Woman’s History Month – Book Recs from my Favorite Bookish Gals

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March is Woman’s History Month! And last Thursday was International Woman’s Day, which made me think about all the amazing woman in my life. Including my favorite Bookish Woman.

Let’s imagine my favorite bookish characters created a book club – what books would they recommend? Also, after I wrote this, I decided I really, really wish this book club could actually happen.

Hermione Granger – The Hate U Give

Who doesn’t love Hermione? She’s one of my absolute favorite bookish heroes, for good reasons. From loving books to punching Draco Malfoy, isn’t Hermione the best?

One of my favorite parts about Hermione’s life that the movies completely ignore is her fight for the house elves. I want a SPEW patch.

I love how this is such a theme in the books, Hermione constantly knitting to free the elves. Even when everyone thinks she’s crazy, Hermione keeps up her elf freedom campaign. Never giving up. Ever.

Hermione’s a social justice warrior and that makes me love her so much more. I’m pretty sure she’d love Angie Thomas’ book. Lobby for all of her friends to read it. March with Black Lives Matter.

Which just makes me love Hermione even more.

Anne Shirley – Strange the Dreamer

Anne’s imagination is the best. I just love how it interplays so much with her life. She lives her dreams.

What other book is about living your dreams? STRANGE THE DREAMER. This book is Anne’s. No questions. No disagreeing. Strange the Dreamer is Anne’s, ok?

S0 much about Lazlo Strange reminded me of Anne. She’d definitely connect to Lazlo Strange. They’re both orphans, both readers, both dreamers.

Isn’t this book just made for Anne Shirley?

Sansa Stark – A Torch Against the Night

I’m a huge Sansa Stark fan. She goes through so much trauma and abuse but all of the horrible stuff that happens to her doesn’t control her entire life. Instead, Sansa takes all that pain and uses it to become a force. A terrifying winter force to be reckoned with.

That’s why I think she’d love Sabaa Tahir’s series. She’d connect to Laia’s struggles, Elias’s soldiering, Helene’s duty bound loyalty. And the commandant is basically Cersei, just a little more bloodthirsty.

Also, I think Sansa would love the mix of the Roman Empire with mythology. Or if she was actually throwing into this book, she’d find ways to get her own revenge on the Commandant and take down the Empire. All without slipping out of her high heels.

Sansa is fantastic with political maneuvering behind the scenes. Laia, Elias and Helene need a gal like her behind the scenes. Working havoc on the Empire.


Katniss Everdeen – The Illuminae Files

Katniss and Kady would be besties! Ok, they might threaten to kill each other every once and a while. But they’re both surly, determined, and are fighting against massive corruption. Government or a high powered company, what’s the difference? 

I just feel like Katniss would really be able to connect with the fight against BeiTech. And Katniss would do super well in outer space. She adapts well, knows how to hold her own. and doesn’t trust anyone.

Also, I just finished reading Gemina and YASSSS Katniss would LOVE these books. I can’t decide if she’s more like Kady or Hannah Donnelly?

Belle – The Lunar Chronicles

Belle may be a Disney princess, but she also loves fairytales & happy endings. *cue singing here’s where she meets Prince Charming*

Anyway,I think Belle would LOVE the style of the Lunar Chronicle and reimagining classic fairy tales.
I mean, I’m currently loving reading them, so why wouldn’t Belle?

Also, Belle likes inventing and having her own mind and isn’t that Linh Cinder??? Both of them are kind of inventive and do their own thing. I want to see these gals get together.

I’ve been drafting this post for months and just wasn’t sure when to publish it? Then international Woman’s Day was this week and I thought, of course, this is perfect!

Also, I worked over 20 hours of college basketball the last three days. Everything is behind, including posting this on time. But basketball is done! My life can kind of go back to normal, haha. (What is normal?)

I defiantly want to do a shout out for amazing woman authors that constantly inspire me to keep writing. Publishing is always hard work and some of these woman worked past sexism and jerks to even get their books on the table. My heroes.

Jane Austen – her books were published under a pen name because sexism is the WORST.

The Bronte Sisters – Charlotte, Anne, and Emily. Also, they had to publish their books with male pen names. 🙁

Anne Frank – She kept writing. I can’t imagine being together enough to keep writing while hiding for my life.

JK Rowling – Harry Potter was rejected a lot and she still kept sending out query letters.

Becky Albertalli – I just discovered Albertalli this year and her writing makes me so happy!

Angie Thomas – She’s not afraid to tell hard, incredible stories. I love her. 🙂

That’s just a few of my favorite female authors. There are many more, but I just got done working too much basketball and my brain is BEYOND dead.

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Who’s your favorite bookish gal? 
If you could create a book club with your favorite fictional characters, which characters would be part of your book club? What book would you read?


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