Top Tuesday – Five Book Worlds I’d Want to Live In

Top Tuesday – Five Book Worlds I’d Want to Live In

If you could live in any book world, where would you choose? Whether you spent your childhood looking for a wardrobe or imagining Neverland, fictional worlds are exciting.

Today I’m participating in Top 5 Tuesday, hosted by Bionic Bookworm. I’ll be answering the top five fictional worlds I’d love to visit or even live in. Several other bloggers also participate in answering this question, so if you’re looking for more bookish fun be sure and check out Bionic Bookworm’s site!

favorite book world


My top choice is always going to be Narnia. I loved these books as a kids, the movie adaptions, and even the radio theatre versions. The animals talk, the land is beautiful, and ASLAN.
I’d love to dance to the Faun’s music, travel to Care Paravel, and if possible, meet Aslan. But he’s not a tame lion, so that’s a rare chance.

And then, sometime during my visit, I’ll have to charge into battle, yelling,¬†“For Narnia, and the North!”


There’s literally nothing that can compare to Hogwarts. From the moment Harry receives his first Hogwarts Letter, every reader wants to attend Hogwarts.

I’d attend every class, even boring History of Magic. I might skip out on potions when I can, because I’m not as good with details. And Professor Snape is scary.

There’s Quidditch, and moving staircases, and Hogsmeade! And I’d totally bring an owl to school. Like Ron, I’m not a fan of cats.

And since I’m attending post-90’s, life at Hogwarts will be a lot less dangerous. And Neville Longbottom is teaching Herbology!


Green GablesI always wanted to visit Green Gables, have a friend like Diana, and smash a slate over Gilbert’s head.
The cool thing about Avonlea is it exists, sort of. Prince Edward Island is around and the house Green Gables is based on. Not quite the same as living with Matthew and Marilla, but close enough. And someday, when I have money and time, I’m going to visit the Island.


middle earth

Middle Earth

middle earth

Who doesn’t want to travel to Middle Earth? There’s so much to see here, the world is fantastically large. Elves, hobbits, dwarves. And men, of course.

I’d LOVE to see the Shire. It sounds incredibly relaxing, low stress, pretty sort of place. But then I’d have to go to Rivendale. Talk to the elves, where I’ll be incredibly humbled.

I’m not sure I really want to travel to the Dwarves’ mountain, I’m kind of shy of dwarves. But Rohan! Yes, I’d definitely sign up to visit Rohan. And if there’s time, check out Gondor.

Where would go first in Middle Earth?

panem, the hunger gamesPanem

This may sound strange, but I’ve always wanted to visit the world of the Hunger Games. Not because I want to jump into the actual Games or bet on a government sponsored fight to the death.

But because of the rebellion. I’d totally be a fan of the Mockingjay. I’d love to help fight a repressive govrenemtn, establish peace, and create a new order.

Also, spray painting buildings with catch phrases sounds pretty fun.


And then there’s the places I’d never visit. That list includes:

The World of the Giver

This is by far the scariest dystopia I’ve ever read about. So regulated, so detailed. No free choice, free thought or love. The Giver is frightening to me, more frightening than Panem. And we don’t really know how things end up for Jonas, at least not in the first book.

Chicago in Divergent

I’m not a big fan of Divergent. The factions are all so exact. I’d probably end up factionless. And that’s not a good thing.


I see lots of bloggers talk about how much they’d love to visit this world from Sarah J Mass. But man eating Fae? Unless you’re High Fae, you’re pretty much toast. And even then, the Fae are really prejudiced. They have such an elaborate class system and high taxes. Ergh, I just don’t think it would be as beautiful or fun as you’d think.

Top Five Tuesday

What about you?

What’s in your top five choices of fictional worlds?

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