Upsides & Downsides of Reading a Popular Series Very Late

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Do you ever wait impossibly long to start a book series? Maybe just two decades after it’s released? Ok, maybe not that long. But I can wait a very long time to start a book series. I’d like to say it’s because I’m reading so many GREAT books that I don’t have time to start all the books on my TBR.

I’m not sure if that’s the reason or not. Because this year, I’ve actually started reading more books that I’ve always meant to read, but just haven’t done yet. And while my TBR is as impossible as ever, I’m finally reading these older books!

This month I’m finally finishing the Percy Jackson series & starting the Lunar Chronicles. Because I totally failed at reading these series ON TIME. As in, when they were published. 

Obviously, reading a series when it’s first written and published is ideal. But that doesn’t ALWAYS happen.

And being the optimist that I am, I see many great things about reading a book series late. Because I have to balance out the downsides, right? Also, because I do this so much, I need a list of good things about my bad habits.

Some of these could be bad or good? We’ll just have to see what YOU think.

Not waiting dying for the book release

^How I age waiting for a book^

If all the books are already released, I don’t have to worry about waiting decades for the next book. A major benefit! It’s so nice to go to the library and see all the books in a series waiting for me to read them. Or sitting in my Amazon cart waiting for me to have money.

BUT…. it is fun to wait to read books with people. We can all clamor for the book on twitter together & chatter about it when it is finally released. And all the pretty Instagram pictures!

And if you wait to discover a new series until after it is all released, you miss all the cool release things? Like pre-order goodies. Pins and maps and author letters and even exclusive signed editions.
So, yeah, a rather mixed benefit.

Choosing to be spoiled?

Sometimes, I don’t mind being spoiled? It can be nice to know the plot ahead of time. And if you wait for a very long time, you might even know some major things about the plot. Ahem, Harry Potter.

Other times you don’t want to be spoiled AT ALL. Aka, Percy Jackson. Since I am almost through reading this series I can say that I am super, duper happy that I knew nothing when I started. (I might even be enjoying it more than HP because it is so fresh and different. And constantly smashing expectations)*

Basically, if a book series is complete released, you can find spoilers if you want. Or you can avoid them completely. All up to you.

*was that a Hamilton reference? Smashin’ every expectation… I’m laughin’ in the face of casualties & sorrow. Um…is Percy really Hamilton?

Avoiding letdowns 

Ok, so some series start out great – and then are gigantic let downs. But if you wait till everyone has read the last book, you know about what to expect.

I think that’s why I’m not mad about Mockingjay? Everyone told me it was horrible so I wasn’t expecting the BEST ENDING EVER™

Now, I’m still pretty mad about some parts of the ending of The Hunger Games. (AKA, Finnick) But it didn’t destroy me or absolutely ruin the entire series for me.

Also, I completely avoided reading the rest of the Divergent series because of all of the warnings. Thanks, friends.

Ready Made Fans

If you wait forever and a day to start a super popular series, there’s already a TON of fans. You can jump into the fandom as soon as you decide if you like the series.

Not being the first fan is great. You don’t have to come up with your own Tumblr posts. The library probably will have copies of the series. You might not even have to beg your friends to read the series?

Nope, now all your friends are begging you to join their fandom. And yes, you probably should have trusted them a long time ago and already read the book, but you know, you didn’t. Just be happy I finally read it, ok?

No pressure? Or different kinds of pressure?

If you’re waiting for a book to be released, there’s an intense pressure to read the book RIGHT AWAY as soon as it is released. 

But if you haven’t touched the series, there’s only slight, Hey, you should totally pick up this series kind of pressure.

I mean, people are disappointed. Your bookworm status is AT RISK. But everyone understands if you haven’t ever gotten around to a popular series. You will eventually, so life is ok.

But if you are a certified fan™, you better NOT BE LATE reading that latest book!?!?! All of a sudden everyone’s asking, How can you even claim to be a fan if you haven’t read the latest release?

Maybe that’s why I didn’t become a Cassandra Clare fan until this year? She releases too many books & it’s super hard to keep track of what I need to read and when the books are coming out. ARGH!

Also, if you’ve blogged about the start of a series, there is even more pressure.

Let’s just take An Ember in the Ashes as an example. I’ve chatted about how much I’ve loved this book. And the next book is released June 12th.  I kind of expect that I should read the next book ASAP because I need to update my thoughts & feelings on the series.

I’ve hyped myself up, my blog up, all you guys up, I need to keep up with my own tornado of hype. (unless hype tornado takes me to Oz. Than I’m ok with running away)

Pressure is terrible. Sometimes I want to run from it all. But it can be good, it keeps me focused and I do a lot more when I’m under pressure. Book pressure is this mixed bag of feelings that just get dumped on your head when you become a book blogger. 

Hiding from Drama

In case you don’t know, there can a lot of drama around some books.

I avoid drama like a ninja.

Drama is the worst. Because it can deeply, deeply hurt people. Marginalized voices can be wounded, authors can be crushed, and readers can be made to feel unworthy or even hated.

Typically drama only really affects new releases. ….Unless you’re JK Rowling and your series is a million dollar movie franchise and you’re just tone deaf. 

Moving on…if you avoid new releases, guess what, you just avoided drama! Congratulations!

This reminds me of my 2nd grade gigantic food fight. I hid in a quiet corner in the breakfast room and completely missed this epic food battle. And let me tell you, it was a GIANT DRAMA FEST.
I think it took over the entire school day? I mean, kids were arguing about it for days.

Our teacher decided to have this trial and we had this giant class discussion. Our teacher must have liked Judge Judy? I didn’t even know what a trial was. But I was so excited to help out!

Of course, I didn’t know a thing about the food fight. because I ran from the drama. Also, I was probably reading during the whole food fight. (Reading the Magic School Bus. Much better than a food fight)

Anyway, my teacher asked for witnesses during the trial thing, and I volunteered like Hermione Granger.
Jumping up and down, begging to be picked. I was super crushed when the teacher was like, You don’t even have a clue what happened. Sorry, you can’t be a witness. 

And you know what, I’m still very much like my second grade self. Reading during all the drama. Except, I still want to be a witness? Just not actually involved in the drama.

So, yeah, if a book is super dramatic and I’m going to hide out and NOT talk about it. Even avoid reading it.

Though, if I see how a book is hurtful, I will call it out. That’s not drama. That’s just being honest and truthful.

Whew… I’m kind of really happy that I even published this post today. Halfway through Tuesday, I was like, oops guess there’s not going to be a post tomorrow? But I still managed to write this up. *handclap*

It’s MIDTERMS week! Also nationals basketball tournament, and I’m working 8 basketball games since my school is hosting. Crazy amount of work hours.

But I’m going to try finish Percy Jackson and the Olympians this weekend! I am so excited to see how this series ends! I have so many questions and I have avoided spoilers like the plague. The anticipation is strong with this one. 

lets chat

Do you read book series as they are released?

What popular book series have you not read? What book are you dying to read? 

Agree with my list of upsides to waiting?

Have your expectations for a book series ever been crushed? Do you avoid spoilers? Also, why is drama a thing?


Drop some knowledge!

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