My Top Romantic Films for Valentines

My Top Romantic Films for Valentines

I like to joke Valentines is national singleness awareness day. It’s also the day before tons of cheap candy goes on sale. And a day when you have an excuse to watch cheesy, romantic movies.

I know there’s alot of variety of romantic movies circulating. Tale as old as time, is certainly true of movie history and romance. From rom-com to heart-rending tragedy, there’s a ton to choose from. But I’m not a fan of too much cheese or tear worthy heartbreak.

Instead I have a few more sensible favorites. At least, I like to think so. In order from my least to very favorite –

My Top Romantic Films

#5 Up 

This isn’t a romance film. It’s a life film, which makes the romance more believable and sweeter. So, if you can’t afford the time to watch a full romance centered movie, just watch the first 10 minutes of UP.


#4 Princess Diaries 2

Julia Andrews, Anne Hathaway and Chris Pine. This movie is simply funny and sweet. When I told my roommate that this movie made my list, she rolled her eyes. Yes, I agree it’s full of stereotypes and cheesy moments. But that’s why it makes the list. And I’ve only seen it once, so the annoying parts have yet to drive me crazy.

#3 Pride and Prejudice, 2005

It is a truth universally acknowledged that Jane Austen wrote the best romance. But when adapting the story, do you focus on the timeless literary lessons or the romance? When it comes to Pride and Prejudice, the more chick-flick, romance centered is by far the 2005 version. While the 1995 BBC series brought the book to life, one can truly feel the romantic tension build in the shorter, newer version.

And besides, it’s the middle of the semester. Who has time for the 6 hr version?


#2 Cinderella

This is my favorite, favorite new Disney adaption. I had trouble deciding if the romance in this one jumped ahead of Pride and Prejudice or not. I’ve probably watched them equal numbers of times. In terms of sweet, heartwarming romance, Cinderella tops the bucket.

The first time I watched this movie, I cried. It’s just so heart-touching! The love between parents and children, the love growing between Cinderella and Kit, and the forgiving love Cinderella shows to her stepfamily.


#1 Roman Holiday

I shall be forever grateful to my dear friends, Adrienne and Debbi McKee, for screening Roman Holiday. At first, I admit to being a bit doubtful. Black and White, Gregory Peck feels ancient, and old-film stuff. But, my prejudice was simply wrong.

Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck are simply perfect. The story is incredibly sweet and rather practical. While the ending is heartbreaking, I could still watch this every year.


Runners Up

Did your favorite make my list? There’s so many to choose from, that I compiled some runners-up. I’m not listing anything I haven’t seen; I know there’s some good ones out there.  If there’s one you notice I don’t list, suggest it in the comments! 🙂

Princess Bride

The Young Victoria


The Prince and Me


North and South…does TV series count?