyway, now you still have old books and these grand new glorious books to read? Suddenly, you have to make decisions. Agh!

Especially with spring break just around the corner. In less than a week I’ll run away from college and calluses and dorm rooms….

Obviously, the most important thing you need to pack for break are your books.  But first, you have to decide what to pack, but I can’t decide what to read next? This is a problem. Especially because my brain desperately needs a break and can’t decide anything right now. 

Children of Blood and Bone

This book was just published, and my copy arrived yesterday. It’s beautiful, and I’ve heard so much amazing things.

Everyone’s raving abut the characters & the setting & the story. HYPE galore. Always makes you nervous…will it be worth the hype?

And it’s also gigantic? Nearly 600 pages? How do I even start such a gigantic book??? I also am worried… Is this book complicated? because in-between all my reports and French grammar, I don’t know that I can read something complicated and hard to follow.

Shadow and Bone

This trilogy has been sitting on my shelf for forever. (well, since last October. That equals forever, right?)

Anyway, I just haven’t read the first two books. Yes, you read that right. I’ve read the last book in this series but I haven’t read the first two books. Because I’m crazy. I actually accidentally picked up the third one and read it. Oops. Now I really need to go back and read the first two.


What do you do when two 600 page books are published the same month?

I DON’T KNOW? Panic, maybe? Let them sit on your bookshelf for a year?

I know I’m not going to let this book just sit on my bookshelf for 1800 months. This story is so intense and I NEED to know the end.

I am very excited about this book. But I’m also scared. Illuminae and Gemina were such scary reads. And I’ve heard this book is terrifying. I’m not sure how much more stress I can handle. Just don’t kill Kady, ok? 

Carry On

I feel this is a crime that I haven’t read this book yet? I really adored Fangirl so I should have picked this book up right away.

Except, I read Fangirl 2 nights before heading to China and didn’t have time to read Carry On. And it just hasn’t happened yet. Ergh..


Also, I can’t decide which edition I’d rather own? I like the yellow and blue cover. Every time I see it at Barnes and Nobles I just want to grab it. It’s just so pretty! Ok, so maybe I am decided.

The Queen’s Rising

I received this book in February, but I just haven’t been in the mood apparently? Because it is sitting very untouched on my shelf.

I think I may be a bit weary of fantasy for a couple of reads. I should read some sweet contemporary *cough, cough* Becky Albertalli

They Both Die at the End

I have yet to read an Adam Silvera book and I think this is a MAJOR problem. I just need to walk in the library and walk out with this book. No more dallying around.

Oh, the library doesn’t have it yet. Buy Carry On or They Both Die at the End? I am very conflicted.

The Upside of Unrequited

I can’t put an Adam Silvera book on this list without a Becky Albertalli book, right? Anyway, I’ve heard this book is cute and fluffy and tear jerking. And it might help me hang on till Leah on the Offbeat? And it’s been a while since I’ve read a contemporary, so maybe this is perfect for spring break?

We’ll see. Because when Leah is released, I’m dropping everything to read her story.

Heroes of Olympus Series

Ok, so I just finished Percy Jackson and the Olympians and I AM READY for more. I kind of just want to read this series for Nico…maybe, all for Nico.

^Every time I read about Hades, I can’t get this guy out of my head^

I’ve also heard Rick Riordan’s series becomes progressively more diverse? I am pretty excited to see more diverse characters! AS well as keeping up with the original Percy Jackson series character.
Ahem, Nico. I need to know his story.

Spring break starts next week and I kind of need to know how many books to pack? Because I’m planning on going to the beach and we’ll see how much reading I can do. Since I’m basically allergic to sunshine & I might just sit in my hotel room reading half the time. (Well, maybe not. We’ll see)

Should I pack ALL my books on my current TBR? ‘Cause I’m not flying, so I technically can. But will I really read that much? Where’s Sybil Trelawney when you need her…

Also, homework needs to happen. Why college? Homework over spring break is torturous. 🙁 And in-between homework and reading, there’s this other thing called Netflix.

lets chatHave you had spring break yet? If not, What book do you want to read over spring break? How much do you tend to read over breaks?

Does hype make you worried? Do you read more contemporary or fantasy? Have you ever gotten tired of a genre? 

Also, what should I read next week? 


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