Top Tips for Starting the New Year Creatively

It’s been an entire week of 2019! Actually, 10+ days, but who’s counting? And if you’re like me, even the tiniest bit, you probably enjoy being creative! And want to be creative in 2019? Maybe just a bit?

One of my constant life goals is to always be creative, whether in writing, living or thinking, I want to be a creative minded person. But being creative isn’t magic – it’s hard, thoughtful work. It’s actually easier to not worry about being creative, but being creative is much more rewarding. 

Today, I’m going to chat about some tips for starting 2019 creatively. Yes, I know 2019 had already started, but there are SO MANY posts about living the best 2019 the first couple of days that I decided to wait, let me see, checks calendar, a grand total of 13 days before I started handing out advice.

Don’t Worry about What Didn’t Happen in 2018

It can be so HARD to start the year positively, because you can get bogged down fretting about what you didn’t do in 2018. This is bad. Like, seriously bad for being creative in 2019.

Don’t let yourself get sucked in worry about everything that could have happened. Instead, clear the past year from the drawing board, and focus on today. And your awesome plans for this year. Because great things are going to happen in 2019. I believe in you. 🙌🏻

Plan Projects that Will Be Fun!

Being creative is about having fun! It’s rewarding to be creative, because you should enjoy your work. I mean, it can be hard, but even when it takes practice and time, the work is fun.

So plan things that you will mostly enjoy. There’s always something that will probably irk you about a project – I really don’t like rereading my writing a million times. It just gets boring, ok? But even though there are tedious moments, I still enjoy it. So pick projects that you will mostly enjoy!

I mean, I won’t ever plan sewing projects. Ever. Even though sewing is creative and all, I just don’t have fun sewing. At all. Maybe I’ll pick up my embroidery? We’ll see. I found a bunch of my old embroidery. And if I have time in the next year or so, I’d like to go back and do some embroidery.

Well, let’s ignore my sewing conversation, because we were talking about planning fun projects. I love writing, so obviously I’m going to plan a writing project, or two or three. This means setting aside time each day to do what I love. A half hour in the morning or after lunch.

Plan to do what you enjoy doing. Sounds simple, right? For some reason I think it’s hard because society pressures us that creativity should be painful. After all Van Gogh cut off his own ear, so maybe I need to suffer, too. Well, I think that’s crazy. Life is already hard enough without forcing more horrid moments into your creativity. 

Set SMART Goals

I think I keep talking about SMART goals? I don’t know, but I think these kind of goals keep showing up in conversations ALL the time. At least right now. But apparently I haven’t chatted about them enough because whenever I’ve mentioned them to a friend this month, they’ve just started at me like I’m talking gibberish.

You can read a entire wikipedia page about SMART goals. And probably watch a TED talk on them. Or read someone else’s long blog post. So, I’m not going to spend too many words explaining SMART goals.

Here’s the quick version:

Specific – don’t be vague! Tell exactly what you’re doing

Measurable – I think this means you have numbers involved with your goal. Basically, know when you’re done!

Achievable – Make goals that don’t overwhelm you!

Realistic – Don’t plan on going to Mars or any other crazy plans. 

Time-related – Set a schedule for accomplishing your goals.

Chat about your Goals with Friends

Let people know that you want to be creative! I know it’s hard to talk about writing projects with friends, especially if you like to be a very private person. But trust me, you need to find some group to share your creative goals with.

You need cheerleaders. And friends who have no idea what you’re talking about but who will still say great job! and then ask you to binge a Netflix show with them. Because you might always need a Netflix break. (ESPECIALLY WHEN SIX OF CROWS GRISHA VERSE SERIES IS RELEASED)

Drink Water, Take Walks, and Occasionally Chill

So, yeah, I apparently like the chilling part of creativity A LOT because somehow it’s kind of included in this point and my last point about friends? CHILLING IS IMPORTANT, apparently.

Anyways, the quickest thing that can wipe you and your creative energy out is not taking care of yourself. Your health matters. Your mental health matters. You matter.

Don’t pressure yourself into performing creativity. Let it be a natural part of your lifestyle.

For example, I love painting. I have tons of acrylics and paintbrushes and just painting stuff. I used to paint a lot. A few years ago, I even painted a really pretty watercolor for mothers day.

See my last painting? I know it’s not perfect, but I do enjoy spending time with acrylics! 

But you know the last time I painted? Over a year ago. Because painting does not fit my lifestyle right now. And I do enjoy it, but it causes more stress than it is worth the creativity. Right now, I can be better fulfilled creatively by writing, making youtube videos and running my media teams Instagram page.

Yes, I sometimes miss painting. But then I remember the frustration of finding time to paint and the mess I had to clean up, (paint everywhere) and how it’s better to wait till I have time to naturally fit painting back into my life.

Okay, so I’ve been working on this post for a month! But I kept getting distracted by holidays, and school starting, and the flu. I mean, when I was finally able to sit down and focus on writing, I started getting sick. And having the flu and writing a blog post does not work well together. At all.

Anyway, I love creativity! Of course, sometimes if can be difficult, but planning space and time to grow your creative skills is an excellent way to invest in yourself in 2019. 

lets chat

How do you plan on being creative in 2019? What are your favorite creative hobbies? Any new hobbies do you want to work on this year? Suggestions for staying creative in 2019?



  1. January 13, 2019 / 6:59 pm

    I started bullet journaling this year to let my creative juices out. I have to admit I’m not the most artistic person out there but journaling is like therapy to me now. I just don’t let perfection take over me when doing my spreads. I just remember done is better than perfect and let my progress speak for itself.

  2. January 14, 2019 / 7:33 pm

    I definitely agree that taking time for yourself and relaxing helps with creativity. Also setting SMART goals which I always fail at planning. This year, I plan on doing smaller, writing projects that help boost creativity while I work on bigger projects.

  3. January 17, 2019 / 10:36 am

    I love SMART goals! I’ve heard that over and over in many a workshop. Nice!

    For me, I want to chug away at my four WIPs. I’m so close to finishing the first draft of 2012 one, and I’m really excited to do that in February. In January, I’m concentrating on my 2013 WIP, and hoping to add 3,000 new words to that one by the end of the month.

    Aside from writing, I want to get back into pastel painting, fill some scrapbooks, finally do a proper wedding album, and enjoy my six American Girl dolls more!

  4. January 18, 2019 / 11:11 am

    These are some great tips! 🙂
    I definitely think the SMART goals thing is a good point, because I find if I don’t set myself super specific goals, then they tend to fall by the wayside. Like I used to just say ‘I want to write more’, but it’s hard to know when you’ve achieved a vague goal like that!

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