Books and Podcasts for a Political Summer

Books and Podcasts for a Political Summer

This has been an overwhelming political year. We’re surrounded with news; constantly alerted to the ever changing political landscape. And for the next two weeks our summer will be bombarded with conventions.

Books and waterDoes this circus leave your head reeling? I know mine just wants to find a book and relax. But who wants to waste time when there’s so much happening? That’s why I’ve pulled together a quick list of my favorite books and podcasts. Whatever I’m reading and listening relates to current events.

You don’t want flashy headlines or outdated calls to action. Neither do I! It’s hard to find good resources, but lucky for you, I’ve done a lot of media digging. Here’s my top favorite books and podcasts that keep me grounded in this political tornado.

  The WORLD and Everything In Itcover170x170

WORLD Magazine is pretty amazing but for the busy life, the podcast covers all your bases. From culture Friday, to Supreme Court updates on Monday, it has all the news you need. It’s not fear mongering or rabidly political. Balanced, clear, well-spoken news.

And for the political nerd, catch White House Wednesday. Detailed coverage of the 2016 election and the White House press room.

WORLD’s tag line says it all  “Reporting the news from a Christian worldview—interpreting world events under the reality of the Christian faith.”

Here’s a link to their webpage.  WORLD Podcast I listen on iTunes, btw.

Restoring All Things

Unless you’re an actually DC crony, I doubt you think politics should be all about the money. None of us want that, yet that’s all it seems to revolve around.

When we focus on politics instead of our communities, we lose sight of the point. Helping make our communities better. As I read Recovering All Things I’m reminded that God wants to change the world through each of us.

I love the subtitle to John Stonestreet and Warren Cole Smith’s book, “God’s audacious plan to change the world through ordinary people”. Yes, God wants to use you to bring hope to a very dark world.

When we look at the RNC conventions in Cleveland, the hocus-pocus of the election, our lives seem pretty insignificant. But, they’re actually not. God wants to mold our world through the Gospel in our lives.

Restoring All Things tackles the question of how. Practical examples, encouraging stories of people changing their communities right now.

Here’s a link to the book on Amazon. Restoring All Things

NPR Politics and This American Life

Do you agree with everything on NPR? Probably not. But it’s good to be challenged and understand other people’s views. NPR politics is not exactly liberal, but they do enjoy poking fun at the obvious goofs in the GOP. Listen with thick skin.

And if you’re an American, please, please listen to This American Life. It’s just little glimpses into American’s across the country. Funny stories, heartwarming and sometimes heartbreaking. It gives America a small town feel, as though I’m connecting with my countrymen from all different walks of life.

 From the Dark to the Dawn

6167626Perhaps you’ve heard that the American Republic kind of parallels the ancient Roman Republic. This is defiantly true, both Rome and America have remarkably similar governments and society.
That’s part of the reason I love From the Dark to the Dawn. It’s a great historical fiction, that interweaves good Roman politics, Christianity and ethics. I read it last summer, gave it away as a Christmas present, and recommend it to you today!
The characters faith reminds me of Esther. God has chosen each of for “such a time as this”. We must all choose, do we follow the whims of the culture or the weight of our conscience?

If you don’t care for Roman fiction, I’d also recommend Alicia A. Willis’s other work, ‘Grace Triumphant’. Her author’s website is Here.

Alexander Hamilton

I have two favorite founding fathers, Hamilton and James Madison. Madison is my complete opposite, quiet, non-assuming, non-confrontational.

Hamilton has my sympathy. (And I loved him before the musical) I think we’re both rather rash, outspoken, and eager to change our world. While you should read a book or two on Madison, I’m recommending Hamilton’s bio today. Alexander Hamilton
My uncle gave me Ron Chernow’s biography of Hamilton around 2010. I’ve probably read it 3 or so times. Each time, I’ve learned new lessons and discovered more of chasing down political ideals.

If you want to influence politics while avoiding mistakes that may get you shot in a duel, I’d encourage you to read this biography. It’s a popular sell at most bookstores, but here’s a link from Amazon – Hamilton.

So, that’s my summer reading and listening list. A couple non-fiction, one lovely historical fiction, and my favorite podcasts. I could list a whole lot more, but I don’t want to overwhelm you. 🙂

What’s keeping your mind engaged this summer? Do you have a favorite political author? Comment below what you’re reading!

A Redheaded Texas Gal. I love the woods and thrive where there’s green grass and room to grow. I dream of living in a used book store and wearing period costumes to work everyday. In the meantime, I’m studying Journalism and Political Science, and trying to follow Jesus wherever He leads.